2022.01.16 22:53 DibeINeedAUsername ELMISHOR ARGENTINO

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2022.01.16 22:53 tasimm Me watching the Playoffs work themselves out so far…

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2022.01.16 22:53 Godmode298 maybe not the place but can anyone see something more in this picture?

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2022.01.16 22:53 Lionel54321 Microsoft discovers destructive malware on dozens of Ukrainian computer networks

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2022.01.16 22:53 daredevilman999 Question regarding a certain relationship in Scream 5

Was Richie a pedo? He seems at least 25 and the way he talks to Amber makes it seem like they’re in a relationship when she’s still in high school.
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2022.01.16 22:53 OrneryHall1503 How long to hear back after being invited to an interview? 1L Diversity position

Got an email on Wednesday asking my availability for the week and next week for a full 1.5 hr interview. How long should I wait to hear a response before sending another email?
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2022.01.16 22:53 OutlandishnessMean97 Tatyana Koroleva

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2022.01.16 22:53 avmedicine Three healthy foods help you maintain a healthy respiratory, digestive and liver, lose weight and fight infections.

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2022.01.16 22:53 hunekre This cat's mesmerizing ice blue eyes

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2022.01.16 22:53 dagamenerd 4K remasters of music videos are uglier than the original.

I keep seeing this on youtube, music videos that I love being upscaled but end up looking worse after. The 2 that come to mind are Teenagers by My chemical romance and Don't Speak by No Doubt. I can't put my finger on it but it just makes the videos (That were recorded on film I believe) down right hideous.
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2022.01.16 22:53 blueteamcameron When the Skies Fall

The Nuraiot Berbers preferred to live life on the edge of civilizations. Nomads, herding camels, sheep and raiding towns when necessary, their interests often conflicted with the great empires of the Nile valley. In the years surrounding 1100 BCE, catastrophic drought struck the Nile valley, and suddenly these conflicting interests turned to all-out warfare. Taxes placed on the Nuraiot became untenable, and constant threat of eradication from the states surrounding the Nile caused the Nomads to traverse the desert to the west, with livestock in tow. What they discovered in these lands were not welcoming Berber cousins, but instead others suffering from the drought conditions. They were none too friendly to new mouths grazing on the sparse grasslands and new contenders for limited lakes and oases.
And so warfare broke out. Men fell left and right, from disease, drought, and violence. The women did not have enough water to breastfeed, and food was so sparse that children were dying from undernourishment. Through the words of other Berber clans, the chiefs of the Nuraiot became aware of a promised land in the Northern sea, where trees grew freely and freshwater was abundant. But where were these promised lands? These Egyptian and Libyan Berbers were already so far displaced that when they proposed a voyage to the islands, they were exiled from the group.
When violence continued, and the drought worsened, the Nuraiot became desperate, and huge rowed boats were constructed from the ports of a friendly settlement in Tunis. They were given instructions to locate the islands, and were warned of the inhabitants of these islands. This was a surprise to the Nuraiot - why were there already people in their land of salvation?
The journey took nearly a month at sea, paddling through the choppy waters of the Northern sea. When they came ashore, they were welcomed by bronze spears and arrowfire. The Nuraiot were taken hostage in this land of Green, and made slaves of the inhabitants.
Within 30 years, slave revolts were successful. The Nuraiot and those of their ancestry were allowed second class citizenry, allowed only to own land on the smallest of islands, persecuted for the smallest and pettiest of crimes, and frequently conscripted to serve the military needs of the native clans of the islands. Yet when some slaves had escaped to the hillside, they were surprised to find a secret society of Berbers already there, supposedly form the first voyage itself. These hideaways were staging at a power grab, and action would be soon to follow.
Claim: The Nuraiotic Peoples
Map: Here
Type: Sedentary
Key Techs: Camel Domestication, Bronzeworking
Population: Opt Out
Economy: Opt In
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2022.01.16 22:53 Human-Pomegranate-31 Typhlosion raid hurry 7903 9121 6094

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2022.01.16 22:53 snklkjnqqe Opinion: MDOT’s Road Plan Is Worse Than I Thought - Maryland Matters

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2022.01.16 22:53 GothOpossum13 Ringing up people at electronics?

Electronics team members, does your store make you ring up non electronics purchases at the boat? I am at a store where there is one tech TM to do everything from activating phones to pushing truck, pulling from the back, doing revisions, all of it. Not to mention being pulled to other departments almost daily. We have a huge problem with people showing up with their carts full of groceries demanding to be rung up so they don’t have to wait in line. We used to have signs up saying only lockup items may be purchased here, but today I got there and somebody had taken them all down. I am so frustrated. Something has to give somewhere. What is it like in other stores?
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2022.01.16 22:53 sgtslaughterTV YouTuber living in Almaty, Kazakhstan, covers the events that transpired over the last 17 days.

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2022.01.16 22:53 hgqlpa 史上最齊全《25種車震姿勢完整教學》,讓你震好震滿震爽爽!

許多人都愛玩車震,畢竟性致一來要忍到回家或去旅館實在很煎熬,而且玩車震還有打野戰般的快感和刺激感,但是車子裡又小又擠用錯姿勢的話做起來既不舒服還容易腰酸背痛,於是這裡就分享25種車震姿勢教學,讓你能震好震滿震爽爽!液態威而鋼 雙效威而鋼 kamagra polo 威而鋼咀嚼片 kamaga 威而鋼口溶片 韓國vinix
Sentrip犀利士 一想就硬 華佗神丹 三體牛鞭 保羅V8 印度學名藥 cenforce
1、老漢推車式 把副駕駛座椅背靠到最底,男方坐在椅背上,女方趴在位子上。
2、狗爬式 這方法你需要把椅子全部推開或打開窗戶空間才夠大。
3、伸展式 把駕駛座推到最後面,女方躺在駕駛座上腿抬高,男方則是橫跨上方,手抓著方向盤!
4、深入式 將副駕駛座椅背靠到最後,女方背靠上面把腳放在男方肩膀上。
5、推車式 如果確認附近沒人的話可以出來在車頭上做。
6、下蹲式 將駕駛座橋到前方,副駕駛座往後靠,人從副駕駛座倒到後座上。
7、女牛仔式 把前座推到前面,男方躺在後座上女方則是騎在男方身上。
8、側躺式 把前坐往後移,然後雙雙側躺並把女方的一隻腳抬高方便動作。
9、倒臥女牛仔式 把副駕駛座靠到最後,女方反坐在男方身上並把身體貼到男方腿上。
10、舒服湯匙式 把前坐的座椅都往前推,男方抱住女方後女方扶著椅子前後移動。
11、側翻式 將副駕駛座往後靠,男方側躺並抵住門,女方左腳跨到男方身上。
12、反向女牛仔式 男方躺在後座上,女方反向用騎乘的姿勢坐在男方身上動作。
13、傳教士變體式 將前座椅背推到底,女方躺在椅子上下半身側到一邊,這姿勢動起來會更緊。
14、傳教士式 就是在後座使用正常體位。
15、交疊式 女方坐在男方身上,男方扶住女方的頭以免她的頭撞到車頂。
16、後檔板式 如果你的車是小卡車,那麼在後面舖張毯子就能在上面盡情做愛了。
17、側湯匙式 兩人側躺在後座彎曲身軀,形成大湯匙包小湯匙的姿勢。
18、路頭式 就是口交的姿勢啦2,前坐或後座都能進行。
19、後座駕駛式 把前座的座椅推到最前面,女方騎乘在男方身上撐著坐椅。
20、雙身佛式 用面對面擁抱的姿勢來做。
21、背後坐式 最簡單的方法,但小心在做時不要讓女方撞到頭。
22、側坐式 女方坐在男方一邊大腿上,這樣能讓腳更好打開。
23、臉對臉式 兩人都躺在後座呈面對面的姿勢。
24、綑綁Play 利用安全帶可以玩簡單的綑綁遊戲。
25、抬腿式 開窗讓腳伸出去就會擁有更大的空間。液態威而鋼 雙效威而鋼 kamagra polo 威而鋼咀嚼片 kamaga 威而鋼口溶片 韓國vinix
Sentrip犀利士 一想就硬 華佗神丹 三體牛鞭 保羅V8 印度學名藥 cenforce
如果你想要嘗試看看這些姿勢,記得得把車開到沒人的地方才行啊! 歡迎分享給喜歡玩車震的朋友們唷♥
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2022.01.16 22:53 uluzg Does Nietzsche address feelings of jealousy and their purpose, if they have any?

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2022.01.16 22:53 programmerguyy scared of living

everyone always talks about being scared of death, but how much worse could it be than living with these things we shouldn’t have to live with, painful, life changing things? living, scares me. not knowing how i’m gonna feel or what i’m going to think, or who’s going to be there in the end, or at all. somehow finding a way through these obstacles, gets exhausting and everyone always says, you’re gonna die one day so don’t waste time, no regrets, but i’m okay with dying now (not doing it) but if it were to come and i couldn’t stop it, i wouldn’t be scared or upset. does anyone else feel this?
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2022.01.16 22:53 Sufficient_Emu2850 What best wallet for avax on android?

What best wallet for avax on android?
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2022.01.16 22:53 Ninja_Penguin_ too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough

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2022.01.16 22:53 salad0823 26F Thinking about cutting my hair short. Opinions?

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2022.01.16 22:53 el_jarabe qué opinan de mi pequeña tardeada con mi primo de la marina y su amigo; y no, no tiene nada que ver que estoy marihuano

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2022.01.16 22:53 overhollowhills What's a small thing you're very proud about?

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2022.01.16 22:53 BearCubTeacher Does SONOS.COM get stock faster than their retailers???

So, I plan on ordering a gen 3 sub in white as soon as my retailer has them in...they currently have black in stock, but since my ARC is white, I think I need to match it as they'll be near each other.
So, who gets inventory first? Sonos.com or their retail sites?
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2022.01.16 22:53 cherrycranberries It annoys me how personally attacked people feel because I have controversial or personal opinion on a character, as though I’m attacking their child.

It’s silly. I like Buffy The Vampire Slayer. But when I go on the subreddit I feel everyone on these subreddits get so hung up on these characters like they’re real people. Buffy is a girly girl who very much likes fashion, and that was her whole get up… popular, fashionista turned slayer. Which is what I liked about it. I like the girly aspect of it.
So of course I comment on her clothing as the series progressed and my opinion that she looked a little too mature for her age and didn’t seem to be into fashion and stuff like she once was was a BIG mistake to write apparently.
All I got was a whole lot of hate and “MAYBE SHE WANTS TO BE LIKE THAT, YOU’RE SO JUDGY” as though I’m talking about a real person - like a celebrity or classmate. And not about the decisions from a table of people and costume designers who decided to change her style. She’s not real!
This is why I find it so hard to talk about anything unless you water it down so others don’t get offended. Someone even said “she’s not a fashionista, why do you care?” ….. when that’s in-fact the whole point of her character. And why does it always have to be “whY dO YoU cArE?” meanwhile they cared enough to comment on my post. As though I’m not allowed to care about something trivial because it was never something THEY personally thought about.
Sometimes I wish I never saw these subs/forums to begin with and simply liked the show and moved on from it. I can’t share one question, point of view or opinion that is so trivial without someone getting frantically upset. It’s weird!
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