Good evening! (F22)

2021.10.17 23:53 throwaway992009 Good evening! (F22)

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2021.10.17 23:53 Longjumping_Kiwi_904 We're back at it at the top of the hour with some more Subnautica: Below Zero! Two thalassaphobes try more rolling down in the deep
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2021.10.17 23:53 FrontpageWatch2020 [#111|+6014|240] He was complaining about a splinter [r/blackmagicfuckery]

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2021.10.17 23:53 fat-rat-69 did anybody know?

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2021.10.17 23:53 glittergrunge99 My sister and I just told my dad about how my mom tried to run the three of us into a building a couple of Christmas breaks ago.

I’m nervous I don’t want anything to happen like divorce or my mom to do something. She has always been half a great mother and half extremely physically and verbally abusive and she started a screaming match in the car one time because we got Chipotle and my sister didn’t want any. She offered to get her something else and she didn’t want anything. So, she started screaming then pulled into the parking lot of a health campus & floored it towards the building screaming something about not being able to do this anymore. Then I opened the door to get out & she hit the breaks quick right before we hit the giant health campus building. I was 19 or 20 at the time.
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2021.10.17 23:53 FrontpageWatch2020 [#211|+6170|86] This is how we do it🤩 [r/HunterXHunter]

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2021.10.17 23:53 ehkeeks Indoor Basketball Courts?

Was wondering if anyone could reccomend some indoor basketball courts that will be open for renting/open gym during the fall/winter, I tried to contact a few but was told they don't do that during COVID.
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2021.10.17 23:53 Thryloz HMFT after in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a scooter that got into an accident miraculously survived. The stuntman was rescued by a helmet, which burst in three places but retained the contents.

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2021.10.17 23:53 Julian_00006 Unexpected sad

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2021.10.17 23:53 Mychxl [USA-WV] [H] BNIB: 3070 XC3 LHR, 3060 Ventus 3x LHR, 3060 Ventus 2x LHR [W] PayPal

Hey all, pretty straight to the point today. Looking to get rid of these cards.
Prices are shipped and OBO. All cards are LHR
3070 XC3 - $930
3060 Ventus 3x - $660
3060 Ventus 2x - $650
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2021.10.17 23:53 noexitmylove Which of these girl groups, that debuted in 2021, is your favourite?

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2021.10.17 23:53 WritingSweetroll Under the stars, We dance

Summary: Violet has a dance with Clementine in the night.
Words: 1533
Violet reluctantly opened her eyes, she just wanted to rest. “Yes?” She quietly muttered. The room was so quiet that it didn’t matter how soft she whispered, Tenn could still hear her.
“You’ve been kind of quiet.” Tenn mentioned, going to sit by Violet that was laying on her bed. “Are you ok?”
Violet sat there for a moment, looking up at the glow-in-the dark stars that Minerva had placed over their bed. Tears filled her water line as she blinked, the overfilled liquid spilled. She silently cried. Tenn quivered his lip. He curled into a ball and layed next to Violet, they both cried silently, no more words said between the two as they grieved the twins death.
Now, Violet's room was covered in decorations that weren't Minerva’s, but Clementines. Filled to the brim with weird skulls or nostalgic items. And as she was sleepless in her night, because Clementine wasn’t by her side, and when she thought back to that moment, it didn’t hurt her. Minerva had no effect on her anymore, she had proven to be someone else, someone evil. And poor Tenn….she basically dragged him down with her into her psychotic world.
Still, the past was the past and she was forgetting it quite quickly, as Clementine and her got closer in their relationship. There were countless nights where now older AJ decided to just sleep in a different room, because the couple stood up all night, just talking. Their conversations were what Violet loved the most. Clementine was a book just ready to be opened, and when she opened up, Violet was basically listening to a world unlike her own, even though the world they lived in was the same. Clementine's life was completely different from hers. It was refreshing.
When she saw Clementine's scars, and how hurt she looked when she talked about them, Violet wanted to crawl inside her aura and just make her forget about it, kind of like an overpowered empath. Clementine felt the same. Violet’s world was a lot brighter than hers, yet Clementine still found a way to understand her pain. Violet’s home life wasn’t great back then. Especially compared to Clementine's life that consisted of two loving parents with stable jobs.
Violet sighed, turning on her side. It was the middle of the night, and Violet constantly scolded herself for getting too attached to Clementine, so attached that if she was not in the same bed as her, sleep wasn’t even considered. Clementine was on look-out, and it was hell for her as well. Winter was about to start. After about 4 winters with each other, the couple considered it their favorite season. These nights would prove to be the best cuddle sessions of all. Yet, here they were, apart from each other.
Violet grumbled, watching AJ from the other side of the room. He also had the same problem, so he was drawing to pass the time. Violet got out of bed. “Where are you going?” AJ asked. Violet glazed around the room, looking for an answer without it really being awkward. She didn’t know, but she was going to do something. Something that would pass the time.
“Out I guess.” She finally responded. “Louis is asleep. I already tried waking him up so we can play piano but he threw a pillow at me.”
“Uh--Ok?” Violet said, shrugging her shoulders. “Why?”
“Well I’d figure you try and hang out with him.”
“Nah.” Violet chuckled. “I know how deep into sleep he gets. The last thing you want to do is wake him up. You got it easy kid.” Violet shuddered at the memory of her trying to wake him up, that was the scariest glare she had gotten from anybody. Even Clementine.
“Ok...don’t go out of the school. It's dark out and Clem will worry.”
Violet smiled sweetly. “Of course buddy.”
Violet made random noises from her mouth as she roamed the halls, desperately trying to peel her body away from walking into the courtyard and pulling Clementine away from her duties. Reading the wall's profanities didn’t hold her mind captive and instead with a defeated mind, she walked out to the courtyard. Clementine bounced her leg, she was incredibly bored. An occasional walker popped up but that was that. She found herself watching the snow intently, sometimes trying to count how many flakes fell down...which was impossible but she was so bored she tried anyway. As her mind was burdened with literally nothing, a voice startled her. She jumped, turning defensively, it was Violet. “Sorry.” Violet smiled, climbing fully up the ladder and onto the platform. Clementine got up from the chair. She wobbled on her new peg leg, awkwardly laughing as she clung onto Violet for balance. “Hi.” Violet smiles cheekily.
Clementine smiled back, she kissed her sweetly. “Hi.” She replied. They held each other's hands, looking into each other's eyes. When they were alone, romance was basically the only thing they practiced together, not comfortable being romantic in public. “What are you doing up?”
Violet shrugged, “Couldn’t sleep.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Clementine sighed, she then hugged Violet tightly. “I missed you.”
“We’ve only been separated for like 3 hours.” Violet laughed. Although she was just teasing, Violet desperately missed her as well. She hugged Clementine back, embracing each other.
“How's your look-out duty been?” Violet asked as they let go of each other.
Clementine threw her arms in the air sarcastically, “Thrilling! I saw like 2 walkers, it was honestly like a movie!”
Violet chuckled. “Aw, man. You should have invited me.”
They both laughed, soon the laughter died down, and they calmly looked out to the forest. As they relaxed in silence, an awful memory seeped through her mind.
“The night will be over soon!” Minerva sang from the top of her lungs, Violet watched intently, observing how Minerva's nose scrunched whenever she hit a note too high, it made her giggle.
Minerva finished the song, earning a clap from Sophie and Violet. “Bravo!” Sophie yelled out. Minerva smiled, bowing.
“What about me? I was the backbone of this whole performance.” Louis fake pouted, letting his fingers glide over the ivories. “Who actually listens to the music? We want to hear the singer.” Violet smirked.
Sophie chuckled, immediately placing a hand over her mouth. Louis widened his eyes at her.
“Of all people, I would’ve never thought you would join in on making fun of me!”
They all laughed, and Minerva was about to leave. “Wait-” Violet got up from the ground. She grabbed Minerva's attention. “Maybe, you could sing one more time?”
Minerva raised a brow, but smiled none-the less. “Ok…”
As Minerva started to sing, Violet balled her clammy hands into fists, and breathed in deep. She made her way over to Minerva and grabbed her hands, attempting to dance with her. Minerva stopped singing, and she pushed Violet away. “Violet!”
Violet gulped at the aggressive tone, the room became thick in awkwardness as Louis stopped playing the piano slowly. “W-whats the problem?” Violet asked.
Minerva scoffed and stormed out of the room. Violet was quick to follow.
“Minnie!” Violet called out to her, Minerva sighed, stopping in her tracks and turning around. “What’s wrong--”
“That was embarrassing! What makes you think I wanna dance with you in front of others?!” Minerva ranted.
“W-well...I’m sorry. I just thought--”
“No. No Violet, why don’t you just stop thinking then? If you have such fucking stupid ideas…” And with that, Minerva walked out of the admin building, leaving Violet alone.
“What's wrong?” Clementine asked. “You could tell?”
Clementine pursed her lips, nodding. Violet sighed and rested along the railing, looking into the deep forest full of snow. “Sorry.” Violet finally said.
“Are you ok?”
“Yea…” Violet got off the railing, and walked over to Clementine. “Would you like to dance?” Clementine widened her eyes, taken aback by the question. “I guess...why not?”
Violet gulped, her heart warmed up. With a grin, she extended her hand to Clementine. Clementine took her hand, and they both started dancing. It wasn’t excitable dancing, but slow and steady. Especially since Clementine's peg leg was still unstable. It was still nice, and both of them rested along one another. “It’s a pretty night.” Clementine mentioned, looking up at the stars. “Cold.” Violet chuckled. “But, yea it's pretty.”
“Still not as pretty as you.” Clementine smiled, watching as Violet's pale cheeks turned into a dusty pink.
The two continued to dance in silence, taking comfort in their bodies radiating heat, combatting the cold. “I love you.” Violet huffed out, letting her head rest on Clementine's shoulder. Clementine tilted her head, resting it on the side of Violets.
“I love you back.”
“Thank you for dancing with me.” Violet hugged her tighter, for some reason, that memory of Minerva still bit at her.
“Why wouldn’t I dance with you?” Clementine chuckled, unknowingly setting a warm feeling inside of Violet.
“You make me so happy.” Violet sighed. “I’m glad we found you.”
“I am too.” Clementine replied.
The two continued their dance, bathing in the stars.
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2021.10.17 23:53 der_maan washed by the shore

You find yourself on the border of a lake, it's water clear and flat. Almost a perfect miror. From the shore you can see the muddy bottom far away, even where the water is several meters deep. The hotness of the day makes of the lake a temptation, so you decide to swim. As you enter the water, you can see the ripples you make break the perfect flattness of the water.
They seem to be endless, and you wonder if they may reach the other side of the lake unaltered. As you're already two dozens of meters from where you could feel the hot, soft dirt under your feets, a shimmer at the bottom draws you attention. It is a dead body.
The water is so clear you can see every detail of it, even if it lies 20m down from you. Nothing is left to be seen, but grey bones and remains of what used to be clothes. You squint to see the details of it, and slowly, the skull turns. Towards you. It is looking you in the eyes. You can feel it, despite the fact that those empty sockets have been so for years. And It yearns for your touch, you can feel that too, almost as if someone was grasping your ankle to pull you to the bottom, to join that poor lonely soul in it's endless rest. The urge to get back to the ground grows in you, aware that there's not much time left, but as you look around you can only realise there's no shore left to be seen. Only the never ending ripples. So you decide to swim in a direction, slowly realising breaking the perfection of the lake was a terrible mistake. A sin. A transgression. An insult.Mostrar menos
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2021.10.17 23:53 Donefournow Back in the dating game after 3 years

Is it better to tell someone straight up that you haven’t been on a lot of dates recently? Should you do this pre or post date? I feel awkward saying this because I fear judgement. Will I be judged, maybe, if so, they will find out later on or not and then they will know
My date said I was rather anxious looking. I felt a little fear at first but I opened up throughout the night. I guess in the bedroom I had some anxiety and it was obvious at that point. I feel like it might be something important to say. Should I have said something? Was my first impression the last?
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2021.10.17 23:53 BotDefense overview for Hupponuhoren

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2021.10.17 23:53 Cultural_Mode_4295 Most Gruesome Kill In Halloween Kills?

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2021.10.17 23:53 Lumyiii [245mil GP] TakeitSlow needs 1 more. 3milGP+(5-10xKAM/32+WAT).DSGeo 27 🌟 LSGeo 14 🌟 CPIT☠

Hello! We have 1 spot we wanna fill with an active person.
• TakeitSlow
• 245mil GP
• We complete all raids heroic with 24hr join periods. PIT/HAAT is simmed. Sith launches at 7pm EST.
• Territory Wars usually have 45+ participants and is mandatory participation now with recent chages.
• TB is focused on DS Geo and LS Geo with the occasional swap . DS Geo 27, LS Geo 14. Almost 15.
• 32+ Wat and 7x KAM shards(12 solid teams so this only goes up from here)
• CPIT dies about every 7ish days with mercs.
• Active! Consistent participation; 600 raid tickets, Tbs, Tw. The odd miss is okay, just put a note in the afk discord channel but do your best to be present.
• Geos (KAM ready team huge ++) we are looking for atleast 1-2 teams for each Geo tb that can complete combat missions. Or Sizeable Cpit Damage
• Atleast 3mil GP! The more the better obviously but we aren't afraid to spend time with someone with a lower concentrated roster. So exceptions apply
• Discord, we have a bumping one.
• Swgoh account
Lastly, we are here to have fun! No tightwads or prima Madonna's. We are a fun bunch that have been around for a while. The 'chattier', the better!
I can be found at 962 837 698 (ally code) or Lumyii#3717 (discord) if you have questions or wanna chat!
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2021.10.17 23:53 carloshugo1000 Which is the max level for the STG 44 in Warzone???

Im leveling it up for vanguard
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2021.10.17 23:53 esra_esra I loved this new home...

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2021.10.17 23:53 oldwhitelincoln Red House Painters - Michigan

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2021.10.17 23:53 FrontpageWatch2020 [#474|+1782|78] to guilt trip your employee into coming in [r/therewasanattempt]

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2021.10.17 23:53 I_WANT_TO_FUCK_LILA no by me

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2021.10.17 23:53 Apprehensive_Post88 FUCK JOE BIDEN

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2021.10.17 23:53 squish-the-fish What kind of rock is this?

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2021.10.17 23:53 emersonlakenpalmer looking like a teenage boy :-)

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