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Egg not hatching in Amity Square

2021.11.29 02:15 Zanmorn Egg not hatching in Amity Square

I know the Happiny egg takes 10,000 steps, but I figured I'd knock it out and get some berries and stickers at the same time, so I went into Amity Square with a team of Magmar, the egg, and 4 elligible Pokémon. After walking for a while, I checked the egg, but the message hadn't changed. I thought it was odd, but a feeling isn't proof of anything wrong. So I decided to keep rough track of my steps.
From the southern wall to the north wall near the poffin machine takes 30 steps. I added some horizontal movement for the sake of the following Pokémon—though I didn't include that in my calculations—and counted my trips between each wall. To make sure I got the correct number of steps, I used the D-pad.
304 trips later, the egg still says, "It doesn't seem close to hatching." That's at least 9,120 steps, not including the horizontal movement or the steps taken before I started counting, which should have at least changed the message. If I include the steps I didn't count, I'm sure Happiny should have long since hatched, thus something isn't working as expected.
The only question is: is it because of Amity Square, or is Flame Body interacting weird with Amity Square? I'd guess Amity Square changes the mechanics enough that eggs don't count properly, and Magmar has nothing to do with it, but I'll wait until I can test on a Magikarp egg before experimenting further. Until then, has anyone had any luck hatching a Pokémon in Amity Square? My memory is foggy, but I swear one use to be able to in Gen IV.
On a related note, I've found 480 steps (16 trips) to be the ideal amount of steps to take before collecting items from Pokémon. All Pokémon present in Amity Square can have items, so the more the better. They have items based on how much they walk, thus it takes more than 200 steps sites say are required. Occasionally the last 4th Pokémon in the line took a few extra steps, and Grotle, being an extremely slow walker, took about three times as long.
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2021.11.29 02:15 Razzore Anyone been on a boat lately.. scared the $&!% out of me

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2021.11.29 02:15 emeraldfairyy HOCD but about partner

ive read a lot of the hocd forums and I have also experienced episodes of hocd for myself, however recently I have really been struggling and thinking what if my boyfriend is gay? does anyone else relate to this? the problem is when I met my boyfriend years ago I thought he was gay because he was really nice, was not very "masculine", and had a ton of friends that were girls so I just assumed he was gay. well he obviously wasn't and we started dating and throughout the years ive had thoughts here and there but it has gotten so bad recently. he watches movies with gay male couples that are the main characters like Brockback mountain and moonlight. I know I shouldn't think someone is gay because they watch those kind of movies but it just gives me such bad anxiety because I feel like that is the last think most straight males want to watch. its weird because ive always wanted a bf who supports lgbtq community like me because that would be a big conflict in our relationship if he didn't, but now that I have a boyfriend who does it makes me think he has to be gay. he has cried watching gay movies and while yes they are sad because it will be like a gay person coming out to their parents, Its a big trigger. he's not stereotypical manly at all and is fairly in touch with his feminine side. he doesn't have a good relationship with his dad and has always been a mommas boy which honestly just makes everything worse. pls does anyone have any advice on this? I hate constantly thinking that my boyfriend of over 4 years is secretly gay and just won't come out.
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2021.11.29 02:15 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptoMars] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.29 02:15 TheRealFlexSealGuy Anchorage Small Batch Whiskey

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2021.11.29 02:15 Round-Firefighter-83 I have no idea what the next step I should take is and I feel like anything I do will completely fuck up my life. Any and all advice is appreciated.

So I'm an 18 (will be 19 in March) year old girl who is like mostly introverted. During my junior and senior year of HS I completely bullshitted and procrastinated a lot of schoolwork and planning out what I was going to do for college. I graduated in June and only got my first ever job in late October. All of my friends have all gone off to college and they're all doing great (minus the stress of new school stuff) and I honestly feel like shit because it seems to me like I'm not doing anything meaningful with my life. I've never been to any fun parties or other cool events ever, and I only have 2 friends that I hang out with in person, otherwise I just stay at home and hang out with my mom or go to work (which most weekdays is like only max 2 hrs of work so I don't ever really leave the house much). I want to go to college and like further my education and get experience in the things that I'm passionate about and have fun experiences with new people and just experience life but I'm too scared to do anything. The other day I basically had a panic attack and got into a really heated argument with my mom because I didn't want to go into the DMV to get my non driver's license ID. I feel like such a loser for missing out on so much and I want so many things that I just can't get right now and its all making me feel so lost, stupid, and overall like a waste of space. All throughout HS I had like had really low points where I might've been diagnosed with depression, and I've never been diagnosed and I don't like self diagnosing but I've gotten pretty fucking sad before and contemplated suicide but now its like 100 times worse than that. Lately it feels like not being here anymore is the better option, but I'm too scared to actually go through with anything. I have no idea how to actually handle money, I don't even have a bank account yet. I have had like the worst experience with meeting new people and my social skills with strangers is weak at best. I don't talk to people unless they talk to me first. I don't know whether or not to apply to colleges now or wait a bit longer an the Idea of living on my own or most likely with a roommate is both the dream and the scariest thing ever. I have no idea what to do and anytime I try to vocalize what I've been feeling lately, everyone I know basically says the same things that I've heard before and none of it helps. I'm sorry for the essay and if this sounds like I'm just some stupid crybaby or anything like that. If you have any advice I would love to hear it because I'm completely stuck right now.
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2021.11.29 02:15 bookseer Lost my cat, how to reset

Greetings. I was using a followers mod (tails of trouble) and make the mistake of telling my follower that their new home was the home you get for completing clockwork. Then, through a series of bad ideas, I sent her home. She never arrived. So I disable then reinstall the mod. Now the mod starts up right where I left off, and my feline friend is no where to be found. The summon command is not working either.
So now I've completely uninstalled it. Will reinstalling the mod let me restart the quest, or am i going to have to start a whole new playthrough. I'm level 49 and would rather not do that.
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2021.11.29 02:15 Potatodog337 smoll drawing

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2021.11.29 02:15 PrimeKraken Hope this taught him a lesson

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2021.11.29 02:15 thanks_hank Selling 4 GA tickets for Oakland Fox Theater

I can’t make it up to Oakland (I live in OC) and need to sell my 4 GA tickets. $100 ea. Please let me know if you have any questions!
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2021.11.29 02:15 FrannyCaulfield How are Medicare Savings Programs monitored?

I'm trying to apply for the Medicare Savings Programs in my state of Pennsylvania. My question is what happens after you're approved. Do you submit pay stubs on a monthly basis? How do they monitor your income? How do they monitor your bank account? Or is it all done on the honor system?
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2021.11.29 02:15 Intrepid_Wanderer What does A.M. and P.M. stand for?

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2021.11.29 02:15 Qumalo The legal age for marriage in our country is 13

I just want to know what y'all think of this rule, cus I could go get a girlfriend and legally marry her right now.
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2021.11.29 02:15 dantraman Looking to tradeback a Haunter

Can anyone helo me out? Thanks!
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2021.11.29 02:15 bitrequest Accepting Bitcoin-cash payments at your store, bar or restaurant with

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2021.11.29 02:15 2001MThrowaway My 2022 WRX is looking pretty nice.

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2021.11.29 02:15 hammie123456 Wow!!

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2021.11.29 02:15 Beneficial-South-334 Help! Hello I want to say this community changed me life, forever. I heard about “This naked mind” on here and I cried and I let go of that part of my life. The drinking part: I opened up to my therapist and family about my problem with alcohol. Now it’s been over 3 months. But I need help,…. Read⬇️

So it’s been amazing!! I am feeling like myself again. My skin looks young again (for a 34f lol) and my clothes all fit again. I lost 15 pounds. My crippling anxiety and depression are 10000X better, almost gone. It feels so good to not have to worry about blacking out when I go out with my fiancé/ friends/ family: my son notices (he’s 9) how happy I am and he is so much better behaved. I would only drink heavy on the weekends but I was getting addicted. I would think about it too often and want to drink more during the week. So 2 days became 3, & then 4: but I noticed I was so depressed and felt so fat!!
Now that I quit I workout daily and eat super healthy. Except weekends when I feel like it. My problem is that I’m going to an all inclusive resort in Cancun! With my son and fiancé. Family trip. So I’m scared to drink! I don’t want to. But what if I do. I went to Denver, Colorado 2 weeks ago for a wedding. It was so great to not drink!!! But summer was always my favorite drinking time… I don’t want to drink …. ):
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2021.11.29 02:15 SignificantRelative0 Would they have broken up sooner without Get Back?

They were contractually obligated to make a third movie. The left over songs from the Get Back sessions lead directly into Abbey Road. But it seems like if they weren't forced into the Get Back project they were ready to just end it after the White Album
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2021.11.29 02:15 DontDew When the anit depressants wear off.

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2021.11.29 02:15 Rihanna__ Trading Easter halo

MLF: corrupt+adds
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2021.11.29 02:15 ApprehensiveGrape626 Coach Z may have hijacked one of PBG’s videos

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2021.11.29 02:15 n0wmhat Does "fake it til you make it" actually work?

So basically title. It seems some of the most common advice on here is the 'fake it til you make it' approach, but does that really work? Can anyone attest to this actually working?
I say this because I feel as humans we are attuned to people acting sketchy or strange and I myself can think of several instances where someone was acting a little bit off or seemed like they were trying to force a conversation or fluster their way through something.
I just feel like it would get immediately noticed if I suddenly tried to change into something I wasnt.
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2021.11.29 02:15 Gold3JaxPlayer Do I have to buy gold in order to match with someone?

I downloaded tinder today and got 3 likes so far but when I try to swipe right it tells me to buy tinder gold?! How am I supposed to use the app without paying?
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2021.11.29 02:15 BrieAislinn Bits and bobs

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