I never had a mum and dad, AMA

2022.01.16 21:36 RedheadOnReddit1 I never had a mum and dad, AMA

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2022.01.16 21:35 Ferretpi315 How to contain litter

My cats kick out a lot of litter, like easy a pound or more. Any idea how to keep it off the floor? Like a cardboard box around the robot? A mat would help but they fling it far. I’m sad boy. While cats are laughing.
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2022.01.16 21:35 prog_22 How should I implement a shopping cart (working with express/react/redux)?

The basic version this
const reducer = combineReducers({ productList: productListReducer, basket: [] })
When the user click "add to cart" the items goes into the basket.
I think shops have it so that when the browser refreshes the basket is still full. Do I look into local storage or something else?
Is there something special that I should use? Should I store them in the mongo db (that can't be the case)?
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2022.01.16 21:35 EinLeinlikesyou Nobody asked about your opinion

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2022.01.16 21:35 the_shortlisted ❤❤❤

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2022.01.16 21:35 BIGBOYMAN2020 I remember when I didn't feel like this and those were the days. who knows what's gonna happen

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2022.01.16 21:35 OtherwiseGoose532 Am I an asshole for not allowing my mum’s partner to move into my house?

I am 26F, Eastern European and eight years ago, my parents got separated and I moved to London with my mum. Half a year later, I met my SO (29M), and less than two years after we met, we got married.
We were young and broke at the time and couldn’t afford to rent a place of our own. My brother and his wife had also just moved in London and it made financial sense for all of us to rent a bigger house and live together for a while.
We did that and for one year after my SO and I got married, we lived with my mum, brother and his wife. Needless to say, that didn’t go well. My brother can be a bit of an ass sometimes, his wife is not easy going and she never really got along with anyone. There was always drama and tension in the house and my SO and I were never fully comfortable there. As soon as we were in a better position and we could afford to, my SO and I rented our own place outside London. We moved out and as soon as we could, we started saving up to buy our own house.
I don’t remember all of it since it was more than four years ago now but I know the move was not easy. My mother tried to make us stay, she couldn’t see why we wanted to move out. How were we going to be a big happy family now if me and my SO are so far away? It’s not like we moved out of the country btw, we literally only moved 25 miles away, which is less than 1h by car or train. I had to reassure her that we’ll visit often and keep in touch.
And so we did. My mother and I would talk on the phone almost every day and every single week she’d complain and bicker about my brother and his wife - how lazy they are and how don’t do anything around the house, how they disrespect her and treat her like a house keeper and so on and so forth. I lived with them for a year and I could empathise.
After my SO and I moved out, my mum, brother and sister-in-law continued to rent the same place. My mother met her current partner at work and after a while, he also moved in with them. Not ideal. My mum’s partner got along well with my brother but he couldn’t stand his wife. My mum would tell me how stressed she is all the time and how she feels like she’s walking on eggshells in the house, how she feels like she always has to make sure her partner is not going to say anything disrespectful towards my brother’s wife. And this was just the beginning. My brother and his wife had a baby in the meantime so you can imagine the sort of stress that adds up. Everyone was on edge, stressed out and tired all the time.
This whole time, my SO and I are still living on our own, and saved up enough to finally buy our own place. He is an absolute sweetheart and he loves my mum like his own. Family’s really important to him and he knew how bad things are in the other house. Soon after we moved out, we talked about it and agreed that we will buy a bigger house so that my mum and her partner can move in with us. That way she can finally relax and have some peace.
Once we saved up enough for a deposit and we got everything together, we started seeing houses and we finally found one we really really liked. The house is in the same area we’ve been living for the last four years, one hour away from London. I talked with my mum about it, since I knew her and her partner would be the one commuting and she was understanding. She said she doesn’t mind taking the train in London for a couple of years, until she retires. What’s important is that we get the house we like.
We put it an offer for the house at the end of July last year, it gets accepted and about three months later, we the get keys. My brother, mum and her partner knew all of this, of course, we kept them up to date with everything. My mum and her partner came and saw the house before we completed and exchanged and they both liked it.
A couple of weeks after we get the keys, me and my SO moved in. My mum came around a couple of weekends and helped us clean and get everything sorted. Her partner couldn’t be bothered to come around the house after we got the keys but I didn’t think much of it at the time. My mum said they want to move in a couple of weeks before Christmas so we can all spend the holidays together in the new house. Great, all going to plan so far.
It’s the beginning of December now and time for my mum to move in. My SO and I went to her house a couple of times over different days the week before to pick up some of her stuff so when the day comes, she won’t have a lot left to bring over. All good so far, the day of the move comes and my SO was working so he couldn’t come with but I drove to London to pick my mum and her partner up for the move. On the day, my mum is asking me to go by her house and pick up the remaining of her stuff and then pick her up from the station and we can go home from there. She said her partner wouldn’t be moving in with her. I did as she asked, awkwardly picked up her stuff from the house (my brother didn’t take the move well, even though he knew about this more than one year before it happened but that’s a story for another time) and picked her up from the station.
On the drive home, she told me that for the last couple of weeks, her partner was trying to delay the move and was complaining about how long and expensive the commute would be from our house to London. He was trying to get her to change her mind and stay in my brother’s house, even though he knew how hard it was for her there. She got fed up of it and decided to move out with us on her own. She said she made it clear to him that she’ll be moving with me and my SO as soon as we bought the house and that’s what she’ll do, he can’t talk her out of it.
She then proceeded to tell me how her partner is not supportive and he doesn’t help her with any of the house chores. How she has to work and come home to do the cooking and cleaning, with no help from him. How he comes home before her and eats dinner without her and just goes to watch TV or sleep. They were basically living different lives, in the same house. She said they had fights before but she couldn’t get herself to break it off with him before she thought she had nowhere to go. My heart broke, I knew they’re not the best couple but I had no idea he’s taking advantage of my mum like this. I supported her, told her she’s making the right decision, I encouraged her and assured her that me and my SO are here for her whenever she needs us.
She moved in and my SO and I tried to spend as much time with her as possible, knowing this can’t be easy. My SO wakes up every day at 5am to drop her to the train station. She went to work for two weeks before the Christmas break and it turns out the commute was not that long or expensive. We found an Eastern European shop in the area and even an Orthodox Church she could go to. I did the grocery shopping with her, I helped with her laundry and cooking as much as I could. It all seemed to go well.
However, her “partner” would call her and talk to her every single day, even more so the week before Christmas because he was not working and has a ton of free time. How convenient. The first couple of days after she moved, she’d tell me that he’s calling her and she’ll more or less tell me what he’s saying. First day or two, he was trying to gaslight her and convince her that he didn’t do anything that wrong, right? He simply didn’t move, is that so bad? When I heard this, I couldn’t believe it. I told her that’s just not right, went over the facts with her again and agreed that what he did was messed up and not what a real partner would do. After he realised that’s not going to work, he started saying he understands his mistake and he’s truly sorry and could my mum forgive him? To me, at this point, he’s just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. I told my mum what he did was unacceptable and I wouldn’t forgive it but it’s her life and I asked her what does she really want? Does she really want to get back together? She said she doesn’t really know anymore and then started giving me external reasons to get back together, things like, what is everyone going to say if she breaks up with him now, they’ve been together this many years and things like this. I told her that it shouldn’t matter what everyone else thinks or how long they’ve been together, this is her life, and she should be happy. At that point my SO called and unknowingly interrupted the conversation. We left it at that. After that, she pretty much stopped telling me if her partner is calling or what he’s saying.
I told my SO about my mum potentially changing her mind and he was furious, he couldn’t believe that she’s thinking of getting back together with him after everything that happened. My SO knows how my mum’s partner disrespected her and mistreated her and he just hated his guts at this point.
Another week or two goes by and it’s the day before Christmas Eve. My mum completely blindsides me and she casually asks if her partner can come over for Christmas and move in with us? I was flabbergasted. It turns out that they’ve been talking over the last couple of weeks, she forgave him and they’re back together now? I couldn’t believe it, I was angry and knowing how my SO feels about the guy, I just said I need to talk it through with him, and I’ll let her know. As expected, my SO got angry and couldn’t believe this is happening. We both agreed that this is not fair and we’d now be uncomfortable if my mum’s partner moves in. We worked so hard to save up and buy this house and we want to be relaxed and drama free, not on edge all the time. On Christmas Eve, I told my mum that me and my SO are not really comfortable with her partner moving in anymore and I’m sorry but whatever he did to her is not right and we’re afraid he’s gonna keep doing and we don’t want to see her hurt. She got upset and barely got out of her room or talked to me and my SO on Christmas Eve, Christmas and the day after. It was such an awkward and sad first Christmas in our new house, not at all what we’d planned or hoped for. She made us feel like we do nothing for her and we’re purposely trying to hurt her when all we tried do was protect and look out for her.
On the 27th, my SO and I gave in and agreed to let my mum’s partner move in. We were trying to avoid feeling uncomfortable in our own house but clearly didn’t succeed. We had to drive to London that day to pick something up so I told my mum that we can pick up her partner on our way back too. We picked him up and I thought he might have his luggage packed and all, since he said he’s moving in but all he had with him was an overnight bag. I didn’t think much of it at the time, I assumed he just didn’t have time to pack everything and he’ll come back for the rest in the following days. My mum was of course happy that he’s here and she acted like nothing ever happened and it’s all good and normal.
He stayed over for a couple of days and on the 30th he decided to go back to London to my brother’s house to do some shopping or whatnot and said he’ll be back on the 31st and we can all celebrate New Year and my SO’s birthday (1st of January) here. Every Christmas and NY since we moved out, me and my SO would drive to London to celebrate with them. This year we just wanted not to go anywhere and just be in our new house. On the 30th, I did some grocery shopping with my mum, decided what we’re cooking for NY, I ordered a birthday cake for my SO and got party decorations.
On the 31st, about 11am, my brother texts me to ask about our plans for the night. I told him we’re planning to celebrate at home and I asked him to come over if he wants to. He ignored the fact that I said we have plans and continued to say that he’s planning on making a barbecue later in the day and if me and my SO have ‘nothing to do’, we can go at their place. 5 minutes later, my mum walks in the room and says she talked with her partner and my brother and they insist we go over that evening to celebrate with them. My brother almost never calls my mum, he didn’t bother to check in with her once after she moved out and all of a sudden, he insists we go over? At which point I ask my mum “And what did you tell them?” only for her to say “Oh, well, I said I don’t know and I’ll check in with you and we’ll see…”. I could see it on her face that she wanted to go and spend NY there and she was waiting on me to give her the green light. I knew that if I said no, out of a sudden I’m the bad guy, I am the person denying her happiness, she’ll get upset and it’ll be Christmas all over again. I then said “We planned to celebrate at home, this is the first NY in our new house and we want to be here. You can go over if you want to but me and my SO are staying here”. Like I said, I could tell that she wanted to go but I really wasn’t expecting her to drop everything and just leave? I was hoping she’d just say no and respect me, my SO and the plans we made.
I was hugely disappointed. The second I said it’s fine by me (total lies btw) if she goes over and celebrates with my brother and her partner, her face lit up and she started making plans to finish cooking whatever she had planned by 2pm, so she could take leave the house and take a train to London around 3-4pm. I played it cool but I was heartbroken. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt that upset. I held it together until 3pm, busied myself with cleaning and doing some other stuff around the house just to keep myself from crying and not thinking about it. Two hours after we had the chat, at about 1 o’clock, she casually asks me “Oh, are you sure you won’t get upset if I go?”. My poker face must have not been very good. What was even the point of telling the truth at that stage? She already made up her mind about going so I just lied and said “Nah, it’s all good, you guys have fun and we’ll see you tomorrow”. That’s all she needed, she finished cooking, got ready and I dropped her to the train station. Awkwardly hugged and wished each other a happy NY and went our separate ways.
We celebrated NY and my SO’s birthday at our place with some of his family, it was pretty nice, all things considering. The next day, on the 1st, my mother and her partner came back home.
In the morning of 2nd of January, I meet my mum downstairs for coffee and one more time, she blindsides me. She casually tells me that her partner changed his mind and decided not to move in after all, not right away anyway. His reason this time? He promised my brother that he’ll be staying for another three months in his house and he doesn’t want to upset him. Really now? Just like he promised us he’ll be moving in at the beginning of December and he didn’t? He cleverly found out my mum’s biggest soft spot, my brother, and he’s just blatantly taking advantage of it. Of course my mum would be understanding, right? It’s in her son’s best interest.
Once again, I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to say, I was already upset about the NY fiasco and I just said nothing. I needed time to process what just happened. I think I kind of shrugged and she took it as “Fine by me!”. I know I’m ridiculously bad at dealing with these sort of situations, bare with me. We left it at that, her partner left our house and went back to London that afternoon.
Later in the day, I talked this through with my SO. Once again, he couldn’t believe this is really happening. After all the drama that we went through at Christmas, after we gave in and accepted that he move in with us, after him purposefully persuading my mum to spend NY at my brother’s, he now decides not to move in anymore. How nice. I slept on it (or more like couldn’t sleep because of it) and decided to confront my mum the next day.
I told her that this isn’t fair to me and my SO, I told her that her leaving us at NY really upset me and how I feel like everyone’s feelings come before mine. I then gave her an ultimatum, either her partner moves in with us now, like he said he would, or he doesn’t move in at all, he’s no longer welcome in our house. Harsh, but necessary? At this point my SO and I had more arguments within a month than we had in a whole year. I told her I appreciate that they’re a couple and of course, they should be living together, and me and my SO have no problem with them living here but her partner needs to make up his mind. He keeps disrespecting us again and again and not keeping his promises. She took it all in and I asked her to sleep on it if she wants to, there’s no rush but this is just where we stand.
Within a couple of minutes, she said that her partner made up his mind to stay where he is for the next three months, he’ll then go and spend three months in his country and he’s coming back to the UK after. She said she doesn’t want to keep insisting and pushing him to move over so she won’t say anything to him right now. They will live separately for the next six months and after that, they will find their own place to live in London. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but she’s made her decision…
Fast-forward a week and a half to the 14th of January. In the evening, after my mum got back home from work, she blindsides me again. She asked if her partner could come over the next day and stay the weekend and if he can also move in the house the week after. At this point I don’t even care anymore. I told her I don’t know, I’ll talk it through with my SO and let her know, which was probably wrong of me. I mention this to my SO at the end of the day and he gets furious, we have yet another argument and decide not to give in this time. It’s just getting ridiculous at this point. I texted her the next morning, as she was at work, to tell her what me and my SO decided.
She didn’t take it well, said that if she knew this is going to happen, she would’ve never moved out of my brother’s house and came here to “disturb us”. She made me feel like it’s my fault this is all happening. She said that’s the last time she’s ever going to mention it, she promised her partner is not going to come around and that was that. She said “she’ll find a way for her to be happy too”. Like I’m doing all of this because I want her to be miserable. And that was that. End of conversation she says. Later that day I texted and asked her if she wants me to pick her up from the train station. She started being passive aggressive, saying she doesn’t know but not to worry, she can find her way home and me and my SO should, rough translation, “mind our own business”.
I saw her briefly at home later that day and I could tell she’s annoyed so I didn’t bother to try and have a conversation. I said hello and asked how she was, then went to my room and minded my own business. This morning, after I woke up and had breakfast, I went to her room to say hello and check in on her only to see that she was not home. She had left the house before me and my SO woke up without saying anything. I had texted her a couple of hours before to ask for this random phone number that she was meant to send me and she replied, so I knew she’s safe. Towards the end of the day I called her to see if she’s ok, and if she wants me to pick her up from the station later. She said she’s at my brother’s house, she doesn’t know if she’s coming home tonight, she might just stay over and go to work from there but if she does decide to come home, she’ll text me and let me know. It’s nearly midnight and no text.
I’m honestly not sure what to do anymore, any advice and opinions on my situation would be appreciated.
If you’ve made it this far, I apologise for the length of this post and thank you for reading!
TL;DR: My mother is making me and my SO feel guilty for saying no to her partner moving into our house. He ruined our Christmas and NY and this the 4th time he changes his mind about moving in less than 2 months.
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2022.01.16 21:35 misskatnic Can anyone help me suss out the maths?

Okay listen, this might be a silly question but I want to write a "there was only one bed" scene (sort of) and I can't for the life of me figure out the mathematics 😂 The characters are going to a hotel with a larger group of people some of which have single rooms, most are in double rooms. Character A (assigned to a double room) is in love with character B (assigned a single room) and casually overhears that there's gasp a problem with the rooms because there suddenly aren't enough rooms for the group/for everyone who wanted a single room to get one. How do I "accidently" get A and B into one room as B likely wouldn't be jumping at the idea to just kick out A's originally assigned roommate/give up their single room easily? I feel like there is a simple mathematical way of solving this problem (like if there suddenly weren't any single rooms available anymore and something with an odd group number? but if the hotel had only double rooms left, B would just take that by themselves so it would also have to be too few rooms? it's so confusing to me). I seriously suck at maths/logic so is there anyone with a taste for maths and a good cheesy trope who can help me solve this? 😂 I'd be eternally grateful!
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2022.01.16 21:35 markmufoi Random Crash

Proxmox VE will randomly be totally non responsive. Looking at the latest syslog it appears that it encountered error and attempted to reboot but was not able to. Below are excerpts from syslog.
Jan 16 02:12:18 UIG-VM kernel: x86/split lock detection: #AC: kvm/1095 took a split_lock trap at address: 0xfffff80462cd7aa3 Jan 16 02:17:01 UIG-VM CRON[7610]: pam_unix(cron:session): session opened for user root(uid=0) by (uid=0) Jan 16 02:17:01 UIG-VM CRON[7611]: (root) CMD ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly) Jan 16 02:17:01 UIG-VM CRON[7610]: pam_unix(cron:session): session closed for user root Jan 16 02:17:30 UIG-VM kernel: x86/split lock detection: #AC: kvm/1096 took a split_lock trap at address: 0xfffff80462cd7aa3 Jan 16 02:18:08 UIG-VM sshd[3684]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user root Jan 16 02:18:08 UIG-VM systemd[1]: session-5.scope: Succeeded. Jan 16 02:18:08 UIG-VM systemd-logind[681]: Session 5 logged out. Waiting for processes to exit. Jan 16 02:18:08 UIG-VM systemd-logind[681]: Removed session 5. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[1]: Stopping User Manager for UID 0... Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Stopped target Main User Target. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Stopped target Basic System. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Stopped target Paths. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Stopped target Sockets. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Stopped target Timers. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: dirmngr.socket: Succeeded. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Closed GnuPG network certificate management daemon. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: gpg-agent-browser.socket: Succeeded. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Closed GnuPG cryptographic agent and passphrase cache (access for web browsers). Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: gpg-agent-extra.socket: Succeeded. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Closed GnuPG cryptographic agent and passphrase cache (restricted). Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: gpg-agent-ssh.socket: Succeeded. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Closed GnuPG cryptographic agent (ssh-agent emulation). Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: gpg-agent.socket: Succeeded. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Closed GnuPG cryptographic agent and passphrase cache. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Removed slice User Application Slice. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Reached target Shutdown. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: systemd-exit.service: Succeeded. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Finished Exit the Session. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[3687]: Reached target Exit the Session. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[1]: [user@0.service](mailto:user@0.service): Succeeded. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[1]: Stopped User Manager for UID 0. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[1]: Stopping User Runtime Directory /run/use0... Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[1]: run-user-0.mount: Succeeded. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[1]: [user-runtime-dir@0.service](mailto:user-runtime-dir@0.service): Succeeded. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[1]: Stopped User Runtime Directory /run/use0. Jan 16 02:18:18 UIG-VM systemd[1]: Removed slice User Slice of UID 0. Jan 16 02:23:45 UIG-VM kernel: x86/split lock detection: #AC: kvm/1096 took a split_lock trap at address: 0xfffff80462cd7aa3 -- Reboot --
After I discovered the system is down again, below are part of the log from the boot.
Jan 16 12:48:49 UIG-VM kernel: Linux version 5.13.19-2-pve (build@proxmox) (gcc (Debian 10.2.1-6) 10.2.1 20210110, GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Debian) 2.35.2) #1 SMP PVE 5.13.19-4 (Mon, 29 Nov 2021 12:10:09 +0100) () Jan 16 12:48:49 UIG-VM kernel: Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.13.19-2-pve root=/dev/mappepve-root ro quiet Jan 16 12:48:49 UIG-VM kernel: KERNEL supported cpus: Jan 16 12:48:49 UIG-VM kernel: Intel GenuineIntel Jan 16 12:48:49 UIG-VM kernel: AMD AuthenticAMD Jan 16 12:48:49 UIG-VM kernel: Hygon HygonGenuine Jan 16 12:48:49 UIG-VM kernel: Centaur CentaurHauls Jan 16 12:48:49 UIG-VM kernel: zhaoxin Shanghai Jan 16 12:48:49 UIG-VM kernel: x86/split lock detection: #AC: crashing the kernel on kernel split_locks and warning on user-space split_locks
It appears that the random reboot/crash is being caused nu the split lock issue. Is there a patch or may be a work around?
Below are my machine specifications:
Intel NUC11PAHi7 32GB DDR4 SO-DIMM 3200 inland NVME M.s 256GB 3-D NAND inland SATA III 2.5" 1TB SDD External thunderbolt 3 1TB spinning drive for backup.
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2022.01.16 21:35 ThroatCharacter5112 I would be completely healed by now if he didn't ghost me. What do I do?

My ex and I didn't even date for a month, but we both fell hard and fast for each other. He gave me some of the most magical, too good to be true, experiences. But we were too different. He tried molding me into his mini-me and I somehow lost myself with him but at the same time didn't live up to his standards. Anyways, he broke up with me and we tried to be friends. We hung out a few times until he told a joke that hurt my feelings and I cried explaining to him why it hurt, he told me in summation that I turn everything fun into something serious (this was also on the 1 month-aversary of our break up that I'm sure he didn't notice). We Left for thanksgiving break, and he ghosted me by text. Never saw him again, until I saw him with a pretty girl on his shoulder walking to our dorm building. He Ignored me. Then I saw him again a week later holding her hand again, and he ignored me. I started hyperventilating the first time and almost passes out. The second time I felt nauseous and cried. Now on winter break, nearly 3 months after our break up, I still get shakey when I accidentally think about him and his new girl. Every day I feel stronger and feel better but he crossed my mind sometimes and I have so much unresolved feelings. I want to move on completely, but I know that if I ask him "why didn't you let me know that you didn't want to be friends...why did you just leave me in the dark" he'd be right, that I'm too emotional. All this over a short relationship, but we felt so strongly for each other so quickly. How could he just pretend I dont exist. He cared about me once. I'm hurt still. I want to have a final chat with him even if its ends in him saying "I dont want to be friends' I just want to hear it. Instead of being left to wonder and magically heal
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2022.01.16 21:35 Far-Pay7145 Selling Apple Customized Airpods?

Hi! I found this company called skinit.com which is based in the united states that sells customized apple airpods. I would like to start a online business re-selling these customized airpods in Sweden but I dont want to do anything wrong that get me in trouble. So my question is, can I order from skinit and sell in sweden without doing anything wrong? If you say no, how come skinit can sell them for so cheap based in united states? I know in china you can do whatever but skinit seems legit? Tried to contact skinit but they dont give me a answer. Also if no can I sell them if I type like compatible with apple airpods like many people do? Also tried apple copyright support but cant seem to enter my phone number so they let me send the request, why I am turning to reddit! thanks!
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2022.01.16 21:35 GeorgeYDesign Seven new COVID-19 deaths in Queensland, 702 people in hospital

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2022.01.16 21:35 shsushdmdo Need 2 Players for Shadows of Evil PC hmu if you’re down

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2022.01.16 21:35 pimpleremoval Huge cyst on armpit

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2022.01.16 21:35 GeorgeYDesign As Novak Djokovic leaves Australia he can only blame himself but the Australian Open title wasn't a given

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2022.01.16 21:35 GreatRiversGreenway Where do YOU want the greenways to go next?

Where do YOU want the greenways to go next? Where do YOU want the greenways to go next? One more survey for our strategic plan update is open through Feb 6. Visit www.GreenwayPlan.org to make your voice heard and enter to win a $100 gift card!
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2022.01.16 21:35 Dohoonster [Baby Snowflake] SARX055 for a snow day!

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2022.01.16 21:35 D4rkside666 Como eu amo a natureza, ASSISTE ATE 00:45

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2022.01.16 21:35 GeorgeYDesign ASX rises on oil prices despite global stock markets stumbling

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2022.01.16 21:35 gonemissed F91 - can't change time

The bottom left button doesn't cycle through to the change the time mode. I can get it to AL and ST but that's it, no blinking numbers. I've tried pressing the button three times as instructed, even tried removing the battery trying to force a bit of a reset.
Any ideas?
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2022.01.16 21:35 Shoddy_Message_7428 Some Valentine Inspired Earrings I Made Recently with Resin! Any comments, questions, suggestions all welcome (:

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2022.01.16 21:35 GeorgeYDesign Police investigating after woman found dead at Darwin bush camp

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2022.01.16 21:35 Soggy_Ad567 Whatchu On Gang Podcast

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2022.01.16 21:35 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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