Got a black keycard but theres none on the flee, how much is it worth?

2022.01.16 21:15 Xx-SgtKiller-xX Got a black keycard but theres none on the flee, how much is it worth?

Im never going labs so its useless to keep it but i dont know how much to list it for
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2022.01.16 21:15 atomheartmama Anyone know where at-home COVID tests may still be in stock?

I know this is a long shot at this point but figured I’d ask. Thanks and be well.
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2022.01.16 21:15 srin4 How do I find my stats on GUdecks com?

Hey folks, I just started the journey and wonder how I can make it to the list of gudecks com and check on my stats?
Any hit is appreciated!
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2022.01.16 21:15 cake--96 IACR [I Am Watching You] by [Teresa Driscoll] Anyone else heard of it?

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2022.01.16 21:15 Bogdi504 Is there a way to play wii version with emulator on pc with ps4 controller?

I know this sounds dumb but I tried ps2 version on pcsx2 and it just hurt my eyes to look at distance without frame interpolation on pc , is there any way to play wii version on pc with emulator? Also with a ps4/xbox 360 controller with ps2 hud. I think I'm asking too much but at least with a wii emulator cause I wanna try the game cause it looks lit on wii.
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2022.01.16 21:15 Emyi1356 How do I improvise like Buckethead

I really like improvising over some Buckethead songs but I don't know how to do like he does, I kinda can shred but can't think of a way I cant put those bends and all the other thing he does, does anyone have a tip of what I can do?
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2022.01.16 21:15 EDPostRequests Request: dating

So I’m 21 years old. Haven’t been in a relationship since I was 18. At a point where I’m okay enough being on my own that I’m not worried about codependency. I don’t NEED to be in a relationship to be happy…but, like, it would be nice lol. One tiny problem: I’m currently deep in the worst relapse I’ve experienced in the 9+ years I’ve been living with this god-forsaken illness.

Dating comes with SO MUCH FOOD. And I don’t wanna have to throw “eating disorder” at someone I’ve just met—it’s A LOT to handle. I don’t know when I’m going to seriously start recovery or how long it’ll take, and the idea of having to wait an indeterminate amount of time to start looking for a partner is really discouraging.

I realize anyone who wants a relationship with me will have to know eventually—is there a way to ease them into it? Should I tell them right away or should I wait until they’re asking questions? Should I just keep waiting?

Literally any advice is appreciated.
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2022.01.16 21:15 MudGroundbreaking $SWKS Awaiting Buy Signal. Free Trial at

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2022.01.16 21:15 nlamber5 I was served this onion ring tower while dining with my mom.

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2022.01.16 21:15 Zytoep least insane anime fan

johan was brainwashed by the nazis? LMFAOOO YOU CAN'T EVEN GET YOUR FIRST POINT RIGHT. did i skip my history class? damn bro i didn't know hitler was from czech republic. ok but seriously ask yourself was there nazis after WW2? where was nazis even from? get your facts right bozo. you didn't even pass middle school and yet you have the nerve to be a procrastinator and watch garbage. oh i got it, garbage like girl's last tour, something that has been overdone for the grillion times is a 9/10 but thought provoking story is a 1/10
"A kid gets shot, and a doctor, Tenma, saves him from dying. A while later, the kid shoots someone in front of Tenma, and Tenma gets all emo, thinking “what’s the value in saving a life if the person I save kills people?" So he decides to go on a journey to meet the kid and find out the answer to his moral dilemma…for seventy six fucking episode. That's it" what are you, a moron? hate to break it to you... dumb downing the entire story like that doesn't make your wall of cope any valid. "the strawhat crew goes to find the treasure one piece for 2000 thousands fucking chapters. that's it." "Oyasumi punpun is about an obsessed kid that can't move on from his childhood gf for 147 chapters. that's it". anyone with more than 2 braincells knows your criticisms on anime and manga lack subtance, sugarcoated by big words to appear as a smart aleck.
"johan decisions and motivations are entirely based on his upbringing, therefore he's a cardboard cutout of a narrative" one idiotic take after another. "hurr durr the story is not over the top therefore it's not realistic". if you wanna talk about a cardboard cutout character let's start with one of your fav manga of all time, oyasumi punpun. as you put it, it's "realistic as i expected it to be" what makes the character onodera a realistic character? Simping over a girl for years that has little to no attachment with him in his childhood? that's realistic to you? a schizophrenic that could summon god by chanting "Dear God, dear God, tinkle tinkle hoy" that's realistic to you? give me a break. what i've learned from your kvetch is how to win an argument, specifically when talking about anime and manga is just call anyone you disagree with a normie, gg ez you win. "Johan, however, is an indiscriminate killer who manipulates and intimidates his inevitable victims and undertakes a chase of epic design with any and all players he feels will bring sufficient challenge and interest to the game that is his life, and he embarks upon such a trail of blood because why? Because he was written as a statement of political, social, even commercial commentary? Because he was written as an exploration of morality, religion, or objectivity? Because he was written as a case study, a character study on desire, ambition, revenge, romance, ANY emotion? Because he was meant to MEAN ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING?!? No." congrats, you have surpassed a level of stupidity previously thought to be impossible. johan's motive changes in the middle of the series after he recollects his memories to hunt down franz bonaparta. do i need to spell it out to you that it's about revenge and ambition? obviously reading comprehension is hard for you so don't worry about it
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2022.01.16 21:15 puregene Bruce Lee by Enterbay

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2022.01.16 21:15 Enough_Evening1337 WFL

so basically if i remove all the 1 to 1 trades and take the pet i started with and the one i have now and include the adds i added ..
Me : R Ghost Dragon, Skele Rex, Golden Mummy Cat
Them : FR Monkey King
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2022.01.16 21:15 iammusicalbacon Where does Tom get the Black Dahlia Necklace for MJ in Far From Home?

I was looking and wanted to know if Tom purchased the necklace in a set made by the production crew or an actual location in Italy. Here is the link to the video I saw which shows the shop I am looking for:
If anyone can confirm that it was built by the set crew or give me the shop name, it would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.16 21:15 CarnivalSorts Ireland record historic series win over West Indies

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2022.01.16 21:15 noahteets Do the American Airlines flights on the CRJ planes have in flight entertainment?

Our flight changes planes and I want to make sure I can watch the live tv on my phone
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2022.01.16 21:15 breezy_yeet_ A certain company won’t hire me because I’m “not the right height”

I applied for a company with my spouse. They immediately hired my spouse but won’t hire me because I’m not tall enough. We both have the same guide experience but only with paddling. This company would be training us to row with oars. I’m 5’4” and they claim that it’s impossible for someone of my height to row a boat. Is this true? I am also a woman.
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2022.01.16 21:15 2DKitsune Trade backs on 2 Mon's in UM

I have 2 simple mons that I need to trade evolve Porygon->Porygon2 Phantump->Treverant
Friend code: 3239-9526-5353
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2022.01.16 21:15 Dizzy_Ad_8583 H:lots nice comando and heavie gun and leaders W: unyielding ap wwr chest heavie metal

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2022.01.16 21:15 pedrohageboni every time i start a game on steamvr, the internet on my computer and my headset stops working

since i bought my quest 2 i'm having this problem, sometimes the internet works, but most of the time when i start a game on steamvr my internet just stops completely until i close the game (playing games that don't use steamvr doesn't make the internet stop).
i've already formatted my pc and i also use wired internet, I've also tried to change the steam server settings.
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2022.01.16 21:15 MAEVEI Sharing games

When my friend shared his games with me on steam I see purchase instead of borrow does anyone know how to fix it ?
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2022.01.16 21:15 MudGroundbreaking $URBN Awaiting Buy Signal. Free Trial at

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2022.01.16 21:15 marbleme Target hack (?)

I've seen a few times people asking about price or a good deals or something like that so I thought I should probably say something. I don't know if this is general knowledge, but Target price matches their products. Typically, a makeup product is less expensive on Amazon/Walmart/etc., so you can use that to price match the product and get it for that lower price. This works really well if you don't want to support corporates like Amazon or don't want to wait for shipping or just like a good deal.
Here is a link of their competitors that they accept for price matching:
And here is their policy:
I hope this helps you all! Go forth and spend (but not recklessly haha!)
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2022.01.16 21:15 Raccafracca2 test

via Imgflip
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2022.01.16 21:15 SquishBloob Found these two cuties!!🥰 Ofc I had to get one for me and my bestie!😌✌️

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2022.01.16 21:15 Forkfoe Calories in these boneless wings?

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