filling my Dex in BDSP(:

Samsung Dex for desktop-like experience on the move; Filling the midrange slot is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite. Essentially a slightly pared-down version of Samsung’s flagship tablet range, the S6 ... Internet City, Dubai--(Newsfile Corp. - December 16, 2021) - Trade mining drives BitCoke volume to a record $5.6 billion a day, eying derivative DEX for the next leap. BitCoke, a Hong Kong based ... Yveltal is a commonly seen and versatile powerhouse in the tier that is capable of filling multiple different roles as a result of great attributes such as its stat distribution, typing, and damage-boosting ability, with an expansive movepool to complement all of these traits. Conahan's Driving School is your driving school in Colorado of choice, with over 130,000 students successfully completed the course. Call us today! ©2022 Pokémon. ©1995 - 2022 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. TM, ®Nintendo. The reward for filling the entire Pokédex is a special diploma from the in-game Game Freak staff, who make a cameo appearance in each of the games. Additionally, in Pokémon Emerald , by obtaining all 201 Pokémon that appear in Hoenn and finishing the Hoenn Pokédex, the player earns a Totodile , Cyndaquil , or Chikorita from Professor Birch ...

2022.01.16 21:46 badvibes777 filling my Dex in BDSP(:

LF:Piplup, Kadabra trade, haunter trade, Spiritomb (touchback if needed), cherrim I'm quick wit it(:
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2022.01.16 21:46 MelancholicDaisy_ My custom morphs aren't working

Hello, so I have a building site where I made my morphs, I made 12 morphs for a game and put them in the main game and suddenly they didn't work, it'd make you unable to move and invisible but in the testing game it does work. What could have gone wrong?
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2022.01.16 21:46 Dangerous-Mode-3799 Does XPMSSE Cause Crash for Stealth Kills?

I've tried narrowing down my load order to see why I keep crashing when trying to slit npcs' throats, and at first, I thought it was stealth tools. That didn't seem to work, and neither did messing around with violens. The only other thing I could think of was some issue with the skeleton through XPMSSE. Has anyone else run into crashes with stealth killmoves? And if so, how did you fix it?
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2022.01.16 21:46 MrBrightside618 [Multiple Games] My Naughty Dog Platinum collection is finally complete! I've now charted every last one of them.

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2022.01.16 21:46 jdog1067 If we were to install geothermal energy in all of the volcanoes that are extinction level explosions, would that reduce the chance of explosions?

People tend to get scared at the thought of Yellowstone, Mount Shasta, Toba, etc. What if we were to install geothermal power plants in/around those volcanoes? Would running cold water into the ground, creating energy, and cooling the ground in that sense reduce the chance of those events happening? I feel like if this were true, we’d already be doing it.
I’m in bed with a wicked fever and this question just entered my mind, but I have thought of it many times before.
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2022.01.16 21:46 buzzler89 4os high res pally Shields for trade 39-44 res.

I have a 44 all res sacred rondace with 4 os I have a 42 all res akaran targe 4os I have a 39 all res royal shield with 4os All on switch if anyone is will to trade me for them. I'm not looking for anything crazy for the 39 mal to ist, not much more for the 42 either. Anyone interested?
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2022.01.16 21:46 MageDA6 The 104th Hunger Games- The Games (Day 1- Midday Day 2)

Hey everyone, here is the next part!! Hope you all enjoy!!

As the crowds anxiously awaited the start of the game, Eugenia and Rubius started the usual tour of the arena, Eugenia called this years arena, “The shifting Desert”. The birds eye view showed a circular arena with a large dry basin in the center surrounded by tall sand dunes. Dotted throughout the arena were small oasis with gatherings of desert grass and trees to provide shade from the intense sun. There wasn’t a cornucopia this year, instead the weapons had been stuck straight up in the ground and red bags looked to be thrown all around the area. The podiums formed a circle and were placed further back than in most years so tributes would have to run slightly further than usual. The camera returned to the studio where Eugenia and Rubius began discussing the layout of the arena with Rubius mentioning that desert arena’s weren’t his favorite. Eugenia told him to be quiet as the camera returned to the arena as the tributes entered.
Once the tributes were in the arena, Gamemaker Valus wished the odds be in their favor then began the countdown from 30 seconds. Slate, like all other tributes squinted at the intense sunlight that flooded the arena and began to fan himself from the heat. He looked around and noticed that they were all across from their district partner, then noticed that Della from 3 was on his left and Magnolia from 7 on his right. He looked back across and gave a subtle nod to Alexis before returning his gaze to the center of the arena and focused on the spear that was closest to him. Alexis though kept giving an intimidating grin to Jessup from 7 and Hewitt from 3, occasionally taunting them. When the countdown hit five seconds she looked at Slate and gave him a wink. As for Lita she noticed that she was in between Dolan from 1 and Seama from 8 . She couldn’t hear Dolan’s taunts and looked at Seama who gave her a nervous smile and nod. Lita returned the nod then looked across to see Webster who was intently focused on some bags in front of him as well as Velour who looked at her and signed, “Good luck”. She smiled and nodded back to him then looked at the bags closest to her before she noticed a sword not to far past the bag.
When the timer hit zero, to the surprise of everyone watching all the tributes ran forward. Slate grabbed Magnolia and as she screamed he slammed her face into the ground silencing her then sprinted forward before grabbing Della by the collar and swung her around before letting go, sending her flying into Cisco from 4, killing them both on impact. He then continued forward and grabbed a spear before noticing Dolan being attacked by Seama and Lita. Webster ran forward and luckily for him and Velour Gemma attacked Ricen from 9, snapping her neck. They both quickly grabbed bags and just as Gemma ran for them. Velour swung his bag as hard as he could, smacking her in the face with a loud cracking sound. She swore out as she fell giving the boys enough time to run around to the other side of the arena, passing Atla from 4 who had just bashed Hewitt from 3’s head into the ground as they fought over a bag. Lita was tackled right as the timer hit zero by Dolan. He pinned her down but just before punching her Seama jumped on his back and bit into his neck, breaking the skin. He reached back and punched her, causing her to lose her grip and fall backwards before returning his attention to Lita and began to punch her. Dolan threw two punched before Seama jumped on his back again this time biting his ear and wrapping her left arm around his throat, choking him. Lita managed to get a leg free and kicked him in the groin causing him to collapse on top of her. She shoved him off but just as she was about to reach for Seama a spear flew through her chest, splattering Lita in her blood. She had a look of horror on her face but got to her feet then kicked Dolan in the face before sprinting forward and grabbing a bag. She dodged a spear thrown by Alexis and continued forward, just grabbing the sword as Webster began to practically drag by the hand as Velour ran behind them.
They continued running north for almost 30 minutes up a dune but once they reached the top they didn’t see the drop and the three of them slide on the steep side. They rolled about 60 meters before they splashed into an oasis. They laid in the water trying to catch their breath until Webster heard a rattling sound coming from the tall grass. He quickly dragged Lita and Velour out of the water as three snakes slithered towards them. Lita gasped as they got closer but Webster grabbed the sword from her hand and swiped at them slicing their heads off. Velour quickly grabbed their headless bodies and said that maybe they were edible. Webster responded that they possibly be toxic and that they shouldn’t risk it and instead see what was in their bags. Lita agreed but asked for the sword back so she could go and see if there were anymore snakes hiding in the grass. Webster handed it over as Velour opened the bag he picked up and excitedly tapped Webster on the shoulder and showing him a water purifier. Webster told him to fill it up with some of the water in the oasis as he pulled out two water bottles and two loaves of bread from the bags him and Lita grabbed. Velour filled the purifier as Lita returned with two more headless snakes and tossed them towards Webster. She said that they should keep them just in case if they could be useful, he nodded and shoved them into the third bag as he divided up the water and bread, putting one of each in the remaining bags. Once Velour was back, Webster tossed a bag to him and told him he would be responsible for his own stuff but that they would share the water in the purifier. Velour agreed and asked what the plan was with Lita suggesting they scout around the area and see if any tributes are nearby then make camp at the oasis until morning. Both boys agreed and the three hid their bags in the grass and went off in three separate directions.
Both Gemma and Dolan ran to join Slate and Alexis in the center to guard the remaining weapons. Gemma grabbed the only bow and quickly readied an arrow, releasing it and hitting Jessup from 7 in the forehead as he tried running. The remaining tributes ran in different directions but while the careers were distracted Cora from 10 and Tilly from 11 swiped a sword and the only throwing knives before running off to the southwest with their district partners Dylan and Logan. Dolan noticed as they almost disappeared behind a dune throwing one of the spears, just barely missing Cora’s head and landing in the sand in front of her. She grabbed it and continued running as Dolan roared in anger. Slate and Alexis looked and saw no other tributes remained other than themselves and Gemma and Dolan. They gave each other a smirk and with the last spear and sword they lunged at the pair from 1. Slate’s spear went through Gemma’s back and Alexis sliced the sword across Dolan’s neck nearly decapitating him. Crowds in Snow Square along with Eugenia and Rubius were shocked they turned on their allies so soon, but Rubius’ shocked expression soon turned to laughter as he said “they might not disappoint after all”. They pair then grabbed the remaining bags and what weapons they could carry then ran off to the southeast as they decided to pick off the weaker tributes first before going after the pack from 10 and 11.
They continued southeast until the sound of nine cannons rang out in the distance and stopped when they reached the top of a large dune. Slate said he could see two figures out in the distance but couldn’t tell who they were. Alexis stepped forward and challenged him to see who could make the shot and Slate happily agreed. He readied an arrow and Alexis pulled her arm back with the spear and on the count of three they released them. The crowds could see that these tributes were Langley and Pierre from 6, they cheered when Slate’s arrow flew into the side of Langley’s head sounding her cannon and Alexis’ spear piercing Pierre’s left knee causing him to scream in pain and collapse to the ground. Slate winked at Alexis would was slightly annoyed but they both ran down the side of the dune toward the two tributes. Pierre began to panic and crawl away when he noticed the two running toward him. Alexis pounced on him and he began to beg for mercy as Slate came up behind them and ripped the spear from his knee. He cried out in pain and Slate told Alexis to finish him off so they could keep searching. She scoffed as she grabbed Pierre by the hair and dragged him over to his now dead district partner. She grabbed her sword and told him to continue begging for his life and she’d possibly spare him. Tears ran down his face as he pleaded for his life but Alexis just yawned and called him boring then ran the sword through his chest sounding his cannon immediately. Slate asked her why she didn’t just kill him as they weren’t taught to prolong it unless they could fight back. She just looked at him and said she was just having some fun before pulling the sword from Pierre’s chest and wiping it on her pant leg. Slate was annoyed but sighed and pulled the arrow from Langley’s head before saying they should find a place to set up camp. Alexis agreed and asked if he had any water but he said they would heck when they found a place to camp.
They two of them continued heading southeast until the ran into the perimeter where they decided to follow it north. They walked at the base of a sand dune but Alexis was getting tired from the heat so Slate said he would run up the dune to survey the area. He called down to Alexis that he could see a small oasis close to them and told her they could camp their for the day. She slowly ran up the hill and once at the top asked how he wasn’t dying from the intense heat. Slate chuckled and said that quarries get really hot and that he was shocked that she was so susceptible to the heat since the salt flats she was from were even hotter. Alexis gave an exhausted laugh and said that she hated the heat even if she grew up in it but that she just needed some shade and she would be fine. Slate helped her down the dune and once at the base they both ran over and collapsed in the cool water. Slate then opened a bag and saw two water bottles and tossed one over to Alexis, splashing in the water next to her. She quickly grabbed it and gulped it down leaving the bottle half empty. They finally got out of the water and as Alexis emptied the contents of the five bags, Slate walked around killing the snakes he found. Alexis divided the bread and water up between to the two of them and while Slate’s back was turned took the rope from the fifth bag and shoved it into hers, without him knowing. She joined him, handing a bag over to him and asking what they should do with the remaining three bags. He said to toss out two of them then took the third and filled it with sand. Alexis asked what he was doing but he said that they would use it as a decoy and see if it draws any tributes out until the next morning. He walked up the dune and at the top he placed it on the ground and pulled a water bottle out. They went back to the oasis and did a quick survey of the area but after not finding any other tributes they decided to rest and relax under the trees. They discussed their plan for the next day and decided on waking up before sunrise and keep heading north along the perimeter. As the sun was setting Alexis got on top of Slate said that they should put on a show for the Capitol and he was more than happy to oblige. Some Capitol citizens were upset at the show of intimacy between the two but the vast majority of people had no problem with it. With both Eugenia and Rubius more concerned about them getting sand in uncomfortable places.
After Lita, Webster, and Velour surveyed the area they returned to the oasis. They all sat down and began to eat and drink as they were becoming dehydrated due to the heat. As they ate Velour pointed out the dried blood on Lita’s face and asked who’s it was. Lita looked sad as she said it was Seama’s but that she wouldn’t be alive without her helping. Velour looked down replying that he had guessed as much and asked what had happened. Lita recounted the events of the bloodbath and even though he was upset at the death of his district partner he was happy to know that she died fighting. As the day progressed they chatted about their districts and what jobs they had before being reaped. The conversation then slowly turned to who would take what shift to keep watch. Velour volunteered for the first shift and Webster for the last shift as he said since it would be morning he would be able to hear if anyone was coming up on them. With that logic Lita agreed to take the second shift. With the sun dipping lower into the horizon, the temperature began to drop but with Lita’s quick thinking she started to dig into the sand. The boys helped her dig and once the sun completely set there was a hole big, deep enough for all of them to lay in. The sand was still very warm from the exposure to the sun and provided warmth throughout the night to the three of them. Just as they finished the wind began to pick up and Velour said that he could see a large cloud coming toward them from the west. All three began to shiver as the wind grew stronger and Webster said they needed to hide.
The moment they ducked into the hole the cloud engulfed them, they covered their heads with the bags and kept their heads down and eyes closed, but just as quickly as it hit it stopped. Webster stuck his head out but due to the darkness he could barely make out the shapes in the faint moonlight. Velour told them that they should get some sleep, with Lita handing him the sword and wishing him a good night with Webster saying to wake them if he saw anything. Velour nodded and as the Lita and Webster drifted off to sleep, he vigilantly watched the surrounding area with Eugenia asking if he had even blinked since he started his watch. Just before midnight Velour woke up Lita to trade shifts, at first she was startled but when she noticed it was only Velour she calmed down and took the sword from him. At midnight she was once again startled by the sudden burst of light but looked up to see the portraits of the fallen. The portraits of Gemma and Dolan from 1, Della and Hewitt from 3, Cisco from 4, Langley and Pierre from 6, Magnolia and Jessup from 7, Seama from 8, and Ricen from 9 all showed in the sky. Lita looked sad as Seama’s portrait was shown but was then shocked once she finished counting them and realized there were only eleven of tributes remaining.
The next morning Eugenia had the camera do an overhead view of the arena to show that all the oasis were fine but the tall sand dunes had been flattened and the landscape was now gently rolling hills of sand leading to a steep drop off in to the basin around the cornucopia. Just as the sun was rising a cannon sounded in the distance which was revealed to be Louis from 9, he finally succumbed to a snaked venom after he had been bitten while he slept. Webster had fallen asleep during his watch but shot up at the sound of the cannon to see Lita and Velour still sleeping. He looked around then woke them up saying they needed to get going. They all snacked on their bread and decided to follow the perimeter to the south. Velour said he was nervous since they would be out in the open with nowhere to hide. Lita reassured him that they would be able to see anyone coming and it would give them a chance to run. Velour gave her an anxious look but eventually agreed as Webster stood up and told them they needed to get going.
As the sun rose higher in the sky the three of them began to feel the effects of the rising temperatures. As midday approach Lita said she spotted another oasis and the three began to run towards it. But as they ran Webster stopped suddenly at the top of a small hill and said that it wasn’t getting any closer and must be a mirage. Lita looked upset and said that the heat was getting to her as she pulled out a bottle and took a drink. Webster looked around and threw himself to the ground which made Lita and Velour follow his lead. Lita asked what happened and Webster replied that he could see two tributes walking towards them. Webster stuck his head out from the top of the hill and screamed when an arrow landed just inches next to his head. He looked back to the two of them and said they needed to run. But just before they could stand to run midday and the arena began to shake sending them sliding down the hill. Velour began to panic as the sand started to shift under them and he started to sink. Webster and Lita grabbed his arms and tried pulling him just as a loud cracking sound was heard and the ground beneath him opened up. The sand started to slide down into this large crack, with Lita and Webster struggling to stop themselves from sliding down as well. They gave each other a look and just as Velour looked at Lita she mouthed that she was sorry and her and Webster let go of him. Lita quickly grabbed the water purifier before it slide in after him and his cannon sounded seconds later. She then grabbed onto Webster as he tried to desperately pull them up from the now large chasm that had formed.
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Someone who plays clash 247 and needs to touch some grass. If ur this person please don't feel bad at all, I need you more than ever. You'll be worshipped in the clan and we'll be running the clan together. It's a newly rebuilt clan, only 3 days ago, so it's quite active.
If your just looking for a clan feel free to join also, link 👇
out of all 30 members who joined, not 1 left yet so that should tell you something 😉
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