trading fr frost fury,ride pink cat and no pot rhino for 550-700 robux with tax

2021.09.22 09:50 BitterShadowss trading fr frost fury,ride pink cat and no pot rhino for 550-700 robux with tax

or i can sell them separate
fury=220-280 (with tax 320-400)
pink cat=260-300(with tax 380-430)
rhino=70-100 (with tax 100-145)
with tax it would be around 800-1000 for all
lmk if these are fair or not, i asked what fury was worth and i got answers for 200-250+, i saw pink cat was worth turtle and turtle is 250-300 what i saw last time and i just made up a price for rhino, if anyone tells me the worth ill update this post :)
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2021.09.22 09:50 BuiltToAnnoy The Pope proclaims Norse France the sole owner of California and Colombia.

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2021.09.22 09:50 Super_Buy_7154 You should know these about battlefield 2042?

well. to be honest, I am so excited for battlefield 2042, really loved the player cap from 64 to 128, which will be really fun I think. Also, there are some new Specialists as well as you can choose them while playing. Also, the weapon customization is so good.
And If you want to learn more or everything about bf2042, you can read that too on my website-_- but I promise you will learn something new hehe
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2021.09.22 09:50 shmuckington I made the smart idea to eat a bag of sugar free gummy bears, AMA

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2021.09.22 09:50 Specific-Try-9184 H: aae+1a ult laser, tse250 Gauss, ve50 lmg, be 2* railway rifle and 10k ultracite fusion cells W: nu laser offers

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2021.09.22 09:50 cn3m_ Daa'ish was supported by USA

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2021.09.22 09:50 nw012 RES for Autonomous/Driverless Vehicles

Dear FSAE AV teams,
I have started researching and designing the remote emergency system for AV by following the rules specified in the FSG2020/22 rules and FSG2021 competition handbook. A specific module was mentioned by the officials which all teams should purchase and use - GF2000i-codec/T53R98 combination from GrossFunk.
I am just wondering if any teams have already purchased the components and have experience/knowledge regarding the hardware specified above. If so, I have a few questions and hope that you can help me out.

  1. Will FSAE use the same module as FSG: GF2000i-codec/T53R98, if not, will it be accepted as an equivalent?
  2. Do we have to program the modules to establish connections or can they be paired straight out of the box?
  3. Does the module come with instructions for electrical connections and transmitter & receiver pairing?
  4. Are there any 3D models of the modules?
  5. Are there any additional electrical schematic for the receiver other than the connection diagram shown in the FSG2021 comp handbook? (Datasheet obtained from the manufacture doesn't contain much information)

Any help or clarification regarding the questions above will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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2021.09.22 09:50 loufjackdb 24[F4M] Feeling Horny 💜 𝖪𝗂𝗄/𝖲𝗇𝖺𝗉 : LisaFikert

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2021.09.22 09:50 lovalevi This is beautiful family activist fighting for justice. (this is not mine. I'm just share this art)

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2021.09.22 09:50 Dark_Demon432 What was the first game you ever finished?

Mine was legend of zelda ocarina of time
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2021.09.22 09:50 TRUELIKEtheRIVER What exotics do y'all tend to run on Gracelock?

A while back I ran Lumina/Starfire protocol for max heals, but stopped playing when sunsetting was announced and came back like a week before splicer ended
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2021.09.22 09:50 Apprehensive-Gur3766 🌌AETHER🌌 /Real project and real usecase / Partnership with an aerospace company 🌌

🌌In partenership with Arca Space, AETHER helped with the testing and development of Arca Space ecological propulsion system (Ecorocket).
🌌The rocket will be launched at the end the of September. Moreover, on this occasion, Arca Space will launch Aether cryptocurrency in space.
🌌vAETHER will also develop and send a small satellite into orbit. The satellite will be called AETHER and it will be used by other crypto projects that have their own blockchain, to run nodes.
✅Real project
✅Partnership with an aerospace company
✅Eco launch system developed for rockets
✅First satellite running nodes in space
✅launching of the first EcoRocket in space at the end of September
✅first token that will be really sent in space
📊 Tokenomics :
10,0% Transaction Tax:
-3% redirected to our Project
-2,5% Buyback and Burn
-5% Aether reflexion back to holders
-3% to marketing & development of Aether
🏭 Supply :
1,000,000,000 total supply, deflationary.
⬇️Here’s the link to buy⬇️
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2021.09.22 09:50 SuperHanzMcVities Trapped in poverty and hunger: Vietnam’s migrant workers face Covid-19’s latest crippling wave

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2021.09.22 09:50 KatarzynaSygula Cancellation in Kotlin Coroutines

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2021.09.22 09:50 Suspicious-Stomach-5 In a crash for a month?

Hi! A little backstory: I have been unwell for years, but never knew what it was. Last year I learned about CFS, and it makes a lot of sense, I haven't found a doctor who takes my problems serious though. It's always either "Oh, you need to rest more." or "Oh, you need to be more active."...Last year after having what I suspect being Covid (I got ill after being in contact with someone who had it), it got much worse. Before I wasn't able to keep a regular exercise regime or go out every day, but I was still able to do what was needed on most days. After being sick last year, even putting the dishes in the dishwasher was too much on most days, and on the days I could do it, I only was able to do it in stages (1/3 of the dishes, lay down, 1/3 of the dishes etc.). It got better after 4 months and with pacing and taking a load of supplements it stayed like that for some time. I could even do some physio exercises for 10 minutes a day (nothing that brings the heart rate up). But now, I have been crashing for a month. Normally if I rest (as much as it's possible for a single mom of 3), I get better after some days, but now it just doesn't get better. I can hardly get up, my throat is sore all the time, and I'm much more pain than before. I wake up in the morning, and it feels like, the moment I open my eyes, I get run over by a truck. My whole body hurts, but especially from the side down my lower stomach. And the extent of brain fog is also new, it's as if I can feel my brain falling apart, I forget words and things I have done 5 seconds ago. I'm wondering if this is the new normal, or just a really long crash? Has anyone experienced something similar? And another question regarding symptoms: Do your tonsils also look like they've been through several wars? Or start bleeding occasionally? Every time I mention it to a doctor, they just tell me I have a cold. Sorry, if my post is hard to understand, my brain has been letting me down lately lol.
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2021.09.22 09:50 Western-Ad-3950 Carvana 2012 S60 choices

Wanted to ask you guys a question. I got a silver 2012 s60 from carvana 2 days ago. Car has been giving me maintenance light and abs light. They said they would pay to get it inspected and checked ( which should have been done prior) it’s at about 101,722 miles. It has BLIS climate multi media and premium package. I seen another s60 same year different color( navy blue) and less miles 81k. No multi media or BLIS on blue s60 both T5 thinking bout swapping out. Y’all think it’s worth it?
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2021.09.22 09:50 beepboopbubble Monetizing everything you own

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2021.09.22 09:50 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 09:50 Cpritch58 Monastery not giving rewards?

Nearing the end of the event, and I can’t get monastery to give me any rewards. I’ve killed countless with an assault rifle, I’ve won way more than 5 games, I got first kill several times… and the only things I’m getting are xp cards for maxing out my gun. Wtf is going on? I’ve had this problem many many times over various events, but this is just obnoxious, especially this close to the end. What gives?
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2021.09.22 09:50 Ecstatic-Swordfish87 ✅$BNBCash - BNBCash| Let's Build Together! | BNBCash | launched today🚀 | Great Chart!! 🚀 | Low Marketcap!! 🚀

$BNBCash - Let's Build Together!
💲 Hold $BNBCash , Earn BNB!
🚀 Contract: 0x8ef16d87314155875b99f9d4cbd159de876e42da
.LANCHED to day!! 🚀 Great Chart!! 🚀 | Low Marketcap!! 🚀
⚒ BNBCash allows you to receive hourly BNB rewards! $BNBCash is a token made to hold and earn instead of pump and dump, implementing an anti whale mechanism with 1% max wallet!
🧐 Do you want to "BNBCash " a Passive Income?
💲 10% BNB Rewards of every transaction, distributed to the holders every 60 minutes.
💲 5% of every transaction into Liquidity Pool.
🧐 Why BNBuilder is different?
💰 Adoption of BNB rewards
💚 Dedicated Team!
⚙️ Actual Use Case!
🎁 10% Giveaway Wallet because we love to give. We will use this wallet to do many GiveAways and built an active and dedicated community. (No tokens will be sold we will only use rewards) (LOCKED)
✅ 10% Marketing & development wallet to fuel our ambitious project to do do major marketing campaigns and develop future options. (No tokens will be sold we will only use rewards) (LOCKED)
⏲ 50% FUTURE PLAN WALLET (Will only be used for growth plans such as CEX listings, token burns, gamification etc.) (LOCKED)
🚀 Contract: 0x8ef16d87314155875b99f9d4cbd159de876e42da
🚀Pancakeswap :
🚀 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.22 09:50 tpv-nomad ITAP of bridge.

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2021.09.22 09:50 MoodyRina Summer time pjs time!

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2021.09.22 09:50 andulomitorus Liberale Hilfe für Bolsonaro

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2021.09.22 09:50 Failed20021 US Speed Tour End Of "Season" Idea

Why don't we have an event at the end of the season that gives us an event with every US speed tour event connected into one massive Trans-American race that gives out special rewards to those who brave the long journey.
For rewards it could be the usual "marathon race" bucks reward (350,000- 600,000) and even a new "reward drops" system like what a lot of mmo's have. so there could be a loot pool of A bunch of themed vanity items, crew credits and even a special car with a really low drop chance so you can brag to your friends about your dedication (think like Destiny 2 raid exotics/raid loot)
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2021.09.22 09:50 CryptoVines 🌱Plant Token🌱 Crypto Job Marketplace🏪 Integrated Chainlink VRF Lottery🎲 Doxxed dev✅ Charity focused use case token☀️

🌱Plant Token🌱

👇Trade tokens👇
🥞Pancake swap🥞

At Plant Token we have aimed to make a defi charity token with automated rewards and a use case for longterm holders. We want to help restore the environment and the confidence in the crypto space. We will start by building a strong community and prove that we are here to stay.
We are a charity based token but that doesn't stop us from having a real use case in the future. We are currently building a freelance marketplace platform for the crypto community. Creating a space where both buyers and sellers can come to an agreement for their goods, service, NFT, or anything else.
We are currently pushing ahead with our marketing, and have influencers posting about us frequently. Our roadmap on our website shows you our progress in development. We are also currently writing our whitepaper, and soon will have a more updated website design.
Our community is built upon the basis of the token being completely transparent allowing investors to not worry. We have doxxed devs who are active on the telegram to help with any issues or questions you have. The Plant Token army continues to grow and getting stronger. The telegram is growing and active 24/7. The project is still very new and we currently have a low number of holders! Within a month we hope to have many more! We are growing fast and healthy, and hope to continue this into the future.

📝Token Information:
☀️Name : Plant Token
☀️Symbol : PLANT
☀️Blockchain : BSC
☀️Total Supply : 161,211,420 $PLANT

✅Contract Address : 0xdC243F2cF20106B53C7b5A6fd4756C1a920a59DC

🚨TOKENOMICS : 10% Tax On Transactions
🌱3% Donated To Charity
💪🏼2% Distributed To All Holders
🔒2% Liquidity Locked
🔥2% Burnt
☀️1% Surprise Sprouts Lottery

Lottery drawings every week! Last weeks totaled $120 USD🚀
Total BTC donated to charity $200 USD💚

🌏WebSite: https://www.PlantToken.Co
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