Do you usually go to bed?

2021.10.17 23:35 winte_115 Do you usually go to bed?

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2021.10.17 23:35 deus_ex_vagina2 remember hon(o)ring feeding (c)lowns?

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2021.10.17 23:35 vaggelis1 6 string Bass Masters I require your assistance

Hello everyone!
I've been playing the 4 string bass for a few years now (Ibanez GSR200). I took lessons with a great teacher for the first 2 years but then I had to stop them due to being too expensive and had no time because of studies. I've been to 3 different bands that played Thrash/Power metal and Alternative rock. Nowadays I have plenty of time to practice and I do it every single day. I have always leaned to the melodic style of playing meaning I love playing a melody over a staccato playstyle. Recently I've caught myself listening to some new bands I found that use the 6 string bass and OH MY GOD I'm into a completely different universe. The melodies the solo potential everything just blew my mind.
I became very interested in the 6-string bass and I researched a little. I found out that it is a completely different instrument compared to the 4-string and that knowing how to play the 4 string doesn't necessarily mean that you can play the 6 one as well.
My favorite style of music is Melodic Death / Progressive Metal and any kind of metal with groovy bass lines like The Faceless / Beyond Creation / First Fragment and generally any kind of metal band that has melodic lines especially on bass, hence the 6-string excitement! ( I also indulge myself with any kinda funky/groovy/jazzy line that has the aspect of death-like riffs )
I've really like the whole 6-string idea and I'm really looking forward to purchasing one and hitting it haaaard~!
So my question to all you bass gurus is: How hard would a complete transition from a 4-string to a 6-string be, is it really worth it, and could you provide me with a few quality 6-string Basses to have a look?
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2021.10.17 23:35 SmokeAlarmDetectsCum Are there gold tier weapons? Rumor I heard but haven't seen anything on it.

Was in a party chat and someone claimed that there's gold tier weapons on nightmare difficulty but I have seen 0 people say this. Can anyone can confirm or deny this rumor?
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2021.10.17 23:35 Eastern_Eye_3793 WTT - Scroll through pics - Ormus, raven frost, Nagel, Snowclash, cats eye, Mahim oak, pally circlet , trang armor+gloves, Jade Talon, druid GC and club, Gheeds. Looking for Arach belt, Mara's amulet, SOJ or Runes.

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2021.10.17 23:35 boopcorgi Battle Round 1: “Hop on, we’re going to Andy’s place”

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2021.10.17 23:35 c0mpurgator Controller and Keyboard/Mouse Ranked

I understand why some controller players don’t want to play against computer players due to the disadvantage they feel they have, but why not allow console players who want to play ranked crossplay to do so? I’m not ranting, just trying to figure out if there is a legitimate technical barrier to implementing this, because I can’t imagine any PC player feeling disadvantaged against a controller player unless there is aim assist.
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2021.10.17 23:35 KidKnight9 labrynth?

So my players at the end of the most recent session were hit with a magical effect that teleports them all to the middle of a labrynth, I was wondering if there were any existing labrynths that exist that I could put them through or if I would have to build one myself
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2021.10.17 23:35 Deutsche_Soldaten_44 MK12 Build

Hey all,
I'm looking to convert my CYMA M4A1 into a MK12 SPR (due to my field's FPS rules) and wanted to know if this barrel would be a good pick.
My only gripe is that I believe this comes with notches for a front sight post, and the MK12 (Mod 1 in particular) uses a low profile gas block that doesn't rely on that kind of formatting. My second pick would be a gas block my Madbull, but wanted y'all's advice first.
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2021.10.17 23:35 entomologist-cousin Ideal for children and girls

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2021.10.17 23:35 Lucasmarquesn Something new that the world has not seen yet! A new project that revolutionized our entire existence on the Internet! The next generation video platform for influencers, musicians, mentors and teachers - YouClout!

Something new that the world has not seen yet! A new project that revolutionized our entire existence on the Internet! The next generation video platform for influencers, musicians, mentors and teachers - YouClout!
The benefits of decentralized social media like YouClout are too good to ignore. And I am convinced of this and I want to share with you. This platform can have more users than modern social media platforms.
If we compare Tik-Tok and YouClout, they have something in common, but not quite … Tik-Tok has just short videos, while YouClout has a decentralized content platform in the style of the network we recognize and + the NFT marketplace! This not only allows creators to create stunning video content, but also gives them the ability to sell their content directly to their fans. It is also a cross-device platform, which means it is available on smartphones as well as other devices with internet access.
Benefits of the YouClout platform for :
  • Creators can easily build a loyal fanbase around video content with YouClout’s next-generation decentralized feature set.
  • Creators on YouClout can issue specialized Y-tokens to their community. They can create a free channel offering exclusive content to Y token holders.
  • The best part about YouClout is its conferencing platform. It is an extremely useful tool that lets creators hold conferences where they can directly interact with their audience and share valuable content. From weekly fan sessions to full-blown virtual events that match Coachella or Woodstock, the platform is capable of handling events of any scale.
  • YouClout is powered by blockchain technology. This means that it is fully transparent and decentralized. Creators own 100% of all their content, there is no need for middlemen, and content censorship will become a long-forgotten issue.
  • The platform comes equipped with a full-fledged marketplace for trading NFTs and Y-tokens. Creators can convert their creations into environment-friendly NFTs to be sold to fans. This provides a way for creators to directly benefit from the content they create.
  • The feed on this platform is intelligently generated by dedicated AI that takes into account users’ interests, interactions, and preferences. It makes sure that the right content finds the right audience.
  • YouClout rewards its creators for their consistency and efforts with influencer badges for things like the largest community, most engaging content, and longest-held conference. Users of this platform can discover creators based on these badges, ytokens, engagement, and quality of content.
  • This community-driven platform comes provides creators with brand new tools for interacting with fans and monetizing content.
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2021.10.17 23:35 bakugon69 drop out now or hope for the best ?

there will be a point this quarter where i cannot pay my TRIP fee for tuition. i just don’t have enough money. my plan was always to get a student loan to go here but when i found out i needed a co-signer there wasn’t much i could do. if i drop out now, how long can i stay in the dorm before i’m kicked out ? do i stay and keep my grades up for as long as i can or do i drop my classes this week ? what happens when i can’t make the payment ? do they just unenroll me ? i don’t know what my best option is. there’s prolly more info but i cant rlly think rn over the anxiety so just ask questions if u have any and i’ll answer. whenever i think too hard about this it feels like my head is exploding
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2021.10.17 23:35 Teagan_75 Started a Let’s Play series

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2021.10.17 23:35 Omnipotent_Amoeba Zowie S2-C Review

My rating system is out of 5 with only whole points rewarded.
Zowie S2-C
My hand size is 17cmx10.5cm
My preferred grip style is claw
Shape – 5/5 Claw; 4/5 Palm; 3/5 Fingertip
I really like the S2-C overall! This is a fantastic mouse for claw grippers. Honestly, the most important feature for any mouse is the shape, and for claw this is the shape many newer mice take inspiration from. This was the godfather of the perfect claw grip. High back, low front, perfect for claw. This still works pretty well for palm and ok for fingertip, though I find the hump can get in the way with fingertip grip.
Build Quality/Coating – 5/5
Coating feels insane, like most Zowie mice. Grippy and doesn’t show too much fingertip oil (a little bit, but almost impossible to remove it all). The mouse is built like a tank as well, like Zowie is known for. Squeezing sides, top, bottom, etc. does not reveal any movement in the shell. Also no holes, which is fantastic.
Buttons/Sensor – 5/5
I believe the buttons are Huano, like most zowie mice use. They feel great, very snappy. Side buttons are also fantastic, very large and easy for your thumb. I unfortunately will slip into the side buttons during heated moments in games, but that’s just indicative of my awful twitchy gameplay and wouldn’t apply to everyone. The sensor is a 3360, solid, always has been. Would be cool if it would’ve been updated to a 3389 or 3370, but you wouldn’t notice a difference.
Skates/Cord – 3/5
This is the weakest part of the mouse in my opinion. Cord is good, but still not great. Much better than older Zowie mice (rubber?!?!), but it is a bit tight. In a bungie it works fine, but I have to be picky somewhere or this mouse would just get perfect scores all around! The skates are also just ok, they’re a bit thin for my liking. I usually go for corepads so I prefer a bit thicker skates. With certain pads you’ll feel the pad a bit more due to the thin skate; think a low profile tire in a car, you’ll feel the road more than a floaty car like a van or truck. Very usable, just figured I’d point it out.
My Overall Rating – 5/5
Let’s be real, this is the claw mouse godfather and if you’re a claw user you rate it as such. I still prefer a few other mice, but only barely. This is an easy go to mouse for almost any situation and once it’s wireless it’s an endgame for claw users.
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2021.10.17 23:35 GingerBeard_7 [offering help][BL82][anywhere I have unlocked]

Anyone starting and need help HMU
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2021.10.17 23:35 realityczek System and PW Sizing...

System and PW Sizing... I am working through a TeslaSolar design, and what I most want to avoid is a "critical loads" subpanel. I need to be sure that two PW's can handle my house if needed.
The Tesla design tool "recommended" an 8K/1PW system, I am going to go for 12.7K/2PW. The design does say "whole house" in the notes. Interestingly, the other proposals show an 11k system as essentially a 99-1-2% offset, but Tesla claims 87%?
During an event, I am happy to take steps (adjusting thermostats, not running my dryer, etc) but I do not want to fragment my house's electrical systems. By far, the biggest draw is two AC units, the primary is 112LRA, the second is 54LRA. I would like to be able to operate for 36-48 hours if need be without solar coming in, and long haul, I want full-cycle independence assuming the Sun shines well.
This is the best usage data I have so far, with July being the biggest usage. The house has natural gas for heat, so July should pretty much be my worst use month.
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2021.10.17 23:35 MisterKosmic | Retro Stars: GumBall | This Would Of Been Good At The Start! ⚽👍

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2021.10.17 23:35 Larryb00bz NEVER HIDE WITH ALTROSS!! (Garry's Mod Hide and Seek)

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2021.10.17 23:35 optsyn I wonder how much they'd offer for this?

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2021.10.17 23:35 wildmonster91 new hire for order selector out of san Antonio. advice and question.

So my first question is are all the reviews about the excessive 12+ hour shits, terrible managment, and the assumed requirement of being an athlete to do the job.. all true?
I have worked as a target truck unloaded and stocker. Unloading a full truck packed with boxes not pulverized.
Lastly what advice can you give me who is just starting out.
I do have a job offer at Buc-ees so I'm wondering if i should go with that.
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2021.10.17 23:35 iluvthiccmoms666 Ogre out for a ride.

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2021.10.17 23:35 Reclusea Number game?

I'm board af anyone wanting to play the number game just dm me 16(m)
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2021.10.17 23:35 nowahhh i love you man

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2021.10.17 23:35 FailbatZ [Arma 3][Pic]Treasure Island

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2021.10.17 23:35 Loki-Laufeysdottir Thanks for the invite! As I've posted on r/Warhammer, my first figures in about a decade! (last painted when I was 14 and clueless about any technique other than *slap paint on*)

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