My boi cries from time to time

2021.10.18 00:27 gabekoki My boi cries from time to time

Hello, I need some advice. I have a cat, Yoki, who transitioned from an outdoor cat to an indoor one(I had another cat who died because he was outdoor). Since then he has moments during the day and night when he cries and it makes me very sad. I tried walking him every other day but if I do he cries more. I tried playing with him but that doesn't change anything. I have another cat, they get along and play but he will still cry after some time. He's not castrated and thus he might be looking to mate but I don't know. It makes me sad to hear him cry. Any advice on what I can do?
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2021.10.18 00:27 ChristianInWales r/teenagers... I don't think I have the words...

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2021.10.18 00:27 KingsWillSoonRise I've created a Discord Server.

Today, I created a Discord Server. It's new and There's No Members in it. The Topic is NBA Discussions or Just Basketball in general.
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2021.10.18 00:27 m28-9 Better to CCU or melt and buy with credit?

Need some advice from the CCU/ Buyback token experts here. I’ve been around SC a while but I’ve always kept my fleet of ships pretty stable, so I don’t really have any experience playing the CCU chain game.
I have a Gatac Railen concept that’s sitting idle in my hangar that I’d like to convert to a 400i. Not sure if it will be for the long haul or temporary. What’s the best way to do this, melt it and use the credit? Upgrade it to the 400i directly? Or some other magical CCU voodoo?
Here’s what I’ve got to work with in my hangar along with 1 buyback token: - Gatac Railen with Hyaotan Paint - Connie Phoenix currently upgraded to 600i - Explorer 2498 Pack with — Carrack — MSR — 325a — Prospector — Dragonfly - P52 Merlin referral bonus
I don’t mind putting in extra pledge money, but would like to maximize what I have available. I also don’t mind just picking up the concierge and citcon paints separately if that’s the only way to get them with this approach.
Also I don’t use the dragonfly or P52 so those are fodder if needed.
Any advice from the experts?
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2021.10.18 00:27 twocentman Excuse me, coming through!

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2021.10.18 00:27 Eyedaho1 Roger Stone Backs Idaho Governor Bid by Ammon Bundy, Who Likened Trump Term to 1930s Germany

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2021.10.18 00:27 adamka_ does somebody have a high quality leak of medusa? cant find it anywhere

slatt basically
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2021.10.18 00:27 MKE1969 [Italian>English] Can someone translate the note found in this vintage Italian rifle?

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2021.10.18 00:27 Ariix_ My point of view of the very.... interesting Fauna Fall Guys Round

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2021.10.18 00:27 jannie_312 need advice, am I overthinking?

what should I do when my long-distance boyfriend doesn't text or pick up the phone and he doesn't tell me that he is busy?
we have been dating for more than month (LDR), lately, he hasn't actively communicated with me much, and yesterday we decided to call each other at 11 am tomorrow. He agreed with my time given but today when I called (on messenger) he didn't answer, I texted " Hey, you there? " then it show delivered. on snapchat i still see him working normally because I look at his snap score increased a lot but he also did not reply to my messages on snap chat.
I don't know what's going on with him and how should I deal with this? I feel very sad and don't know what to do? Should I wait for him or text him again if yes what should I say to him?
Sorry If my English was bad.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.18 00:27 Live-Anywhere6371 Can I join the township I left again?

Hellooo. <3
Soooo, I have to leave my current township, because of some personal matters.
And I wanna know if I will be able to find in the search and join this township again?
Because I see there has to be an invite?
I don't know the leader or their facebook.
But my mom is a member, and I will be able to know if there is a free spot when I have the time to join again and everything.
The township is open.
Thank you in advance.
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2021.10.18 00:27 Just-JC Have you ever fallen for an obvious scam? If so, how come you didn't notice before?

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2021.10.18 00:27 weightedbookshelf [USA-SC] [H] Apple TV HD 4th Generation A1625 [W] PayPal $

Apple TV, A1625, it’s the 4th generation per Apple’s site here.
Album including timestamp.
Looking to get $50 shipped to CONUS (PayPal GS, per the rules)
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2021.10.18 00:27 MissNixit When Spec Evo is suddenly exploding on the net and you gotta keep up with the competition

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2021.10.18 00:27 dafunkyman [Chill] Pierre Bourne x Playboi Carti type beat - Global

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2021.10.18 00:27 glockitsthecops The Biggest Issue With The Dino Armor

The titan mark should have been a t-rex tail.
Also the hunters cape should have come to a tail at the bottom.
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2021.10.18 00:27 Acrobatic_Ad435 User: Lordstak3n any role gold 4

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2021.10.18 00:27 RBTV_Sendeplan_Bot Sendeplan-Thread der Kalenderwoche 42 des Jahres 2021

Programm vom Montag, dem 18. Oktober 2021
16:15 [L] MoinMoin #1592 - mit Etienne (45 Minuten)
17:00 [L] Let’s Play - Crysis Remastered Trilogy mit Simon & Fabian (120 Minuten)
19:00 [L] Game Talk #131 - Euer Spielegespräch am Montagabend (75 Minuten)
20:15 [P] Bohndesliga #10 - Der 8. Spieltag der Fußball-Bundesliga in der Analyse (105 Minuten)
22:00 [L] Let’s Play - Nils streamt für euch (120 Minuten)
00:00 [P] VR∙Nerds TV - Neues Virtuelles mit den Nerds des Virtuellen (15 Minuten)
00:15 [P] c't uplink - Der Videopodcast aus Nerdistan (60 Minuten)
Programm vom Dienstag, dem 19. Oktober 2021
16:30 [P] DICED - Die Tabletopshow (30 Minuten)
17:00 [L] Let’s Play - Eddy und Nils hauen sich Videospiele um die Ohren (120 Minuten)
19:00 [P] Du bist! - Sags mir! (60 Minuten)
20:00 [L] Let’s Play - Viet und Ilyass spielen den YOUTUBE SIMULATOR (YouTuber's Life 2)) (120 Minuten)
22:00 [P] Krätschmers Kleinkram - Simon streamt verrückte Kleinigkeiten (120 Minuten)
00:00 [P] Orkenspalter TV (30 Minuten)
Programm vom Mittwoch, dem 20. Oktober 2021
16:00 [L] Mobile Games Check - mit Eddy (60 Minuten)
17:00 [L] Let’s Play - Viet, Ilyass und Sandro sind das geilste Team (120 Minuten)
19:00 [L] Geo Battle - Wir Erdkunden die Welt (90 Minuten)
22:00 [L] Let’s Play - Eddys Zockbude (120 Minuten)
00:00 [P] Held der Steine # - Die Super-Held-Stunde mit allerhand Klemmbausteinen (60 Minuten)
Programm vom Donnerstag, dem 21. Oktober 2021
15:00 [L] Creepjack #120 - Warcraft mit Florentin, Jannes und Gästen (105 Minuten)
17:00 [L] Florentin, Lars, Andreas und Marah machen Dinge! (120 Minuten)
19:00 [L] Verflixxte Klixx - Klixxraten mit Willlarsen (60 Minuten)
20:00 [P] Kino+ (120 Minuten)
22:00 [L] Let’s Play - Florentin streamt für euch (120 Minuten)
Programm vom Freitag, dem 22. Oktober 2021
16:15 [L] MoinMoin #1593 - mit Florentin (45 Minuten)
17:00 [L] Let’s Play - mit Krogi (120 Minuten)
19:00 [P] Retro Klub #16 - WTF? Die bizarrsten Videospiele #4 (65 Minuten)
20:00 [P] Game Two #224 - Back 4 Blood und New World (30 Minuten)
20:30 [L] Chat Duell - Spielleiter vs. Spieler (75 Minuten)
21:45 [L] Let’s Play - Nachtkrogramm Late Nice mit Krogi (135 Minuten)
00:00 [P] Ninotaku Anime News - Das Animeupdate (15 Minuten)
00:15 [P] Doktor Whatson # - Das Wissenschafts-Magazin (30 Minuten)
00:45 [P] Hoaxilla - Der skeptische Podcast - Skepsis wird wieder vertont! (60 Minuten)
Programm vom Samstag, dem 23. Oktober 2021
16:30 [P] Kaizo geht das! (60 Minuten)
17:30 [P] Speedrundale #28 - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Randomizer von Floha (160 Minuten)
Programm vom Sonntag, dem 24. Oktober 2021
Dieses Posting wird täglich aktualisiert. Der vollständige Sendeplan von RBTV ist unter zu finden.
Unter wird eine Liste von gerade streamenden Bohnen bzw. VoDs ihrer letzten Livestream-Sessions gepflegt.
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2021.10.18 00:27 SnootTomatoes Fair for a NFR Bat Dragon?

FR Bat Dragon, NFR Parrot, NFR Arctic Reindeer, NFR Trex, N Metal Ox, NFR Silly Duck, 6 Kangas, 16 Trex
View Poll
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2021.10.18 00:27 Wanderer2691 Who are some bad units that by no means should work out for you going by the statistics, yet somehow always do and are really satisfying to for their character/design/class/etc.?

A pretty easy way to spot a bad unit incoming is pretty simple going by the fandom's metric: if they have a poor base total or several major flaws that aren't easily rectifiable, there's probably most likely no reason to use them when far less work-intensive options exist. Of course, the nature of defining what's a bad unit only really set in the Western fandom around 2011 due to most of the FEs prior to Radiant Dawn and Shadow Dragon often espousing really easy difficulty curves that are overcome even with bad units deficiencies (FE7's stat totals were too low to make Lyn's flaws noticeable, Amelia and Ewan always had access to the Tower of Valni and at least ten additional levels to make up for bad bases and average growths on top of low enemy stat totals, and FE9 allowed units like Rolf, Mia and Brom to enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of BEXP). I, of course, grew up largely in the days of GameFAQs guides that are seriously outdated and misinformed by today's standards, and as such a lot of my playstyle was set then as it is now. But of course, that's not what I'm here to discuss about today!
The overall point being that despite often being useless in a need to invest in them, bad units can perform exceptionally well, and likewise, often good units can be reliably cursed in different runs. This has the knock-on effect of leaving bases and Movement as thus the only overall way to establish consistency between games, but I'll tell you, nothing's more satisfying than seeing that little squisher-bee you trained up actually get strong enough to one-round enemy units, especially if they happen to be a character you care a lot about. Yes, the odds were kind of stacked against you from the beginning, and giving it a try may be a waste of resources. But when it works, oh God, is it ever satisfying.
So let's talk about that, then! What're some of your favorite bad units that often, for some inexplicably odd reason, perform really well despite generally being tactically very bleh?
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2021.10.18 00:26 Educational_Fig_1280 looking for a better leg pet!

Offering: 2x t-rex, 1 ride shark, 1 no pot peacock, 1 no pot phoenix, 1 ride horse, 1 ride penguin, and 1 no pot panda!
LF: Arctic Reindeer, Crow, Evil Uni, Kanga, Parrot ( will add if needed for the first 3 and last option)
offers are open as well!
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2021.10.18 00:26 moustafa_be تصميم الاعلان : تعرف على مراحل تصميم الإعلان من التخطيط والتصميم إلى النشر والتتبع

تصميم الاعلان : تعرف على مراحل تصميم الإعلان من التخطيط والتصميم إلى النشر والتتبع submitted by moustafa_be to motaber [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 00:26 LaraCains It's happening now. SHIB to the moon!

6% up last hour and still going... whoot whoot... all in :)
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2021.10.18 00:26 sazae3 giratina 6477 7647 0286 or 9725 9725 2979 ASAP

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2021.10.18 00:26 viramoa Have friend/follow someone on fb, that I really don't like

Way back when, high school days, I was also part of Youth Group. My sister was a part of it, I joined in through confirmation and all that. I connected with really great friends! We all were nerds, we all liked Star Wars, got into Lord of the Rings, Matrix, etc. This guy, never grew outta High School. He still posts and comments stuff, very typical. Tries to be controversial, in a sarcastic kinda way. Referencing nerdy stuff, but also trying to be controversial. Overtly! Trying to equate Star Wars with current politics. Although you can equate Star Wars, with a lot. He likes to throw, off hand quotes, for with whatever fad meme is going on. It's kinda annoying, but I still wanna hear what this guy has to say
TL;DR I follow an old friend, only because he tries to post controversial stuff, that's only controversial for the FAD. It's interesting
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