Me and my friend got matched with a top 200 lifeline in ranked arenas, this is how it turned out

2022.01.16 22:17 pastaalsugo794 Me and my friend got matched with a top 200 lifeline in ranked arenas, this is how it turned out

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2022.01.16 22:17 magicrectangle Jennifer is NOT an Eldritch Horror 11

First - Previous
She hadn't taken a name yet.
She was still a juvenile. Her carapace was teal with an iridescent sheen. It would be a few years yet before it darkened to the sapphire blue of an adult thinker, and she chose her name.
Still, she was old enough to leave the creche on her own, so long as she completed the day's studies. Math and physics, philosophy and art, along with dozens of other subjects. Thinkers studied more, and longer than any other caste. Well, except maybe the queens, but she didn't know for sure. Queens weren't raised in the creche, the queens raised their daughters themselves.
She liked to use her free time to study the bipeds. Her teachers had tried to discourage the interest. They weren't a psionically capable species, and so naturally of lower intellect. They were also a bit of a nuisance. Even with all of their military capabilities destroyed, they would build crude weapons to attack hives. Chemical rockets and the like.
The response had been simple. Place point defense lasers at every hive, and everything else worth protecting, then go back to ignoring the bipeds. They built their cities in plains and valleys, near bodies of water. The Drexi preferred rocky terrain, mountains, high deserts. Every once in a while she'd see one of the orbital laser cannons attack a surface target. That meant the bipeds were still trying to build ships or other military equipment, but there was simply no possibility of them posing a real threat.
She started her investigations with the written language. Despite the fact that they obviously possessed computers and electronic communications equipment, they seemed to like to commit knowledge to paper bound in animal hides or synthetic substitutes. Perhaps it was a cultural tradition. Whatever the case, it meant there were many examples of the written language available to study. Sometimes there were pictures, which was particularly helpful.
The language wasn't logically constructed. Any time she thought she'd figured out a hard and fast rule for grammar or spelling, she'd find an example that violated it. Eventually she thought she'd figured it out. It wasn't one language, it was many languages smashed together by someone who had no regard for order or decency.
Learning the "spoken" language would be more interesting. The bipeds - they were called "humans," she had learned - spoke to each other by vibrating the air. An interesting adaptation to compensate for the lack of a psionic voice, she thought. The problem was that Drexi didn't have any organs designed to detect these vibrations.
The science of "sound," as the humans called it, was a revelation. She'd learned about it not from her teachers, but from human "books." She knew about pressure waves of course, but the humans had studied the phenomenon in far greater detail. She supposed that was due to their "ears," they lived their entire lives immersed in this sound, after all. It turned out to have a lot in common with the science of signal processing, so she had a good jumping off point into the topic.
Much of the radio frequency noise the human cities were always emitting turned out to be encoded sound waves. She couldn't "hear" what they were saying, of course. She adapted software to analyze the properties of the sounds, so that she could study the combinations of frequencies and timings to try to determine meaning. This process was made easier by the fact that many of the broadcasts also included a video component, which she could decode fairly simply. So, she had context clues for what the humans were talking about.
After many months of spending all of her free time on the project, she finally had a translation program, not just for text, but for speech.
One of the human books had taught her how to build audio speakers and microphones, devices that would turn electronic signals into sound, and sound into electronic signals. She built them into a little computer she could hang around her neck, with a little keyboard she could type messages into, and an iris display so she could see the translations.
Finally she was ready to try to talk to a human.
Entering one of their cities would be unwise. She was all too happy to disregard her teacher's admonitions against studying the humans, but she knew better than to dismiss the safety warnings. Humans were reputed to be extremely aggressive, and despite being smaller than a thinker, quite able to wound or kill. They'd been shown a video of one of the bipeds ripping the legs off of a warrior caste before finally crushing the helpless black's head. The video was obviously meant to scare them into avoiding the creatures.
She imagined that if the humans had come to one of their worlds, destroyed all of their spacecraft and military, then moved in, they would probably behave in an "extremely aggressive" way, too.
So, she launched a few surveillance drones to scout the forested areas a safe distance from the human cites. Eventually one of them found what she was looking for. There was a small structure, built out of dead trees. Around it some land had been cleared, and crops planted, but the forest bracketed it on all sides. Only three humans appeared to live there. An adult male, an adult female, and a juvenile female.
The juvenile regularly made trips into the forest while the adults worked in the fields. This didn't seem overly safe, but she assumed the human must know how to take care of itself. She didn't know how quickly human larvae developed, but this one was only half the height of an adult. Could it really be self sufficient?
Approaching the juvenile made the most sense. She was a juvenile herself, so they had that in common. Also it probably couldn't hurt her. She had a good idea of their habits now, so she would find it at one of the farthest points it usually traveled from the others.
The juvenile was running, picking things up, waving them around, dropping them, then finding something else to pick up. She watched it move to a stream and repeatedly scoop up handfuls of water, then throw them. Initially she thought the juvenile had been gathering food or supplies, but it never kept any of the things it picked up. It simply seemed to lose interest and move on to something else.
The little human spun around surprisingly quickly. "Wow! You're blue!" It made no attempt to flee, and gave no indication of the "extreme aggressiveness" she had been warned about.
"Yes. I am a blue. My carapace will darken when I mature."
"Are you a bug? All the bugs on the TV are black."
"Those are warriors. I am not a warrior."
"Okay. Dad says those ones are bad. They're why uncle Elmer is gone."
Uncle. She'd read about this. The humans tracked familial relationships in complicated ways. Every female was a queen, in a sense, but they only produced small numbers of offspring. Uncle meant something about that.
"I am not overly fond of the warriors either, but they do as the queen and their commanders instruct."
"Even once they're grown up?"
"Yes, especially then."
"Lame! When I grow up I'm gonna fly a spaceship! Nobody is gonna tell me what to do. I'll fly it all over, and if any black bugs come I'll just fly away!"
"That would be wise, your ships are no match for ours."
The juvenile seemed to ponder this for a few moments. "Mine will be super fast though. Hey, what's your name? My name is Emily!" Emily held her arms up in a pose that caused the muscles of her tiny arms to bulge slightly. A threat display? If so it didn't seem to match the content of the conversation.
"I am still a juvenile. I will choose a name when I become an adult."
"Your mom didn't give you a name?"
"I have never met the queen mother. Perhaps I will advise her on certain matters when my education is complete. More likely I will be assigned elsewhere."
"You never met your mom? No wonder bugs are angry, moms teach you how to be nice! Hey are you a boy or a girl?"
Emily seemed to change topics at random, making the conversation difficult to follow. Or perhaps the translation program wasn't functioning correctly.
"All blues are female, though technically speaking we are not involved in reproduction, so the distinction is of little consequence."
"I'm a girl."
"I knew it! You're way too pretty to be a boy. I'm gonna call you Winnie? No. Sandy? Andrea? Gerty? Oh, I know! You're Wilma!"
"I'm Wilma?" She thought having a human name was quite exciting. If the others knew the origin of her name they might not see it the same way, though. Also the teachers would want to know what it meant. A good name had to mean something. "What does it mean?"
"I dunno! Do you like snakes? I found a whole bunch in that field over there." Emily gestured in a way not nearly precise enough to determine a direction from. Then she started running.
Was the human running to find these "snakes" or had Wilma done something to startle her? Cautiously she followed, not wanting to further spook the child. When she caught up to Emily, a scaly, limbless reptile was thrust into her face.
"Look!" The snake began coiling around Emily's arm. She laughed and moved closer to Wilma. "Here, you can hold it, they're the good kind."
Wilma carefully received the "snake" from the small child. It repeatedly tried to coil around her arms as she inspected the creature carefully. "These are good ones? What are they good for?"
"Red on yellow kills a fellow, red on black a friend of Jack." Emily recited.
If Wilma's translation program were more sophisticated, it might have told her of the sing-song way the child delivered the line. "Who is Jack?"
"Somebody who didn't die, because he knew the difference between good snakes and bad snakes! Hey, why did the bad bugs come here? It would be better if just nice bugs like you came."
"We are a family, we came together."
"We needed a place to live." There was more to it than that, but it wasn't a subject Wilma wanted to get into. She was fairly certain that Emily was at an early stage of development, despite her obvious dexterity and independence. She should try not to let the conversation linger on the war.
"Why didn't you just make one?"
That piqued Wilma's interest. There were many specialties among the blues that related to this subject. Astrobiology, planetary physics, environmental science and more. But they all agreed, at least publicly, that terraforming was completely impractical.
"Did you make this one?"
"Yup!" Emily's mouth stretched in an expression Wilma had learned was called a smile. "Well, it was here already, but it was just a rock. I watched a whole video on it! We came in huge ships and it took a really long time. Then we went all over the solar system finding ice and stuff and threw it at the planet until it was covered with water. Then we built big machines that made the air good for planets. Then we put lots of algae - that's really little plants - in the water. Then after a long time bigger and better plants and now it is like this!"
It all made perfect sense to Wilma. She'd thought along the same lines before. But there was a difference between hypothesis and seeing the end result, knowing for sure it could be done... had been done. The science of it wasn't complicated. Blues before her must have known it could be done. But it would take a long time. Too long. What queen would commit to a project she couldn't see to completion? That had to be the real reason everybody said it was completely impractical.
The humans didn't rely on a single queen to lead a project. Of course not, how could they? Each of their queens only had a few offspring. Lateral collaboration was a necessity for them. Of course Drexi had collaborated before, but always a strong queen took control, subjugating other queens below her. That only ever lasted as long as the strong queen lived.
"If you made all this, why did you bring bad snakes?"
"You need bad snakes!" Emily seemed very certain of this. "Mom says if you got no wolves the deer eat all the plants!"
That made... absolutely no sense. "Are wolves a type of snake?"
"No they're like dogs, but bigger and scarier! I want to make friends with one and ride it around but mom says it will eat me. I don't think it will though, dogs like me! Can I ride you? You're really big."
Perhaps Emily was not the best source of information about terraforming. Still, she had confirmed that it was not only possible, but practical. The humans had done it on this very world. Now that Wilma had a working translator, she'd have to find more books to read and programs to watch. The information would be there.
"I suppose." Wilma sat herself down. "You could climb on my thorax and grab hold of my dorsal ridge to steady yourself."
Wilma tried to gesture but she couldn't reach around behind herself. "My back, there, just a bit below my head."
Emily eagerly climbed up into position, scrambling a bit until she got a good hold. When Wilma was sure she'd settled in, she stood.
"Where to?"
Wilma's classes seemed to drag. She had made something she was excited to show Emily, but first she had to get through the day's studies. Her teacher was droning on, but Wilma focused on trying to complete all of her homework during the lecture, so that she'd have enough free time afterwards.
"...and so it is estimated that the bipeds have about the same average mental capacity as a brown. It is true that they have ripple drives, laser cannons, and other advanced technology. However, they have no psionic aptitude, and no apparent hierarchy. The most likely explanation for their technology level is that they scavenged it from a more intelligent race. Like the browns, they would certainly be able to replicate an existing technology, but lack the creativity for true invention that we blues contribute to the great Drexi race."
Hah! If there was one thing Wilma had learned from Emily, it was that the child had creativity in great excess. Even though she was too young to put that creativity to use on scientific pursuits, she still exercised it with gusto. Wilma had visited Emily several times now, and every time the child made up stories or invented new games to play. The surprise Wilma had made for her was intended to aid in just such a game.
Wilma wasn't sure the workers - the browns - were as devoid of creativity as her teacher was suggesting, either. She had visited the brown living sections of the hive on a few occasions, and noticed paintings and carvings on the walls. They lacked the complexity and technique a trained blue would display, but she wondered what a brown might be able to accomplish if they were given the same depth and breadth of education she was afforded.
Wilma found Emily waiting at the usual place. The girl perked up at her arrival, and became even more excited when she saw what Wilma was carrying.
Wilma had gotten the idea from one of the human books she'd scavenged. It was a fictional account of humans who rode around on creatures called "horses." The book overall wasn't really to Wilma's taste. A lot of violence, some resource conflict, a "romance" subplot. But the book had pictures, and one of them showed a surprisingly detailed view of something called a "saddle."
Adapting the idea to create a device that would fit around her own thorax had been easy, though she did not have access to "leather."
The synthetic material she picked was sturdy, supple, and smooth. It worked just as she'd imagined. The last time Emily and Wilma had played the "dragon game" they had been unable to catch the enormous flying creature because Emily kept slipping. Wilma had to run quite slowly to make sure the little girl didn't fall off.
This time Wilma was able to run at her full speed.
In this game Emily was something called "knight," she had a small branch, which was called a "sword." Wilma was the "trusty steed." The goal of the game was to rescue somebody called "the prince" who the dragon was holding captive.
Despite its apparently enormous size, only Emily could see the dragon, so she would call out directions to Wilma to get her to run. At one point Emily stood up in the saddle, slashing high with the sword. Wilma was worried she might fall, but she returned to her seat, informing Wilma that they had wounded the creature. Now it would retreat to its lair, enabling them to find where the prince was being held captive.
All was not as it seemed, however. When the valiant pair arrived at the creature's lair they found the prince tending to the dragon's wound, and comforting it. Emily was able to negotiate a détente, and in the process learned that the prince had run away to live with the dragon because his parents were mean. Apparently the prince and the dragon lived happily ever after.
Wilma wished she could see the dragon and the prince the way Emily could.
The day's adventures had been quite strenuous, so the pair were relaxing by a pond. Emily was teaching Wilma to catch "frogs," which were small amphibians. Wilma was slightly frustrated because Emily seemed to be much better at the task than she was.
"You have to aim lower! Dad taught me. The water does something funny with your eyes."
Of course, how stupid she had been. Naturally the transition from water to air would bend the light down from the normal, presenting an image of the frog that appeared higher up than it actually was. Why hadn't Wilma thought of that? She caught the next one on the first try.
"I'm hungry."
Wilma held the frog out towards Emily.
"Gross! Frogs aren't good to eat, they'll make you loopy. I got candy!" She reached to a small pack that was attached at her hip, fiddling with it. "You want half my candy bar?"
"What is it?"
"It's bad for you!" Emily seemed far too happy with that statement.
"Why would you eat something that's bad for you?" Wilma was pretty confident in the accuracy of her translator at this point, but sometimes Emily still said things that made no sense.
"Because it tastes good, dummy!"
Emily tore into a wrapper of some kind. As soon as it was unsealed, the scent hit Wilma. It was like nothing she'd ever smelled before. The closest thing she could compare it to was nectar, but it wasn't really that close. It was a bit more earthy than that, and richer.
The child broke the strange brown bar in the middle, handing one half to Wilma. The insides seemed to be made of multiple different types of food. Something stretchy and golden, something soft and tan, some little nuggets that were probably a type of nut.
Tentatively, Wilma put the "candy" in her mouth.
It... it did taste good.
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Dan Quinn defensive penalties and generally getting torched. Shanahan offensives getting a false start when they should’ve put the game away easily. Whenever anyone asks why 28-3 happened I feel this game would be a good explanation lol.
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So I made a career mode in UFC 4, middle weight using sonnen. I used middle weight because I want to be able to fight Silva, so while I was going up the rankings on the social media thing it said that he retired, does that mean he’s off ranking and can’t fight him anymore, and is this the same with every that gets announced retire or do they still fight
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>!sure some of you have already made a similar guess, but it seems fairly obvious to me the Gorosei conversation has nothing to do with Luffy.
My first thought was that they meant Momo. Vegapunk was working on the devil fruit, he has some sort of connection to Kaido and most importantly, he can communicate with Zunesha, who seemed to be heavily implied in the conversation the Gorosei were having.
I could totally be missing something here, but that was my take!!<
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