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Eli5 executive functioning. I have ADHD and want to tie my shoe, and I'm reaching to tie my shoe, but the part.exe that makes me actually tie my shoe doesn't work?

2021.09.22 09:26 GamerGrl90 Eli5 executive functioning. I have ADHD and want to tie my shoe, and I'm reaching to tie my shoe, but the part.exe that makes me actually tie my shoe doesn't work?

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2021.09.22 09:26 ObscureHipHop Defined by my parents record cabinet

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2021.09.22 09:26 SesameEater69 What is the easiest way to piss off a Paleontologist?

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2021.09.22 09:26 drakukeo1000 How can I eliminate it little by little if I am very addicted and cannot stand more than 2 days :(

I can't stand more than two days no matter how much I want to exercise regularly but this doesn't help it's a nightmare I feel empty
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2021.09.22 09:26 5igorsk Групповая фотография команды британского линейного крейсера "Худ". После боя с "Бисмарком" из 1415 человек выживут лишь трое.

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2021.09.22 09:26 TheInvisibleUnknown Relatable playing Takistan

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2021.09.22 09:26 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 09:26 Zetenrisiel Why do we have to download twice?

For anyone familiar with the backend function of these sorts of games, why do players have to download a new version from the app store etc, and then once we open the game download another patch?
Other apps don't seem to do this and I'm just curious why it can't all be downloaded in one place or the other?
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2021.09.22 09:26 Alegende WoT is a single player game

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2021.09.22 09:26 WorkHardNotTooHard How do I bluntly tell a clan mate he’s the main reason why he loses most his games?

TLDR: Team mate is trash at the game, complains in chat. I platoon with him and lose, he dismisses straight away then continues to complain about everyone else. How do I say he’s trash but as a constructive feedback to a guy with an inflated head?
My rant:
Keeps ranting on about how many trash drivers are online right now in the clan chat which are causing him massive losing streaks.
He’s under 45% win rate and has over 20k battles and plays mostly tier 9. Yet his highest average damage tank is a tier 6 at 1200 which he played once. His tier 9 averages around 700 damage per game which is horrendous.
I go to platoon with him in tier 8 (I’m near 60% wr) to help him out, we lose after I do 3k damage and he does 400. He dismissed the platoon straight away and keeps ranting in clan chat how not even a platoon can help because of how bad our other teammates are. Yet he doesn’t get that he’s the trash driver with an inflated head.
How do I say he’s trash but as a constructive feedback to a guy with an inflated head?
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2021.09.22 09:26 aY227 First DLC review - it's not good

I know it's polygon, but it still looks like a total skip for PC players.
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2021.09.22 09:26 AtarashiiBlue Reclaiming Earth

I wanna see some of our efforts during these last few years actually effect the game. Go into the Cosmodrome everything is exactly how it was in Destiny 1. We defeat the red legion yet they’re still roaming around the EDZ. To save myself from typing a lot what I’m trying to get at is I haven’t seen a lot of our guardians accomplishments truly effect our environment. Considering that Shaxx relates capturing zones in the crucible to actually capturing territory outside the city walls, there really hasn’t been any story based mission where we fight for territory control and gaining access to those new colonies. Not all colonies have to be interacted with but the main idea is that at least our efforts in reclaiming our solar system, starting with Earth, is showing. Wether new found territory can be interacted with is entirely up to the Devs but I believe even just having a small colony of citizen that exits outside the walls would be nice and it would actually feel like we’re winning. The entire time I’ve played Destiny it’s never felt like we as guardians were winning. Nothings has changed and if they have it’s very minuscule. Colonies would be a great way to possibly expand the city’s walls and maybe one day, take them down. Our past accomplishments haven’t been shown entirely and it would be nice to seem them in fruition. Hopefully we’ll be able to expand the walls one day.
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2021.09.22 09:26 streamingcat Zocalo de la Ciudad de México En vivo desde El Gran Hotel de La Ciudad

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2021.09.22 09:26 MidSpecGamer5 The artifact drop rates need fixing

It is proven by statistics that HP and DEF has higher chances of dropping than other stats. Also, me and my friend playing since 10 months (AR54, AR57) and we have only like 2-3 energy recharge 5 star artifacts among hundreds of other 5 star artifacts.
Why its like this? Why the RNG is so bad when it comes to artifacts.
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2021.09.22 09:26 Top_Conversation_308 Not too bad (1st pack btw)

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2021.09.22 09:26 street_girl <3

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2021.09.22 09:26 krypto-news-deutsch AMC Entertainment könnte Dogecoin als Zahlungsoption einbeziehen

AMC Entertainment könnte Dogecoin als Zahlungsoption einbeziehen - Nach der Bestätigung, dass AMC beginnen würde, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash und Litecoin für Online-Zahlungen zu akzeptieren, hat der CEO des Unternehmens die Dogecoin-Community gefragt, ob AMC das Meme hinzufügen soll coin unter den Kryptowährungsoptionen. Fast 80% möchten mit DOGE für ein Kinoticket bezahlen Adam Aron, CEO der weltgrößten Kinokette AMC Entertainment, dirigierte a Umfrage via Twitter am Dienstag (21. September ... ... weiterlesen auf https://news-krypto.de/krypto-news/amc-entertainment-koennte-dogecoin-als-zahlungsoption-einbeziehen/?feed_id=27380&_unique_id=614adaa4b69e1
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2021.09.22 09:26 M0RD3CA1_vii Since the crash of Flight ✈ 815, 9/22/2004

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2021.09.22 09:26 theshortladynextdoor [FOR HIRE] VIRTUAL ASSISTANT - JILL OF ALL TRADES - $15.00 USD PER HOUR

Do you know what business owners can never have enough of?
If you can save yourself from spending hours and hours on the small, time-consuming, but oh-so-necessary things just by paying someone a couple of bucks, wouldn't you do it?
Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a great way to get back some of your time and get back to doing the things you love.
What does a Virtual Assistant (let's just switch to VA) do?
- Social media management;
- Inbox management;
- Content writing;
- Copywriting;
- Basic graphic design;
- Social media engagement;
- Social media marketing;
- Lead generation;
- Data entry;
- Transcription;
- E-commerce product listings and management;
- Basic website design and maintenance;
- Anything that can be done from anywhere in the world!
If you're looking to get back your time, just reach out to me using the sub's directions!
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2021.09.22 09:26 jimmyrok9 Jimmy's Soccer Picks Sept 22 (Soccer match preview, analysis, football predictions and tips)

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2021.09.22 09:26 Specific_Nature_4450 People who still use iPods, why?

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2021.09.22 09:26 CoinMonkey868 עוד מישהו העלה את עצמו כבר אבל לא נורא

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2021.09.22 09:26 thetruloli Image that precedes disaster

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2021.09.22 09:26 overwhelmedem 29M Still with the wife, problems not going away, but I'm too weak to end it..

This is a semi update from an old post I did on /advice it might help to get some context to this.. My previous post
Ugh this will be long, but if you bear through this and give me some advice I'd appreciate it.. I feel stuck.
Short recap
In the previous post I posted that I felt I was being smothered by my wife, we've now been together over 5 years, married almost 2. After I posted that post I and my wife had a long talk.
Or well I just wrote a long letter explaining I couldn't have kids with her yet and that I was too busy with work(running my own company, a ton of stress and long hours) to be a father right now.
What I told her back then is that if she wanted kids within 2 years she should dump me and find someone else, she naturally quickly changed her tone and said she could wait for whenever I'm ready.
She slipped into same behavior, was demanding a lot of attention, brought up wanting kids regularly anything from "Let's start trying to have a kid, it can take years!" to "When are we going to start trying"
Me being very non confrontational just kept saying "Not yet" despite internally screaming that I already made it abundantly clear that we would not have kids within at least 2 years.
We still have sex very irregularly, mainly due to me not wanting it (she wants it, but I just don't enjoy it tbh..).
Last Friday
She messaged me during work asking if we could meet up with our friends and their girlfriends to eat dinner someplace, I answered her that I would figure it out later (as I was busy with meetings and also celebrating one of my team members birthday in the office)
During this time my friend told me that his girlfriend said that we're going to have dinner that evening, and I thought "Great, my wife and her figured it out so I don't have to"
Apparently my wife had been messaging me on Facebook, Facebook didn't work on my phone (she knew this but may have forgotten) I came back to my PC quite late as we were having drinks and cake in the office after work celebrating our colleague's birthday.
The fight
When I looked at it she had sent several messages, basically going from "Are you there" to "Fine, I ordered food home, Come home." I was dead set on going out and was very confused asking why does our friend think we're going out to eat, and why didn't she just set it up with them rather than distract me with this, she knows that I'm busy (I had both my chairman and our advisor in the office distracting me from stuff)
I was just annoyed at her and told her why didn't she try to call, or text me or even just set thing sup without me? And she got pissed and eventually ended it with telling me not to come home.
So I shrugged it off and told my friends that it looks like I'm about to break up, because this was kind of the final straw for me, so I decided to stay the night at my friends place. (My wife even messaged another friends girlfriend telling them that I'd be sleeping there that night..)
That night
At around 4 AM she calls me, at the time i had passed out on the sofa and I had some friends around me who woke me up saying she was calling.
I was quite dizzy and confused from just waking up, but it went kind of like this:

Me: Hi Her: Come home. Me: You told me not to come home. Her: Come home. Me: But you told me not to come home. Her: IF you don't come home we divorce. Me: I don't got energy to fight you, i'm gonna go back to sleep Her: Ok then never come home Me: Okay, goodnight
I told my friend and he pretty much told me it's emotional blackmail, which I know it is, but I understood she was pissed due to feeling neglected. I stayed from Friday to Sunday at my friends place, then on the Sunday I came home.
Sunday back home
She had prepared a long speech for me saying that she's doing most of the work, and that i'm increasingly allienating her and that we are drifting a part, she also brought up that we're both young and if i'm not improving she can find someone else that appreciates her for her.
I thought she was going to break up with me, but I just pretty much leant into that, I told her that I agree, I have been alienating her, i have been a bad husband overall, i'm overall unhappy and i have been throwing my negativity on her.
And that I thought that we should break up. And I told her that the reason i have gotten worse and been bad is because i have been for this entire year considering to break up with her.
She did not expect me to say that, this is the first time i told her that i have ever considered breaking up with her, she did a complete 180...
She was crying, begging me not to leave, pleading about how we lived in poverty together and now that we finally got better income and more stability I'm ending it all, and that I can't just do it like this and that I owe it to her to fight for our relationship. And she was crying about how she didn't know how she could move on, she's been investing so much into this that she can't be on her own, we have same friends, share a cat, and all of these things we've built up together, we're both immigrants to this country and we built up from zero and look how far we got, and that she would never find someone like me.
And then she pushed me into answering if I still love her, and well a part of me does so I told her that yes a part of me does and probably always will.
She then doubled down on that, it was truly heartbreaking for me to see her this sad, I have always been dumped myself and never dumped anyone.
I told her that if she really wanted to, and I somehow agreed with her that I at least owe some new shot at our relationship, she wanted to goto counseling and so on. But I told her that I don't think it would change anything, but she was insisting, but I know it's just a waste of time and money..
My problem
It's just unnatural for me to hurt people, when I was at my friends place that weekend I thought that it would be easy to just kill this and move on, i even thought she was so pissed at me that she'd just yell and want to throw me out, I didn't expect this complete 180.
Now I'm just stuck, she's now pretending it's all natural, I am as cold as i can towards her, but it's not easy, she's just too nice to me and it's making me feel bad for wanting to dump a girl who's actually really supportive of me, she does most cooking and cleaning, she'll do anything I ask of her.
But still I can't help to feel that this is not what I want, but now somehow I'm not sure if I am just depressed from working too much making me emotionally numb or if I am actually over this relationship..
Thanks for reading
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2021.09.22 09:26 XOSk3L I cant find the fricking muramasa

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