'You can’t fix it with facts': Doctors share patients' excuses for covid vaccine refusal

2021.10.18 01:05 Dr_GIR 'You can’t fix it with facts': Doctors share patients' excuses for covid vaccine refusal

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2021.10.18 01:05 THEZUKUS 25 Ingredient Flavor Boosters For Home Cooking

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2021.10.18 01:05 EEV_Blog EEVblog 1430 - Rent vs Buy - My $400,000 MISTAKE!

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2021.10.18 01:05 robs5684 qui gros rp la

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2021.10.18 01:05 Timeism Heavy Depression, any tips?

I noticed my mood starting to drop a bit a while back. I didn't think anything of it, only that I started to feel less energetic and more tired.
Now, this week, it's gotten out of control.
I woke up feeling really depressed after a small argument with my friend (which we resolved), and have now been sleeping over 14 hours a day, with only a few minutes to hours up from my bed. My motivation is gone. I've had periods of time where I had to restrain myself from deleting everyone's phone numbers and contacts, believing they are out to manipulate me for their own benefit. I've cried endlessly for seemingly no reason. I've canceled plans I made with my friends because I couldn't imagine hanging out with them without bawling.
I don't understand how I can go from perfectly fine to going through unbearable pain.
Does anyone have any advice for helping me out of this hell hole? My medications right now are only Lexapro, so mood stabilizers are out of the question.
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2021.10.18 01:05 DanahDWayne It wasn’t me, really…

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2021.10.18 01:05 Dr_GIR Joe Burrow throws 3 TDs as Bengals ease past winless Lions

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2021.10.18 01:05 Kasperarmani Lil Jay (STL/EBT) 🔒 talks about converting to Islam, Brother Hakeem speaks with lil jay

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2021.10.18 01:05 McToastMuffins Thought this was cool

Thought this was cool I've recently been getting back into Warframe and my playtime intrigued me.
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2021.10.18 01:05 Yahtrok Looking for books about being a struggling actor and what goes on in the process of trying to “make it”.

I’m trying to find out how fledgling actors stuggle with the system, survive while they persue their acting careers, etc. Accurate fiction is welcome, as are memoirs of unknown actors.
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2021.10.18 01:05 Hot_Paramedic6825 Ocean Token Is BULLISH 🔥 Hold And Earn 7% BTC Rewards! TechRate Audit Soon! - Just Launched, Join Now! ✅

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2021.10.18 01:05 nevertoolate1983 Surprised with a baby pig!

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2021.10.18 01:05 T-T1006 Scientific Accuracy Appreciation S05 E13 (very minor spoilers)

Content Warning: suicide and suicidal thoughts
First of all I have to say that I am not a psychologist myself. I'm a social worker who had to deal with a young adult with suicidal thoughts. (Don't worry, they're fine.) For that I had some intesive exchange with several psychologists in different fields including therapy and research.
Watching "Risky Business" (S05 E13) with that background showed me that Criminal Minds might be less pseudo science then I always asumed. Basically in the episode the team investigates suicides - that's all the spoilers in this post. During the episode the show conveys several truths that might be hard to understand for someone who never dealt with suicidal thoughts themselves or knows someone who has. One that sprung out to me is that they name a key factor in juding the risk of someone actually taking their life's. You could describe it as bringing their lifes in order. In the show they make the example of giving away items that have a high personal value. It's basically like executing your last will. Looking back such behaviour can seem blatantly like the suicidal person was saying their goodbye from their loved ones and the world. But in that moment it's hard to see that way.
TL;DR: S05 E13 deals with suicide and suicidal thoughts in a way that impressed me as a semi-expert. And I just wanted to make this post to appreciate that!
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2021.10.18 01:05 SadMathematician7799 Guys plz join there’s is only 2 members it would help a lot

Guys plz join the league called Most feared batz ITS Brand New you must be a 105 team overall to join and you must grind league vs league drives
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2021.10.18 01:05 Dr_GIR Report: Shooting reported at Lancaster mall

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2021.10.18 01:05 EerieToad Add a female character

Just do it, please

Cheers to your work also
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2021.10.18 01:05 zootedinspace420 Samsung note 20 saying "phone not allowed mm#6" sim suddenly stopped working no data

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2021.10.18 01:05 Animu98 Self portrait after a rough few days

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2021.10.18 01:05 Parzival1003 ich🟨➡️😈iel

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2021.10.18 01:05 radhumandummy 211018 LIGHTSUM U CUBE - Huiyeon

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2021.10.18 01:05 Dr_GIR Ravens shut down Justin Herbert, Chargers in rout

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2021.10.18 01:05 joaovrm76 Took me some time, very proud tho

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2021.10.18 01:05 shekyy_lopie ED agreement confusion

Hi so I applied to Umiami ED I last week and there’s a part saying that a ED agreement from counselor needs to be submitted. I saw a ED form which I could print and give my counselor to sign but on the common app, it says that she haven’t started ‘ED agreement’. Am I suppose to print the form and send it to her or she could get her own ED form and send it in herself?
I hope I’m not confusing anyone 🥲
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2021.10.18 01:05 504aldo Censo Definitivo 2021

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2021.10.18 01:05 Ivermectin-Boi Thinking of Getting Armed License

So, from what I understand in Tennessee, the gun you take the course with is the only gun you're certified to carry on the job? What caliber do most employers want you to use? 9mm? 40? I assume Glock is probably what most would want as well? I only have compact handguns for concealed carry at the moment, so I'm really just wanting to get a duty gun that will work in most job scenarios once certified.
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