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RT @Brownz06326407: @laughbdarija https://t.co/DIifaow5cR

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Redirecting... richard thompson beeswing. u.s.a. order here The Wall Street Journal Enter all known variables (sides a, b and c; angles A and B) into the text boxes. To enter a value, click inside one of the text boxes. Book an appointment with Greentree Medical Center for Covid-19 RTPCR Test using Setmore The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) requires anyone (age 2 or older) waiting at a station or riding transit to wear a mask. Visit covid19.ca.gov to learn more We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Before the end of 2021, OnePlus is expected to launch two new devices in India - onePlus RT and OnePlus Buds Z2. A new report says both these devices may be announced in December.

2022.01.16 21:26 adel_b RT @Brownz06326407: @laughbdarija https://t.co/DIifaow5cR

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2022.01.16 21:26 toonninja001 In your opinion what is the worst thing the foundation has done?

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2022.01.16 21:26 Cimeronrider Captured this beautiful first sunrise of the year when we camped for New Years in PNW couple weeks ago. Don’t even know how we managed to stay somewhat ok in 7 degrees 🤪

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2022.01.16 21:26 modassistente Ex-padre candidato às presidenciais em Timor-Leste aposta na educação

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2022.01.16 21:26 Resident_Ad_6426 How important is political correctness vs truth?

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2022.01.16 21:26 CyranoJr Would anyone be interested in taking part in my dissertation survey on ‘How Social Media Influences Body Image Perception’?

Hi everyone! I’m currently in my final university year studying Sociology with Psychology and desperately need participants for my survey. It should only take around 10minutes and any responses would be hugely appreciated :) Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.16 21:26 Hu3yKnewTHen Joey needs to link up with Griselda, Al, Conductor etc

This has def been said here on this sub before I just wanna say it again
Joey was on 327 which was great but he needs to work with Griselda more often. The new single wasn’t bad but it’s not really what I’m looking for in his music, it didn’t sound unique like Joeys usually does
Imagine he links up with Griselda, Alchemist, Conductor, Daringer and all them and goes back to his old school 1999-B4.DA.$$ sound but a bit different and more grimier like Griseldas stuff. I think their styles and Joeys styles would match perfectly.
Right now would be the perfect time to do so as well since the sound he was going for back then has made a slight comeback and become more popular with Griselda getting big and all them others I mentioned.
What do yall think?
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2022.01.16 21:26 AccomplishedWonder1 Not your ordinary Taycan

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2022.01.16 21:26 UNOT3LOR3LK Naw gang I have to take a shit so bad but I’m scared asf cuz ik this bitch gon hurt nfs

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2022.01.16 21:26 refrigerated_bones Are there any free therapy websites?

My mental health is shit, and I don't wanna keep exploding onto my friends and family. My family can't afford for me to go to therapy or get any form of professional help, and I'm too afraid to ask for professional help anyway. I feel like my problems need to be seen by a professional, but I don't have access to anything. I prefer it being 100% free since I don't really have much money at all. Thanks for the help!
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2022.01.16 21:26 mondo68w Looking for games with online coop play

Currently living on the other side of the world from my dad, he isn’t a huge gamer so online multi would not be fun.
Looking for titles on Xbox one that support coop play.
Secondary: if I buy mw3 for 360 on my Xbox one will we be able to play survival mode together? He has it on Xbox one
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2022.01.16 21:26 tabristheok And now for a nuanced and balanced discussion about race in pro wrestling

"If you don't like Riho then you are racist"
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2022.01.16 21:26 adel_b RT @hamzaaithattani: @laughbdarija https://t.co/wgJZTbE6vO

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2022.01.16 21:26 ThePootisPower [Power Papers] ThePootisPower assesses the PWP and Labour's merger.

It's been a while since I last wrote an article for The Power Papers, the paper best known for exactly nothing, but once again it seems that I must dust off my press organisation thanks to the most opinionated and sectarian “Other” MLA active today, Kalvin Lokan, and Gregor… who frankly I haven’t got a joke for. Like I thought that guy retired when the DRF died.
For those of you who somehow missed it, the Labour Party and Progressive Unionist Party have merged. I can't say I'm all that surprised, Labour is in the "merging with anyone who isn't completely dead" phase that all parties go through now and then (see: Tories with UKIP, Classical Liberals), while the PWP are on top of the world in Stormont and were doing alright in WM for a minor party, but had been facing increasing press scrutiny over their hardline unionism and poorly-received legislation.
The Labour Party has been struggling to find an identity and build a new niche ever since the Solidarity party was started by Shane and perfected by KarlYonedaStan. While Solidarity has had a healthy flow of new members and new ideas, Labour has been recirculating for the longest time. Viljo, Connor, Ina, Gregor have all been fed to the Labour leadership turnstiles and haven't managed to light the fire under their party that they needed.
And frankly, I don't think that's surprising. Labour lives and dies based on whether it's party members have faith in the leader to lead them to victory, have hope they can win, and have the energy to do what is necessary to win. Unfortunately, while I believe the successful elections of each of these leaders shows the faith, I honestly don't know if anyone outside of leadership in Labour has actually got the energy, or, if I'm feeling more harsh, interest, in turning up, producing legislation and actually working for the good of the nation. Unless Labour's hiding a clone of Salami somewhere, this is probably the best they could do. It's a damn shame, but it is what it is.
I think the most galling thing about this merger however is how rapidly the Labour party, and the SDLP for that matter, decided to throw away all of their policies on the union, the principles that forced the SDLP to publicly dennounce the CUA for. Aya said that, quote, "the UWP and UUP did not believe in the structure of power sharing", and "they believed they could hold the Nationalist community at gun's point and believe it was perfectly fine." Strong words from a party that decided to merge into the unionists who tell people to "cope" when asked about how their policies affect those who lost loved ones to British soldiers.
Ultimately, Labour decided it didn't want to save itself by pulling together, and it handed the reins over to the radical upstarts who defected from Labour itself after incidents of racism in the press resulted in frontbench sackings. It's rather sad really - Labour has always had potential to recover and put up a serious socialist (or at least social democratic) force, but it took Shane splitting and forming his own party to really bring about the winds of change.
This version of the Labour party is nothing more than the chaff left behind after Shane took the wheat, with nationalist and pragmatic principles that are worth a few seats and some polling.
But, Labour are only one half of the people in this unholy union, and I feel it's time to address the Labour party's bastard child - the PWP.
The PWP, meanwhile, are in a very odd place. They weren't doing that great in WM polling up until the 15th of december polling, but they had a sharp uptick in vote share and were looking like a somewhat inconsistent but healthy minor party. Their Ulster branch was doing incredibly well, being the largest party in Stormont, and had revived a seemingly dead hard-unionist branch that had fallen along with Greejatus' Independent Unionism and the DUP. Scottish Progressives were trucking along fairly well and the Welsh Workers Party were doing the best they could against good governance.
They had their problems, sure, Finn decided to ignore the coalition agreement and previous confirmation that the government was going to do HS3 and outright stated they were not going to do HS3 in Minister's Questions, before Inadorable presumably chased them down through the halls of Whitehall and made them tow the government line, and Eddy lied to the Prime Minister’s face about whether he had talked to others about defecting away from the Progressive Workers Party - despite multiple Press organisations making the claim and being quite sure of the veracity.
That ended as well as you would expect for Finn and Eddy, and exposed a flaw in the PWP strategy - it seems that the PWP doesn't really understand that actions have consequences, and that not everyone who says you've done a bad thing is a sectarian. They just sort of expected nobody to reveal the evidence of their leakery because it’d be rude, and unfortunately for them, everybody’s favorite political bovine Chi released the details of his and Eddy’s conversation. This resulted in a frankly pathetic attempt to punish those responsible as the PWP decided to boycott both Coalition and the Conservatives, in a tumblr-esque “do not interact with this post” manouever that only served to make the PWP look like children and actually impeded the process of passing a statutory order to proscribe terrorist groups such as Atomwaffen and Proud Boys to prevent UK branches from developing.
That’s already a litany of scraps that the PWP have gotten into, and yet we haven’t even touched on Kalvin yet. Arguably Kalvin is one of the most divisive people in politics currently active and has seemed dead set on trying to piss off as many nationalists as humanly possible. Through ridiculous demands he managed to get the moderate SDLP to refuse to work with them outright and through either SF weakness or sheer brass neck negotiation from the PWP managed to make Sinn Fein agree to a government agreement where the Parades Commission would be reviewed with presumably the intention of allowing sectarian unionist marches to take place with less restrictions, inevitably leading to a more toxic environment and a increasing likelihood of violence.
And that wasn't even the worst policy the UWP held: preventing the prosecution of British soldiers implicated for crimes against the people of Northern Ireland during the troubles. You cannot sweep crimes under the rug - no matter who the defendant is, we must strive for justice at all costs. And yet while doing this, they were decrying the SDLP as sectarian for refusing to agree to the above partisan pro-unionist policies. Then again, their first major scrap was over Shane telling this Welsh Yorkshireman to go back to England - and while telling a Unionist to leave their homeland is unacceptable, I also think that Kalvin fully deserved it for making monuments to celebrate anniversary events that the Nationalist community does not want to celebrate a bloody history of said event.
But the thing I find to be most problematic about the PWP and UWP is that they don't actually seem to have any principles besides power. Labour would merge into anything to stay alive, but the PWP are very very vocal when they want to be. They obviously for the longest time have held strong beliefs on the matter of the Union and how they feel other political parties ignore the people. They are the classic anti-establishment left-wing party (with the exception of The People's Movement, but they were in a league of their own, while Kalvin is basically to the left what Fried was to the right) and have since they were created tried to position themselves as a populist alternative to Labour and Solidarity.
Their presence in Stormont has been constantly verging on the edge of acceptability - they've shared a name with the Progressive Unionist Party and refused to acknowledge the issue with naming yourself after the only Unionist group still tied to paramilitaries and have time and again refused to listen to nationalist concerns over their monuments, parades, military statues for the 36th (Ulster) division and other such pro-union commemorations.
And yet, despite all of the ideological splits, the nationalist vs unionist sides taken, despite the fact that not even a month ago the two parties were breaking up in public over failed executive negotiations and decrying each other as liars and sectarian, they now are merged together in the most unholy of matrimonies.
I mean, what can I say? At this point it's very very obvious that these two parties are only doing this for their own benefit. The Unionist community no longer has a representative in the executive and it's now an OtheNationalist executive. I'm sort of surprised we haven't seen a serious protest over what has happened here, but then everyone is currently flinging feces at each other in the press like a bunch of apes, so I wouldn't be surprised if the press couldn't cut through the noise to inform us all of a Orange Order march towards No. 10 or something nuts like that.
Labour, I'm disappointed. I see you all come out of the woodwork to defend yourselves for merging with the unionist splitters who weakened our party and have toxified Northern Irish discourse while Labour was still with the SDLP. The SDLP has been dissolved into the Ulster Worker's Party. What was once a bastion of common sense nationalism and anti-sectarianism is now a lumpy mess of an Other party that prioritises its own existence and own power over the people of Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.
And PWP... well, frankly I never liked the UWP so I'm not missing their existence, but I am concerned on the behalf of the Unionist community and Northern Ireland as a whole. After a very concerted campaign to become the largest Unionist party, and then the largest NI party outright, I thought they had achieved it - with the exception of a few UUP seats that probably were doomed next election cycle, the Unionist community was fully supporting Kalvin’s brand of unionism and endorsing them to lead Northern Ireland, for good or for bad - the UWP had earned the votes of the people. And that community now has no party representing them in the Executive because the Progressives prioritised their own power over the community they claimed was being neglected by everyone else. Makes you wonder what’s worse: their refusal to listen to Nationalist concerns until it benefited their power in Westminster, or the fact that the Unionists have been strung along for as long as the PWP could use that community to grandstand and become First Minister. The Unionist community elected 29 Ulster Worker’s Party MLAs. 29 out of 44 Unionist seats belonged to Kalvin’s party. And now those 29 unionists have abandoned their
There’s going to be one hell of a backlash from this. The ILP will be attacked on two fronts: the UUP, already very much on the edge of acceptability (Phyrik using Orange Order imagery in his campaigns and forming the CUA with Kalvin previously) will fight like hell to reclaim a Unionist place in the executive, while Sinn Fein will have good right to complain about the SDLP abandoning nationalist voters to side with the Unionist First Minister who toxified NI discourse significantly. Coalition will hopefully balance out the Unionists a bit and maybe calm their community down, and perhaps Alliance will show the ILP what true neutrality is meant to be, rather than their teeth clenched tug of war between hardline unionism and strong-willed nationalists.
And in Westminster? Well, Labour have certainly tried to make the most of their newfound membership, producing more Op-Eds in the last week than they have in the past few months - amazing what giving your membership motivation can do - but with Faelif, HK and others in solidarity calling for resignations from the Home Secretary’s “cope” comments, which I’m not getting into here other than the fact that Kalvin ought to resign, plus the fact that before the merge, the Liberal Democrats overtook Labour in the polls, indicates that Labour are not out of the woods yet - it will require determination and a strong showing in the General Election to return to prominence once more. Time will tell as to whether they can.
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2022.01.16 21:26 adel_b RT @hamzaaithattani: @laughbdarija 😂😂😂 https://t.co/v9URgr9jeS

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2022.01.16 21:26 Havoksygene Need help on procedural generation with unreal engine

Hi, im planning to do a dungeon crawler in a tower (with a circle shape) and I would like to be able to generate floor with different settings like if I want rooms or not , if I want it to be an open area or a closed one and If possible I would like to have randomly placed exit that is replicated on the next floor. My goal would be that every day in game for example the dungeon change (unless for boss room that I will make myself) Since I never used procedural thing I would like some help please I use Unreal engine Thanks in advance
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2022.01.16 21:26 Profile_Effective Pre Admission Courses & Advice

Hi there,
Anyone taken or taking courses at the extension can you please help me. I got my undergraduate degree and will be pursing a Masters I managed to get a loan of 12k to do my pre admission courses. I will be taking one course at a time rather all at once and I want to set myself up for success. What have you done and recommend others doing to set themselves up for success in order to get a B? Would you also recommend me looking into my course syllabus and start prepping early?
What economic & finance/accounting course you found that is, “easygoing”? I’ve only taken 101 and 102 courses of economics so basic knowledge courses
1) Managerial Economics 2) Business of Economics 3) Microeconomics theory
1) Managerial Accounting 2) Financial Accounting principles
1) Get the CRWS test over with and do organizational behaviour 2) Expo 34?
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2022.01.16 21:26 beatboy1975 Sleater-Kinney - One More Hour

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2022.01.16 21:26 alextinguisher [USA-NJ][H] Samsung Galaxy S21 Unlocked White 128G [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Purchased directly from Samsung. Unlocked and compatible with all major US carriers.
Mind condition, always carried with a silicon case. Asking $500 OBO.
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2022.01.16 21:26 mareck_ 1606th Just Used 5 Minutes of Your Day

"The neighbourᵢ asked Rasulⱼ to show himi hisᵢ/ⱼ/ₖ new house."REPORTED SPEECH IN DARGWA (pg. 3)
Sentence submission form!
Remember to try to comment on other people's langs!
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2022.01.16 21:26 box-five Ask Le Fantome One Day Only

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2022.01.16 21:26 FestiveSquid Got Far Cry 6 right before the winter sale ended, been having a blast so far running around with an SKS and headshotting as many soldados as I possibly can from the shadows.

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2022.01.16 21:26 Head-Picture-451 Biden isn't racist because he was friends and Vice President to Obama

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