Whats the lowest stable mun orbit you can get?

2022.01.16 21:39 dead_MOONZZ Whats the lowest stable mun orbit you can get?

I want to make a low orbit space station for my upcoming polar mun base and i think it would be cool to see it zoom overhead.
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2022.01.16 21:39 1544c_f Just a quick freight market job

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2022.01.16 21:39 AbjectCake6792 I’m gonna catch this mf and when I do I’m gonna report the hell out of this account. 😂😂 It’s like a game of cat and mouse at this point.

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2022.01.16 21:39 VanillaGorillaFit Young Couple Path Forward

Hey all. We are torn following the prime directive. Also, I am on mobile, so I apologize for formatting issues. Call this a humble brag or an arrogant one…Whatever ya want. I know that we are in a great spot but I just want to ensure we continue to put ourselves in a good spot. Ill put our details below to give everyone some context on our situation.
27M/28F Married with 2 kids, 8 and 3mo…. 2 Dogs :)
1 Small Business with varied income 1 Salary for benefits @ 80k Base Max 401k @ 20.5k (incl Company Match) in VTSAX Max HSA @ 7.3k (deductible liquid, Rest in VTSAX) In total we net roughly 92k/yr after above contributions
10k Liquid E Fund No CC Debt 1 Roth Max @ 6k in VTSAX
Mortgage 292k @ 2.5% End 2050 Solar 17k @ .99% ending 2030 Family Vehicle 38k @ 2.84% ending in 2026
Student Loan Private 38k @ 3.22% End 09/2030 Student Loan Fed 48k (10 loans @ Comb 3.9% Avg) End 08/2031
Another 1000 left after Expenses/Spending.
Do we max Wife’s Roth IRA? Fund a Taxable brokerage? Pay Down student loans faster?
The reason we consider a taxable instead of Roth is that who knows what the future holds? Who knows if our business will last that long, who knows if we want to slow down in 20 years and want to have access to those funds immediately. We already max 1 Roth IRA + 401k for retirement.
Reason we ask about student loans would be to just get rid of them.. but my thought is we have years to compound interest in investments…. The student loans end in 8/9 years. So might as well let our money grow and just pay off loans on time as those interest rates aren’t terrible on the loans.
Hopefully this is enough information… what are you thoughts reddit?
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2022.01.16 21:39 Tabasco661 Join Bible Study! Active VC / Games / Music

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2022.01.16 21:39 devengl My new job won’t give me any hours.

So I used to work part time in retail, and when I got a job interview somewhere else and was given the opportunity to work somewhere closer to home at a fast food restaurant I took it. I went to the interview and got hired. I then put in my 2 weeks notice at my other job and worked until my 2 weeks were up. At this new job the manager texted me and told me to come in on a certain day for training so I did. I was getting hours like normal until the holidays hit. I didn’t have a set schedule because I was training and that’s fair enough, but then whenever I texted him about when I will be working next he would say i’m sorry i’m busy during the holidays and I said okay. Then about a week went by and I texted him again asking when I will be working and he proceeded to leave me on read and ignored me until I texted him a couple days after that to make sure he remembered. He said he’d give me hours next week so I waited. I then texted him today and asked him about an update on the schedule and he left me on read again. This has all happened over a course of 4 weeks and it’s been a month since i’ve worked. i’m very upset since I have to pay for my bills and expenses and I quit a job that actually gave me hours to come work there and he knew it. If he didn’t need me he could’ve told me during my two weeks that he no longer needed me and I could’ve withdrawn my resignation. I want to text him again and let him know how i’m feeling but I don’t know what to say and I don’t want to be rude. I have already started applying for other jobs but I don’t want to give this one up if there’s still a chance that I may get normal hours again.
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ΠΟΙΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ Η ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΕΥΡΩΠΑΙΚΗ ΕΝΩΣΗ; submitted by ESYAIGALEO to ElladaArtemis_Sorras [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 21:39 free_health_samples Conolidine alkaloid

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2022.01.16 21:39 plocty I do

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2022.01.16 21:39 tapedelay North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile, Japan coast guard says

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2022.01.16 21:39 Wookieschnitzel If I met Billy Corgan

If I met Billy Corgan, it would be an emotional experience. It would go handshake, forced hug, uncontrollable crying. Billy's music and I have been through hell and back. I would want him to know that I cherish him.
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2022.01.16 21:39 yourfriendlysocdem1 The Private Sector Will Destroy the NHS, Not Save It

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2022.01.16 21:39 randommstuffz Pulling my hair out trying to decide: New or Used?

Sorry I know this sub sees this question a million times but I'm really at a crossroads here. My current car, an 07 Nissan (I know) is on its last legs and I don't want to put more money into it. I want a used car for cheap that I can get to and from work as it would be the safest bet financially. However, after getting burned from my current car I'm extremely hesitant to buy used cars in the cheap (5k-10k) range. I was eyeing a nice Lexus but the out the door price was 17k. 17k for a 10 year old car with almost 100k miles just didn't sit right with me so I bailed. Then I considered getting a brand new car. Why pay 17k for a used car when I spend a little more and get a worry free brand new one? I really don't want a dumb car note but I'm thinking it may be for the best so I don't have to worry about getting to work. I'd like to stay under 25k and have room for my wife and 2 kids. I'm leaning towards a new Civic EX. The Camrys are nice but feels bad paying 30k for barebones boringmobile. Mazda 3's look amazing but have shoebox room in the back. Or maybe I should just roll the dice again and get some beater for 5k? Someone make this decision for me before I have a stroke.
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2022.01.16 21:39 Fish_make_me_happy How long has you heater lasted without malfunctions? I’m curious to see the average lifespan of a heater

View Poll
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2022.01.16 21:39 LRanger60 Great Pottery Throw Down S05E03

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2022.01.16 21:39 MichelSilence Confessionnaux après 1 semaine complète

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2022.01.16 21:39 Themonkeesgirl Got banned for speaking the truth , telling him how happy I am that his sister is pregnant, so that his mommy will never see him again since she’s gonna move with her 🤷‍♀️. Didn’t see anything wrong with that

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2022.01.16 21:39 SleepyYuiYT Trading Ice,Flame, Dark,Light,Sand,Rubber,Door, Control, Pheonix, ,Quake, Gravity and string

Comment a offer if u want to offer!
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2022.01.16 21:39 Bonus1Fact Their Endgame is to Live Forever without God, New Video Will Premiere on Backup Channel ¦ Don't Speak II on Youtube

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2022.01.16 21:39 tanz_7 LFC PS5 NA 85 ST

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2022.01.16 21:39 danielmaoli Beat saber bug. Any idea about what’s going on?

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2022.01.16 21:39 st3v3np Clearing DNS booster cache

Is there a way to clear the DNS booster cache by device or for all devices other than a brute force reboot?
For example, does turning off/save/on/save DNS boosting for a device clear that device’s individual resolver cache? Is there a way to flush all caches from the app?
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2022.01.16 21:39 WhosTriggeredNow How to change color of specific POIs

Hi, I'd like to be able to change the color of specific POIs, I'm looking for example for beaches with parking spots, the problem is that both POIs have the same icon and I can't tell if there are 2 beaches next to each other or if there is a beach with a parking spot. Would be nice if I could change the color of parking POIs to green or whatever so I can instantely tell them apart from the other POIs even when zoomed out.
I've edited the mapstyle render.xml before for roads but I've got no idea if there is a parameter for POIs.
Thank you :)
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2022.01.16 21:39 give-me-any-reason quitting a new job

this sounds really bad and is probably a dumb topic but oh well. so i have been with a new NP for about a month, and have only worked a day (per my last post). i have had to take a break because one of the children had a potential covid exposure (MB told me to), and i’m not working for tomorrow, as well as likely missing my following shift bc NK cannot get tested until a certain day because of availability. i do not know how many times this will happen, but it feels like a “bad omen” that it happened this week- like, it will probably happen again.
i need the pay from a consistent part time shift, and i have been contacted about other jobs, and offered interviews. so my question: should i tell NP that i don’t think this is a good fit for me now (and potentially leave her in the lurch for childcare- we have a two weeks of notice in the contract) or should i stick it out to see if the entry point was rough and if it will get better for me (probably for about a month or two)?
i am having a LOT of guilt about the thought of quitting in her since i know NKs are rlly comfortable with me (they usually aren’t w other non-family). i know i should do whatever is best, but like! i need opinions.
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2022.01.16 21:39 benjaminnyc Please help me help my mother (new Mac)

Hello! I set up 1Password on my mom’s new Mac. From what I can gather, she never had a 1P account, but rather all her 1P info is saved in her iCloud. When logging into the 1P app on the new Mac using her Master Password, all her info appears. Yay!
However, 1P refuses to fill passwords in Safari. The extension is installed (came with the app) and active, since I see the 1P symbol in the login/password fields of sites where she has 1P info. But when I ask it to fill the password (login seems already filled) it opens 1P app and asks her to sign up for an account at $2.99/month. The other option is to add an account to the app, but she has none of the info it’s asking for (Secret Key, log in “site” or whatever it’s called, etc.) Plus all the info is there already! It just refuses to fill the passwords, even though they’re all there in the 1P app, and accesible by clicking Reveal!
How can I get it to fill her passwords that are already sitting there in the app?
Also, the app is now called 1Password7, which seems odd to me. Is that normal? Do I have the wrong app?
What am I doing wrong?? Thank you!
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