The cringest grind ever

2021.09.22 11:32 InfiniteRNG The cringest grind ever

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2021.09.22 11:32 3p1c-64m3r Haha the joke is watermelon.

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2021.09.22 11:32 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 11:32 Steve15-21 Is it safe to utilize link shorteners with Facebook ads?

Can you use link shorteners like Bitly and URL Genius on Facebook Ads without any issues? Or is best not to
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2021.09.22 11:32 Beginning-Project239 Hi guys, ask for experts .. why would you NOT buy the new BEAM GEN 2? what faults do you see, what is missing , that you don't like ... we always talk within that range and that price!

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2021.09.22 11:32 gellerross086 E-Grantz Portal - Egrants Scholarship, Eligibility, Application, Rewards

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2021.09.22 11:32 Gottagetanediton I did it! i'm getting out.

I finally decided to start focusing my energies on getting out. I'm applying to call center QA/analyst positions to get myself off of the phones/out of member facing. i will get out. i will do this. even if i love this company, it's not worth further deteroriating my mental health.
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2021.09.22 11:32 arylaqu Are there any plugins that will allow me to have members pay a monthly fee to view video content in a secure (login-protected) environment?

I am making a learning website in which users will have to pay a monthly fee to access the video lessons. I’ve seen a similar site to what I want to build that uses Wistia to host the paid videos, but I don’t quite understand how to make the content accessible only to paid members. I would appreciate any ideas on plugins that can accomplish these tasks:
-Allow users to register in my site for a one time or monthly subscription fee and enable them to login -Access the video content only after they’ve signed in
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2021.09.22 11:32 sexmasternumba3 If 15-17 is a one year gap because you take out the 16 then 3 - 1 = 1

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2021.09.22 11:32 binsuperman Minnesota Vikings Football Gloves

It can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right football gloves. There are a lot of different kinds of gloves out there and they come with different features. But one of the best gloves is Minnesota Vikings Football Gloves which will protect your hands in the intense games of football.
Many offensive players like to wear Vikings Football Gloves for added grip and stability. There are many professional players that feel more comfortable in thicker and sticky Minnesota Vikings Gloves. These gloves are better suited for speedier players who do not need to slow down in order to catch a ball.
Shop Now and Save 10% Off With Free Shipping -
Product Details

  1. Available in all sizes.
  2. Wrap-around neoprene wrist closure with a contoured fit.
  3. Designed to provide the best possible fit, comfort, and performance.
  4. The backhand is made of breathable and stretchy polyester with rubberized printing.
  5. Thumb and forefinger covering are enhanced on this one-piece sticky silicone palm.
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2021.09.22 11:32 H25azbxwyz Mundra Port: Nearly three tonnes of heroin seized at Gujarat port

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2021.09.22 11:32 W0rst_0ne 21 [M4F] Bahrain/Anywhere. Your average Arab weeb looking for virtual hugs

Hello everyone I'm going to start this off by saying I'm awkward and probably everything that I will be saying here is cringe.
Soooo thank you for clicking on my post I am a 21 year old who has never dated before and the most probable reason for that is because of the immeasurable awkwardness that I bring to the table.
What am I looking for? welp honestly a long term relationship that WILL end up in marriage at some point and to avoid writing blocks of text here are some points about me.

Personality? (probably miss leading but whatever I make the rules in my post UwU)



and lastly YOU
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2021.09.22 11:32 TopicOk4210 The tartan protocol

TARTAN — Hyper-Deflationary Defi token built on the BSC Chain. WHAT IS TARTAN? Tartan is a decentralised Hyper Deflationary coin that has one goal in mind, to become a feature-rich and usable cryptocurrency aimed at rewarding holders. TARTAN is designed to be friendly, fast yet will have all the features and developments to make it a big contender in the cryptocurrency world.
TARTAN token is the native currency of the TARTAN ecosystem. TARTAN can be used in the ecosystem for rewards, governance tokens, and other Defi features like staking and farming
GOAL The goal is to provide our community and users with an easy and fun way to send and receive transactions, privately swap tokens, vote on upcoming developments, and more.
Tartan aim to make Tartan token accessible for every person, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, to conveniently make domestic and international transactions simple and fast.
Conclusion: Tartan is a DeFi platform that helps users to interact with the blockchain in a much easier way. Here, users can send and receive transactions, swap tokens privately with Tartan Protocol, vote on developments, and more. Tartan has plans in its roadmap to launch a highly-secured decentralized exchange. Much like Uniswap, Tartan swap would help users get access to tokens listed on their platform in exchange for other BNB tokens with an added anonymity feature.
Total Supply: 10,000 TAR
2.5% of supply sent 0.5 % was sent to the lead developer 1 % was shared among the team 1% was sent to infrastructure development wallet
5% Auto Liquidity
2% reflection to holders.
Low slippage token
No Marketcap 🔥
💪 Upcoming contests and giveaways.
💪Coingecko & Coinmarketcap listing application in progress.
🔥Huge marketing press release campaign including yahoo finance and benzinga and forbes press release .
🔒Liquidity pool will be locked 99 years on the tartan protocol
Contract address : 0x68dED85118B3047D136234Dc78d1FC7b92cD525f
PROTOCOL WEBSITE : in partnerships with Vitalik buterin , safemoon ceo john karony and binance ceo .
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2021.09.22 11:32 Magnam1 Zippos and lighters

I’m new to cigars and was wondering if anyone could shed some light.

  1. Are zippo butane inserts ok now, as I saw a lot of people have issues with them. I’ve seen YouTube vids of people “fixing” them, but I was just curious if it’s a good long term fix.
  2. Regarding zippo premium lighter fluid, Ofc people say to stay away and stick to butane, but anybody have experience and feedback with the new fluid with cigar use?
  3. Any good, well priced lighters for cigars?
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2021.09.22 11:32 alekdmcfly Hot take: Lux is more of a troll support than Bard.

Bard is heavily memes for his away-from-lane play style that's so much different than all the other champions in League, but the reason I think that playing Lux support is trolling, is that a bad Bard will help your ADC get kills but might not be very efficient, while Lux will get takedowns at max efficiency but half of them will be kills stolen on accident.
Bard has a slow, stun, heal, AOE stasis, an ability that helps your ADC get in and out of a fight, and damage that's almost never enough to steal a kill if you're watching out for not KSing. That's five supportive abilities, almost never enough damage to oneshot someone, and he doesn't build full damage. Just like a support should. He does leave his ADC alone, granted, but if the ADC knows the basics of wave management, they'll be fine and survive until Bard comes back. He even leaves you health packs.
Lux has a root that deals tons of damage, a shield, a slow that deals Tons of Damage, and an ult designed purely to deal tOnS oF dAmAgE and steal the kill in case the enemy gets away. That's like 3 supportive abilities, one of which she usually detonates early so it doesn't even slow, and she builds full AP, so not KSing in the lategame is out of the question.
TLDR Bard is hard but at least he doesn't ks
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2021.09.22 11:32 Economy-Leadership-2 Vc chegando louco em casa

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2021.09.22 11:32 Mayyyyonaise I wrote a letter to myself for when I feel sad, regretful, or breaking no contact with my ex.

Hey everyone. My ex dumped me 3 weeks ago after a 2 year relationship. Already posted about it a bunch so if you're interested you can find my 3 other posts from the past few weeks.
Obviously going through any breakup is full of emotional highs and low. I had a really bad low last night, but feel better today. I wanted to have a loving version of myself available when I'm feeling down and/or hopeless. I wrote this letter to myself for when I feel sad, regretful, or breaking no contact with my ex.
Hi friend,
I know you're down right now, but here's a few words from a momentarily stronger version of yourself that you need to read and ingrain in your very core.
You now know that there are parts of your past which have created deeply rooted behaviors which were toxic for the relationship. You felt the need to be in constant contact in order to receive validation and reassurance that you are loved. You weren't that way in the beginning, so you didn't even consider it as a possibility 2 years down the line, which made you complacent. You stopped courting and dating her, got into routine. She did mention it, you just didn't see the red flags. Regret is a bitch, but you know better now, and that will serve you well in the future. What's done is done.
You now understand why she felt things couldn't work going forward. You put her on a pedestal and made her feel like she was losing her freedom. She's only 20, and you were her first love. She was yours as well. Emotions clouded your judgement and you tried to lock her down when you felt her slipping away. You stopped living life for you. It's time to be the guy you were before. That guy love himself dearly and was happy about the direction of his life. The guy who loved to have fun and had a drive to pursue his purpose in life.
You simply have to go forward with the attitude that you're a great guy with a lot of intrinsic value and that you deserve love. Saying that doesn't make you egotistic, it's simply a fact. But it's also a fact that you're human and have flaws, and you still have a lot of growing to do in order to succeed in your future relationships. Just know that when you meet your last love, you'll know it was all worth it.
Staying away and letting her feel free is the most loving thing you can do. If you truly love her, you'll let her go. You don't need to prove yourself to her or to anyone else for that matter. Accept the situation for what it is and don't fight the current. Let the universe work it's magic.
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2021.09.22 11:32 Its_Hoooman Heheh So many shinies

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2021.09.22 11:32 rurdenimli Extra Value Checks Coupon Code

Here is the Extra Value Checks Coupon Code
Looking for more coupons ? You can find more coupons on this page. Also you can use the site search to find any coupons you want.
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2021.09.22 11:32 AllCouponFree Dealing with Difficult People

Free Certification Course Title: Dealing with Difficult People
Enroll Here:
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2021.09.22 11:32 Ok_Reaction_3785 Feeling down and lonely lately as I am in a new country. Looking for some good vibes from all you people.

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2021.09.22 11:32 captain-nutnut Before and after 😊

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2021.09.22 11:32 Top_Gear1503 Donald Trump sues New York Times and his niece over tax story, claims $100 million

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2021.09.22 11:32 ItsLiterallyJustJax Why is FL only Exporting 2 seconds of my Song

Why is FL only Exporting 2 seconds of my Song I've been Using FL Studio for a good 2 years now and This has never happened before. I made a Song about 6 mins long and when I go to export it using Mode "Song Selection" it only does 2 seconds worth of sound. I added a Pattern about 6 mins in length to see if it would export the whole thing in "Pattern" Mode. Anyone know why this is happening?
Song Selection

Pattern Selection
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