This was an honest fight between random Fausts

2022.01.16 22:03 marcothemage This was an honest fight between random Fausts

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2022.01.16 22:03 fishingirl9310 betty white tribute. recreated her blue sapphire ring 💕

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2022.01.16 22:03 Final-Trust-3247 Boss left me for dead

The title is not exaggerating, I was violently assaulted at the work after party and my boss did nothing. He didn’t come to the hospital to check on me, he didn’t bother notifying my next of kin, he just went home and went to bed.
For a bit of context, last year he asked me to cover his role for 3 months so that he could go on paternity leave (which to be honest I have absolutely no problem with anyone taking). During this same 3-month period, I was told to take on the duties of another manager who resigned due to a “restructure” that saw a lot of people laid off and his role significantly diminished. So, for 2 months I was doing 2 jobs (my own job and that of my line managers) and for 1 month, 3 roles (my job, my line managers job and a third management job, 3 and a half hours away from where I live).
Did I get any compensation for all these extra hours and added responsibility? Nope, I got a $100 gift voucher (that he asked me to buy for myself on the corporate card, he didn’t bother going to the effort) and a perfunctory “thanks”.
I didn’t need to do all those extra hours, and it certainly wasn’t in my interest to do them. Especially since that at the time my country was going through its first real wave of COVID, and my role allowed me to safely work from home. By taking on all this extra responsibility I had to expose myself and my family as I was required to go into the office and regularly serve walk in customers.
At first, I tried to refuse, but eventually caved because I was called “selfish” and that I wasn’t being a “team player”, I was made to feel that my career was on the line and that “no’ wasn’t really an option.
The people who assaulted me (there where 4 of them, real hero’s) glassed me, stomped my head, broke my jaw, broke my nose, smashed my front teeth and even managed to tear the cornea in my right eye… I looked a mess and felt even worse! The terrifying part was, along with my watch and wallet, they stole my ID... Which meant they knew where I lived, they knew where my family lived.
After everything that I have done for the company, for my boss, the least he could have done was make sure I was still alive, call my family and tell them that it was no longer safe at home and to get the hell out! Granted he probably didn’t know they had my ID, however if he bothered to help in the first place, I could have told him.
Instead, during foggy moments of consciousness [between the morphine and fentanyl given to me by the nurses, as well as the blows to the head and resulting blood loss, I struggled to stay awake] I had to frantically ask strangers to contact my loved ones.
Technically did he need to do anything? No. Would any half decent human on the planet have made an effort? Absolutely.
I’m not going to name and shame, because frankly like many of us, I need an income. But as soon as I am in a position to get out of this exploitive and abusive environment, I’m gone baby gone! I’ll probably even send him a link to this post… Up yours buddy!
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2022.01.16 22:03 Anom0502 Hello, guys another RIDICULOUS you've never seen is uploaded. Check it out to make me happy :)

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2022.01.16 22:03 anniebrucee does each person need to buy a camping pass if you’re camping with multiple people in one spot for peach fest? does each person need to buy a parking pass if you’re riding all in the same car for peach fest?

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2022.01.16 22:03 ivantheguppy I was in a coma for two years. Twenty years later, I've begun having strange dreams.

I was in a coma for two years after falling on my tenth
birthday. I woke with no memory of the several minutes
leading up to the incident. Twenty years later, I still have
trouble remembering every detail of that day. The bits I
do remember, however, still haunt me today. They are the
main reason I'm documenting all this. Before we go any
further, however, I need to briefly talk about my parents
and best friend, Rachel.
From the earliest time I can remember as a kid, up to
when my parents passed two years ago, I'd felt like
nothing more than an annoyance or burden to them.
Between things like my fathers' cynical blasé "life
talks", and my mother's scornful stares and subtle
barbs when she thought I wasn't paying attention, I
was unable to make that special connection I knew
my friends had with their parents. I wouldn't find out
why this was, at least in part, until after they passed.
My best friend, Rachel, had always treated me like a
younger brother. Although we haven't talked in
months, or seen each other for even longer, I still
consider Rachel the older sister I never had. She
stayed by my side as long as possible every day
and was the first person I saw after waking. My
parents, on the other hand, wouldn't come up to
see me until a full day and a half after I'd recovered.
I can still picture Rachel's anguished face as she
recounted what had happened twenty four
months earlier.
A pool party with a few friends and my parents. Dad
was grilling burgers as mom rushed in an out of the
house. Tommy, another close friend, shouted and
threw a float at me just as my father yelled about
running around the pool. I slipped on the wet concrete
edge and fell, skinning my shins like cheese to a
grater, before my head slammed into an aluminum
hand rail, leaving behind a shallow indention in the
metal. My head was shoved back and left from the
impact, sending me face first int the same spot there
I ripped open my shins. Blood issued from my mouth
and nose. I was unresponsive before my head hit the
surface of the water.
A month ago, I started having nightmares I was
unable to wake from. Only fleeting images at first,
then, as time passed, they became more frequent
and vivid. Dreams would start out 'normal' but
rapidly devolve in to what I can only describe as a
state of 'nightmare dream paralysis'. Powerless to
fight back or defend myself, I'm forced to endure as my
body is controlled by something unseen. What follows is
something that's taken me a long time to document
from the little bits of dream that stick with me after I
Sharp pain quickly numbs into a full body ache before I
hit the water - motionless, but aware. I'm shocked when
instead of a splash, the surface of the pool shatters like
a thousand mirrors being dropped. Time seemed to stop
as razor edged shards hang in the air over a clay colored
ground. After several seconds, they explode all at once
into a shimmering, powdery murk. Before I can surmise
if I'm falling to the ground or if it's racing up towards me,
I slam into it, hard. Landing on my side, my throat
immediately begins burning as I inhale the fog. Clutching
my burning throat, I struggle to my feet and take in the
hell I'd landed in.
As I stand to my full height, muscle and bone inside me
snap and stretch to impossible lengths in an instant. Just
as quick, my stomach flips and my body snaps back. My
ears ring to bursting as I fall to the ground and land in
cool silver sand. Gulping stale but breathable air, I get
to my feet and look around.
The gray fog that had nearly suffocated me now
boiled high above in the sky. Dread, and strangely,
déjà vu, overwhelm me as I stare, transfixed at
immense upside down gray pyramids that rise
from the ground and reach past the clouds in the sky.
Tendrils of light blue wisp from the silver ground,
swirling ever higher into large chrome spheres
attached to every pyramid's side halfway up. Brilliant
red arcs of lightning spear through the clouds where
sky and structure meet. Terror fills me as I focus on
the roiling skyline.
Sinuous silver forms spiral down from the boiling sky
and shoot towards me; their mouth-less shrieks
sounding like nails across a chalkboard. I attempt
blocking out their shrill cries by covering my ears with
hands, doing nothing to block out the bone jarring
screams. The wails intensify as the flowing shapes
surround me, closing in an ever tightening sphere.
Familiar faces of friends and family swell from the
featureless specters into a rictus of snarled lips and
twisted tongues. Now circling only a few yards away,
I realize some of the figures are mouthing something
I have no hope of hearing over the pained howls from
the ethereal beings. The churning figures completely engulf
me, and I bolt upright in my sweat drenched bed.
The surreal nightmares aren't what I find to be the
strangest or most disturbing part, however. For fear
of being ridiculed and thought crazy, there's one thing
about the coma that I've never shared with anyone,
not even Rachel. From the instant I fell unconscious at
ten years old, to a second before I woke from the
coma, I'd lived in what I can only call 'living vicariously
through another being'. I'd even had a wife
and three kids. Family and friends had no way of
knowing that just below the surface of my slack body, I
was living a separate life just as real as my own, that
came with its own experiences, feelings and challenges.
The most chilling thing about all of this, though? The
faces I see circling me when the nightmare calls, are the
same familiar faces I'd lived my second life with while
in the coma. This whole thing leaves me deeply
unsettled, alone, and with questions that may be
better left unanswered.
Dealing with all this nearly every single day is
tiresome beyond belief. If nothing else, I hope
that sharing my experiences with others will help
me cope with whatever exactly is going on. In the
next entry, I will elaborate more about the role my
parents played in shaping my troubled life, and how
Rachel supported and helped me through some of
the darkest times in my life. I will also continue
documenting my dreams as more is revealed in them.
There's also something else that I believe that plays a
major role in what I'm going through now. It is trepanation.
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2022.01.16 22:03 Tmf1ph Urban Carry OWB Holster

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2022.01.16 22:03 Zayvern Sobermoon - Astrorunner

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2022.01.16 22:03 No_Substance1029 Why do people hate Hope so much?

I see a lot of Hope hate, and I wonder why. Hope has never really done anything wrong, if anything she is the heroine of the show. All these years she has had to deal with Steffy, just like how Brooke had to deal with Taylor (I know Brooke has done bad stuff in the past but Hope has never done anything wrong as far as I know) which is why I am confused as to why people Hate Hope.
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2022.01.16 22:03 UrmomsAnalluvver69 For those wondering about my previous post about my sister's extracurricular activities

I didn't say anything because I ended up liking it.
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2022.01.16 22:03 the304virus I love it. LFG STEELERS!

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2022.01.16 22:03 Chestnutmoon [product] Hair Ties for Guys

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2022.01.16 22:03 Technica7 This says 165hz. Cant get more then 60hz out of it on PS5. Any ideas? The monitor itself says 60hz in the info page

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2022.01.16 22:03 Emotional_End8849 How should I style my hair? Face hidden bc self conscious

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2022.01.16 22:03 andrew1234523 [For Hire] commissions open I do fan arts, dnd characters, and your OCs in the style below. Prices: half body $20, full body $40 payments via paypal. DM me if interested.

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2022.01.16 22:03 Firm-Radish-7666 UCLA and UCB

Im wondering why most ppl only get acceptances into either UCLA or UCB, rather than both. Is there a reason? Also do the two campuses look at different factors in admissions (one campus emphasizes something more than the other)? Also UCLA has a slightly higher admitted gpa than Cal, so im guessing the gpa might matter a bit more? Does anyone know which one uc’s care more, between uc capped gpa, unweighted, or weighted?
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2022.01.16 22:03 FuckingGratitude Can people just admit that anything lore-oriented is bound to be contradictory at some point as more entries arrive?

I mean Star Wars is explicitly said to take place in a galaxy far, far, away so anything can happen right? There is so much going on to the point you can’t expect writers to get every bit of lore a 100% accurate.
Here is an example. Let’s just say there is a thousand page book that narrates the livelihood of this alien species and one entry says that this species is indestructible and capable of destroying literally anything. Meanwhile in another entry of the series, it struggles to break a wooden door that is barricaded by a few humans. Do you really expect the writers to take note of a tiny and insignificant detail that barely adds to the plot?
Hell, I find it weird as hell that some people are fine with Mara Jade, a light side equivalent of force lightning, and etc. but when the sequels don’t take note of the existence of flying stormtroopers or hyperdrive ramming through another ship, they go ballistic over it.
This is why I cannot take anything lore-oriented seriously anymore. There is so much going on to the point you cannot cram everything into a couple of movies.
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2022.01.16 22:03 MMAjambo Scrote tried to take me on holiday to this island... turns out the low value abuser doesn't even own it

First red flag
Second red flag was when I asked him why he doesn't own it he tried to mansplain me and said "Australia costs a lot of money"
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2022.01.16 22:03 juntakemyasscheeks [WDYWT] Free Market Channel 1 was the glory days

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2022.01.16 22:03 evilmongoloid Water is wet

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2022.01.16 22:03 Asocial_Ace [Fanfic] Death's Foresight Ch 38 Let the Preparations Begin

Alright new chapter! I'm back at college now and classes begin tomorrow, so I probably won't update again until next weekend so I have a little time to settle into the new routine. Anyways, enjoy the chapter and let me know what you think if you want.
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2022.01.16 22:03 korinokiri Gulag gang shows their respects to Mickey on his death bed

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2022.01.16 22:03 Psychological-Arm233 Idk but I just recently noticed that Buford has Baljeet on his drums in "Kick it up a Notch"

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2022.01.16 22:03 fagnerbrack Databases in 2021: A Year in Review

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2022.01.16 22:03 Patrick_star12345 AHHHHHHHH

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