Shout out to DH, cravings suck

2022.01.16 21:17 beloveddorian Shout out to DH, cravings suck

There is apparently a cream cheese shortage in my area. We tried ordering it via delivery and now my DH is out going to different stores to find some. 😭
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2022.01.16 21:17 emd7490 Max boost need b4b

Need a max boost and will boost back Earnin boost
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2022.01.16 21:17 TargetNo8191 [DOS] [1989-1992 ?] Shareware game with "high ASCII" text graphics and joystick support, shooting into bunkers/castles

Trying to remember a game I downloaded in 1989-1991 timeframe from a BBS. It's all "high ASCII" (code page 437), and worked with a joystick. You were roaming around a terrain (2D top-down view), avoiding enemy shots, and trying to shoot into the walls of bunkers and destroy them. As you shot at a bunker wall, it would go through several characters/colors to denote it being weakened before that brick got broken (disappeared and your shot would go through to the next layer). A typical level would have maybe 2-8 of said bunkers and few other roaming enemies.
I remember it played a famous classical tune on the PC speaker as you wandered around.
Any ideas?
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2022.01.16 21:17 Septae Status of ICU Occupants

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2022.01.16 21:17 yungalohaa In defense of Cassie

It’s kinda wild to me how people can sympathize with Rue but put blinders on for Cassie. Cassie threads usually harp on the fact that she was a horrible person for the Nate situation.
Rue’s core issues come from the fact that she’s an addict and that’s something out of her control, yes. However, Rue knows what she’s doing is destructive yet does it anyway. also, the way her sobriety basically depends on whether or not jules and her are on good terms is unhealthy for both of them and borderline manipulative.
Direct parallel to Cassie here… she knows hooking up with Nate is wrong but she does it anyway. Her “addiction” is validation and feeling wanted/loved which leads her down a self destructive path too. The scene where she’s sitting on the curb and says that she shouldn’t be with anyone and should work on herself but then gets in the car with nate just goes to show that her and rue are very similar with their behavior patterns.
Just sayin, the only one that really deserves the hate threads is Nate.
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2022.01.16 21:17 IDKFA2017 [USA-NH] [H] 2021 M1 12.9” iPad Pro 128GB WiFi Only Slate Gray with 2nd Gen Apple Pencil and Speck Folio Case. [W] PayPal or Local Cash

Bought this setup as a gift for my wife but she ended up going with a smaller Tab S7 instead.
I thought I had until January 31st to return everything but I was wrong haha.
It’s basically open box as the size and weight of the tablet immediately turned her off.
As you can see from the pictures everything is still in its original packaging with less than an hour of total use.
I paid $1290 for everything at Best Buy and am looking for $950 shipped and insured or $900 local.
Please PM me with any questions!
Repairs: None
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2022.01.16 21:17 squishy200 Apparently Putin is using the Kosatka to take over the North Pole

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2022.01.16 21:17 qazadex Anyone else considering paying their HECS debt in this low interest rate, high inflation environment?

I know it's generally been advised against doing so, but it seems to me that if there was a time to do so, it would be now. Any thoughts foagainst this course of action?
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2022.01.16 21:17 Aevoran Janky Max Scaling Sion Jungle Build. Clearing Krugs Gives You 59 Max HP.

Grasp / Shield Bash / Conditioning / Overgrowth
Transcendence / Gathering Storm

Tabi or Mercs
Frostfire -> Thornmail -> Titanic Hydra -> Force of Nature / Randuin's Omen -> Demonic Embrace
In an average game you'll end up with 5k HP, 250 AD, 200 armor, 150 MR, 150 AP.
In a longer game with some dragons, good farm, etc. those numbers can skyrocket up to 7k HP, 400 AD, 200 AP, 250 armor, 250 MR.
Sion has a good, safe clear but pretty mediocre pre-6.
Mid game you become unstoppable, which will snowball into insanity if they don't have hypercarries / %HP.
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2022.01.16 21:17 WesleySquare Should I let go or should I stay?

My girlfriend with BPD (19f) and I (24m) have only been dating for 2-3 months. The 1st month was bliss and we would be together for a couple of days every week. She was open, affectionate and available. But I’ve felt that after our first trip, she’s been cold and distant. It started as saying she can’t text, can’t call, then she can’t stay over anymore, can’t see me on the weekends. Holidays rolled in and I’d only get a text/call every other 2-3 days. She would tell me that she’s busy so frequently even during the holidays, she would often say that she needs time alone which I’ve always respected. When I brought up that I felt she’s been drifting away, she told me that I can leave if her schedule doesn’t work for me, I’m taken aback by how reluctant she is to meet me in the middle. She would be the most responsive when she needed to borrow money and/or having a terrible day.
Having dealt with family problems on top, I snapped(in text) and told her that she doesn’t do anything for me even when I try to be there for her when she needs it. I apologized the next day having realized that I snapped while she was in class. She told me that she’s on the fence about our relationship, and that when people snap they mean what they say. After I apologized, she told me she needed time alone. I haven’t been the best at this as I kept asking about ground rules for example, if we’re still exclusive; to which I would get the same answer, she needs time alone. Because of the lack of something concrete between us, I told her that I won’t message until the weekend only to check on her but also that I’m open if ever she messages first. We’re having minimal contact now and it’s just me checking up on her as she got COVID recently. Weekend is up and I’ve been letting her now how sorry I feel for her, that I’m here if she needs me but she’s mostly replying in one words and gets irritable (which she does so often now, but were so talkative in the beginning of the relationship).
I’ve been reading about BPD ever since she brought it up on the first date, and it seems to me that she’s splitting (I really don’t know). A couple of days back I’ve realized that I can’t really pin my reason to stay on the hopes that the person I’ve met in the beginning would come back. And that I need more communication and physical affection in a relationship, which we’ve been lacking. I’ve held off in calling her, and/or texting her about this as right now she’s in the hospital. It seems cruel to drop it when she’s the most isolated and vulnerable. I’ve sent her “I’m here if you need me, get well soon” messages, but I don’t know how to break it off with her or if I should stay in the relationship and wait for her to “come back around”.
I’m not a saint, in the beginning she’s put up with my demands. I just feel that somewhere there was a complete personality change, idk which is real.
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2022.01.16 21:17 Turbulent-Plan-9693 A ranger character that is Literally a park ranger.

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2022.01.16 21:17 Informal_Pay_1765 Won an air fryer

I quit one month ago cus school and I still got the air fryer.
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2022.01.16 21:17 Dragin410 Smoking tutorial

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2022.01.16 21:17 toby_flenderson7 JAM

why hasnt anyone mentioned jam (300) i was locked up with him and TYMB manny in centralia in like 2014 and jam had bread and was always talking about durk. i never seen him mentioned here or in any durk songs outside of the song bang bros. all iknow is he has a boat load of time and was basically calling it for the Bds in that housing unit
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2022.01.16 21:17 Despayeetodorito Wtf Naomi, not cool.

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2022.01.16 21:17 The_All_Knowing_Derp Meet The Armadillo Lizard - The Closest Thing We Have To A Real Life Dragon!

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2022.01.16 21:17 hotfox20 Discord Server!

U prethodnom postu par vas je ukazalo da postoji zelja za discord serverom.
Pridruzite nam se
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2022.01.16 21:17 DJDickJob Amerigeddon: the funniest/saddest movie by MAGAts and NRA loonies about "new world order" and how "patriots" save America!

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2022.01.16 21:17 Just_Me_dot_com iOS app

I found a Reddit post from 2 years ago where it said the iOS app was confirmed…. 2 years down the line and still nothing. Anyone know anything?
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2022.01.16 21:17 sugarfi_loveless [bspwm] gay and it has cartoons too ig

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2022.01.16 21:17 iValz The new drone rules and multiple toughness characteristics

So with the new rules for drones for 9th, they are part of the squad and not separate. But as drones are T4 and for example fire warriors are T3 does my opponent roll the wound roll against T4 or T3?
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2022.01.16 21:17 Ok_Suggestion_6401 Welcomd to the Brotherhood of Spacemen.

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2022.01.16 21:17 Celina6875 what if someone ate a ton of peanuts and then some other guy ate the peanut guy but the guy is allergic to peanuts would that guy die?

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2022.01.16 21:17 railroadbutterfly OGA Tests and some "Humor"

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2022.01.16 21:17 3rdquad Is Law School still worth the struggle?

In line with this post, do you still think that law school (and becoming a lawyer in the Philippines) is still worth the struggles you have to hurdle? I have applied already to law schools since I plan to study law this year. But upon reading the thread, a lot of law students are frustrated with the current system. I am now having second thoughts if becoming a lawyer is worth it.
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