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That red top

2022.01.16 21:47 breadpiratebobby That red top

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2022.01.16 21:47 bot3loll any females wanna trade nudes with me

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2022.01.16 21:47 KathlynH Someone broke Elsa

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2022.01.16 21:47 Delace1111 🚧 Can Segway Ninebot Eat Gnarly 820ft Downhill Run? #159

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2022.01.16 21:47 louiemgcoles Randomizing what I watch for no reason

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2022.01.16 21:47 The_AnxiousFem Experience Apparently Means Nothing- long winded rant

Tldr at the bottom. Apologies for formatting, I'm on mobile. I did get my husbands permission to post this, of course.
My husband worked at a franchise-owned domino's for 12 years. He was the assistant manager and was only making $14.25, working 35-45 hrs a week. For over a decade of loyalty, and he could count all the days he'd called in in one hand, including the day of his mother's death. Whereas I have always been a "job-hopper". He had no benefits, and the stores owner is a giant conservative with a gambling addiction and a history of being garbage with finances. The job was ruining his mental health, I watched him go from optimistic and easygoing to jaded and depressed over a period if seven years. I encouraged him to gtfo, so did his family, but he was pretty hesitant because he didn't want to get trapped in another job he would hate. He finally quit back in october of 2021. He did the 'right' thing and put in his two weeks and had a decent-ish-but-not-really job lined up. He starts the new job, is happier than I've seen him in years, excited to be moving into a hopefully better role. New job is with Geek Squad, making 16.25/HR to install appliances. This isn't what he wants perse, but he knows that with only food/customer svc experience, he probably can't jump straight into tech like he wants. I encourage this, as its a sensible start and the hiring manager of new job says that after a few months he might be able to move departments. Little did we know that he'd get screwed into moving fridges that weighed up to three times his body weight and they weren't even allowed to use dollies BECAUSE THEY COULD SCRATCH THE CUSTOMERS FLOORS. (I'm still mad about it) For reference here, my husband is on the smaller side and has asthma. He had been assured he wouldn't be moving any of the larger stuff upon his hiring so he accepted the job under that pretense. So two weeks of this, his coworkers literally shoving all of the hardest jobs off on him because the manager works off-site an hr away and husband comes home covered in bruises, distraught, and in horrible pain feeling like a failure even though he did everything he was 'supposed to do'. This time he quits with no notice and no backup as he had no choice unless he wants to end up hospitalized and we havent been able to afford any kind of health insurance for four years now. When I tell you my husband was wrecked after this I do mean wrecked. The shoulder pain still hasn't completely gone away. Now has two jobs, neither of which are paying him jack or scheduling him much at all- he's had both jobs since early november and one of them has scheduled him all of 8 total days in that time, even with three people quitting since he started. We were naive and thought that his work ethic, drive and experience would mean something but it doesnt. Everywhere is "hiring" but nowhere will even respond to his aplications.
Tldr: husband had 12 yrs experience in food/mgmt but wasnt making good money so he quits, gets screwed over by next job and is now suffering from chronic pain and even with his 'glowing' record he cant seem to find decent employment anywhere.
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2022.01.16 21:47 crzycatlady987 Anyone have advice for me on how to deal with my roommate? Both 28 y.o. females.

I have lived with my roommate for about 4 months now. I moved across the country by myself for a new job and wanted to live alone, but unfortunately couldn't afford it. So, I used a few roommate aps and I found a girl who seemed like she would be a good roommate..... well call her Lauren. She had been living in a 2bed 2bath apartment for 1 year when her last roommate moved out to move in with her fiancee, and the room was becoming available right around the date I was looking for so I facetimed with her a few times, we seemed like a good fit, so took a chance and agreed to room with her.
When I arrived to the apartment, Lauren was out of town for work, but I picked up my keys at the front desk and came into my new apartment. Lauren had told me she hired cleaners to clean up my bedroom/ bathroom before coming and told me she cleared me out a ton of cabinet space and drawer space in the kitchen.
I came into the apartment not having high expectations for cleanliness, cause I have had many roommates over the years and have unfortunately learned that a large majority of people don't pick up after themselves. But it was so much worse than I could have imagined. My feet were black within 2 seconds of walking in the door because of all the dirt on the wood floors. There was dust and crumbs everywhere. There was clumps of hair in my bedroom, used q-tips on the floor, broken hangers in the closet, random stains everywhere. The shower looked like it had never been cleaned. It was so gross. There was only one drawer cleaned out for me in the kitchen, and the rest of the cupboards had so much random shit just thrown in on top of each other and strewn about with no organization. I spent hours trying to reorganize her things to make room for my things.
Moving forward, Lauren comes home from her work trip and we meet. She is a VERY nice girl. The hard part about this is that I actually do really like her as a person. As friends, we get along well, we have a lot in common, and have a lot of fun together. I need advice on how to talk to her about some of these things though becuase I am going to make a list of the things she does.

  1. She had a goldfish in a bowl on our counter in the kitchen. I watched her take one of my nice wine glasses out from the cupboard, scoop her fish up with it, clean the fishtank, dump her fish back in the fishbowl, and then proceed to put the nice wine glass back in the cupboard without washing it. I surely though when it happened that I must have not been paying attention when she washed the glass. Well, a couple of weeks later, she did it again and this time I asked her if she could wash the glass with soap and water after having her fish and its dirty water in the cup becuase I drink out of those cups. She literally seemed shocked when I asked her to do this.
  2. She drinks out of cups all the time and then puts them back in the cupboard without washing them
  3. I have a dish drying mat on the counter for drying CLEAN dishes. She always sets her dirty dishes on it.. especially forks and spoons she's actively eating off of.
  4. She leaves used eating utensils on our coffee table.
  5. She will eat dinne snacks off of the same plate/ bowl for several days in a row. She will then run the dish under water in the sink for a few seconds (with no soap) and use her hand to pick off the big food chunks, then set it on the dish drying mat to dry. Guests I have had over have noticed her doing this and one of my friends is afraid to use any dishes in my apartment now.
  6. I had a few bottles of alcohol in the cabinet. She took them without asking me to a new years party. When she got home the next day, I told her I would appreciate if she would ask before using my alcohol.
  7. She NEVER helps clean the apartment. In the 4 months I have lived here, I have not seen her vacuum or mop once. She literally has told me to my face that she has never dusted the apartment before.
  8. She cooks large, messy meals, and then leaves her dishes/ pans laying all over the place. She doesnt wipe up grease/ messes she makes while cooking
  9. We have a projection screen TV in our living room with surround sound. The TV and main speakers happen to be mounted to the wall that shares a wall with my bedroom. She will watch movies EVERY night in the living room (yes she does have a TV in her room too). I will usually tell her I am going to bed (at a reasonable time, usually around 10 or 11 PM). She will continue to watch it extremely loudly. I literally have to ask her every night to turn it down. She always apologizes and does when I ask her to. But you would think after asking her 8000x she would learn.
  10. She will leave dishes/ used pots/ pans in the sink and then go out of town for 3 or 4 days on a work trip. Then, when she comes home the same dishes will usually sit in the sink for a week or so before she does anything about them.
  11. She told me that she has never vacuumed the carpet in her room
  12. She stores things on top of our hot water heater and hangs stuff from the water pipes. I kindly asked her if I could box it up for her and put it in storage because I felt that this was a huge fire hazard and safety concern. She said sure. Then a couple of months later, she started shoving more stuff in the closet haphazardly on top of our pipes and heater. Today I opened the closet and found a Christmas wreath hanging from our hot water heater.
  13. I had a plant I potted on our balcony. She took my pot and the plant into her room to decorate her room with it :(
  14. She used one of my nice baking dishes to make a dessert for thanksgiving. I didnt mind that she used it.... but it is still sitting in our refrigerator almost 2 months later with nothing in it except for crumbs.
  15. I found out she regularly leaves our apartment door unlocked while both of us arent home. I am usually gone all day for work, but she works from home mostly. But sometimes when I am gone all day she will leave the apartment for hours and leave our door unlocked. I told her I wasnt comfortable with this because our bedroom doors don't lock and I have a lot of valuable things in the apartment and I really don't like the idea of our doors being left unlocked because we do not live in the safest area.

So, to sum it up... I could keep going for ages... but I think you get the point. Basically, I have been trying to address things with her as they come up... but its to the point where I feel like I am a nagging mother taking care of a child. I am constantly asking her to clean up after herself, to turn down loud tv/ music, to not do things that seem hazardous... and I am at a breaking point. I don't want to have to go through the trouble of taking so far as to moving out and finding a subleaser. But I really would just like some advice on how I can address these things with her without seeming like a nagging mother.
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2022.01.16 21:47 hypodermicsally A Message from The Mod Team

Hi everyone! I took a huge step back from moderating 911FOX last year but in light of some recent drama brought to my attention, I decided to poke my head back in and try to figure out what’s going on. As far as I can tell from briefly scanning the community, a lot of the issues seem to stem from overblown shipping disputes and cast discourse. We will be doing our best to reduce the amount of both going forward and I have invited four experienced new moderators to join our team to help clean things up and update the subreddit.
I invite anyone with suggestions or greetings for the incoming moderators to respectfully leave them in the comments below for consideration. Once they have all accepted their invitations, I invite them to introduce themselves below, if they so choose. If you have a specific issue to address, please remember to use the report function or (when in doubt) send the mod team a message, as that’s the fastest way to get a response.
Thank you,
911FOX Mod Team.
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2022.01.16 21:47 NFSAndrei What it's your favourite Musical Artist/Band? And why?

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2022.01.16 21:47 Sterling1989 Incredible

Came to Reddit, searched and found this sub, created this post.
All to say how this show is amazing. Love the "slow burn" of the story. Acting, writing and cinematography are all 10's.
And the soundtrack / score is mind numbingly good. I am incredibly impressed. It is BETTER then Yellowstone!
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2022.01.16 21:47 SK8rH4wk Newbie in assistance

What is the best steel for a Bowies, kabars, and combat knives? I am trying to find something kinda cheap so that if I mess up it’s not a big deal
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2022.01.16 21:47 turntina RC-LG-LG-LR

Depending on which LG was experimental I either did amazing or I bombed it. RC and LR seemed relatively easy and honestly so did LG but for some reason my brain totally BLANKED out on the 2nd LG even though they were pretty standard games and I guessed on so many questions. Hopefully RC and LR make up for it. One RC passage was a little tough but it could’ve been worse. LR was the easiest I’ve ever seen.
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